Sunday, December 29, 2013

One thing leads to another

Have you ever started to do one thing and before you realize what you are doing, you are into something entirely different? I decided to find a small container to put a few items in on our sofa table and all of a sudden I was putting the Christmas Village away and then if I was doing that why not this and then that and now Christmas decorations and trees are all away. Mr H woke up in time to help me get it all into the top cupboard in the garage and seal the tree boxes. I am ready to settle down for the rest of the day. Yesterday we decided to go to Scottsdale for late lunch and also to walk around Kierland Commons shopping area. As it happened we parked around the corner from Z Gallerie -------- look who is the newest member of the Horton House-----
Sylvia...... isn't she just too cute.  She enjoyed lunch with us at The Cheesescake Factory. Just another lovely day this holiday season. Then this is what guided us home as we headed West...
The sky was ablaze! I can get lost in these sunsets. The temps are cool and the sky is hot with color. Do you have New Years Eve plans? We never go out but rather enjoy seafood and a good movie at home. Whatever your plans be safe if you are out driving.
Time for me to have a cup of tea and a snack...we generally eat a late lunch early dinner on Sundays. Glad we had time to visit and I thank you for your kind words and friendship.
Have a great day.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Making my list

and I am not checking twice, in fact I am just making adding as I go. You probably do not know what the heck I am babbling about do you. It is the New Year list to stitch by...or not. We shall see. I am great at making lists. I usually follow them, except in the grocery store, craft store any store for that matter. This year is going to be different in the stitching department. I have this list. I cannot start a new project unless I finish or complete a project.  Looks good on paper........ and I did participate in the 2011 challenge and finished all in good time too.  By my calculations, I have 2 UFO's, 5 WIP's, 13 new starts and 4 goals  of what I would like to try in addition to this list. I will limit try to limit new project purchases to 5 and only purchase for kitting what I have. I was thinking of not posting  pictures of on going progress..... just the start and finish. I think I want to do some individual exchanges instead of the group exchanges .... well, except for the SSCS 2014...I love that one. If anyone is interested during the year let me know. This morning I played with the ruffler attachment for my sewing machine....don't have anything that needs a ruffle, but at least I know how to use it. Gee, I sound very much in charge and organized. I have a few days off from work so I plan on stitching and starting to pack up the Christmas decorations little by little. The living room tree will be the last to take apart and that will be after New Years day along with the outside stuff. I just brewed a fresh cup of coffee so off I must go. I am so glad we had time to chat today. I leave you with a picture from Christmas Eve .... we sat yunder these trees drinking our Starbuck's coffee, Mr H and me~~~
Have a great day....

Thursday, December 26, 2013

SSCS Exchange gift

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Day. Mr H and I certainly had a nice relaxing time and an unexpected  Christmas Eve evening... but more about that later. What I want to share is my exchange gift from Julie from Simple Stitches.
And it's purples and lavenders and pretty. First there is the table topper.... hand embroidered tea cup  and several different lavender prints and polka dot backing fabric. Look at the detail. Then there is a delightful mug and inside she tucked a pincushion and a flower pin. Thank you again Julie for being my partner and to Chooky for organizing this amazing exchange.
I have today and tomorrow for work and then off for a few days. I never got to make my lasagna because Mr H and I decided to take a ride early Christmas Eve night and well, by the time we got was too late. Christmas day was so relaxing. Mr H made a magnificently delicious roast and fixings. We watched a movie and just relaxed. I received some lovely gifts once again this year. Welcome to a few new friends....hope that you visit often. I wish everyone would be sure to include an email or blog info so that I could send a note personally. Time to get ready for work....have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Are you ready.....

Mr H and I did a few last minute things yesterday....and then there were a few that did not get done. Oh well, the important ones were accomplished. I will be at work today from 11 to 3 PM...then home to make the lasagna...yes, I make the lasagna. He will make the shrimp for me and lobster for him. There are a few kitchen things that I do! He will be fixing a roast for Wednesday. 
I picked up one of my WIPs yesterday and think it will soon be finished. Went to Best Buy and one of the Geeks got my tablet in order. It only had to have the Kindle app uninstalled and then reinstalled....5 minutes and I am reading again.
Just look at this face!~ My dear friend Lu and hubby Stan have sent me an Ana Lee ornament for the 9 years that we have been here in Arizona. I love them all. This fella stands 6 inches tall. I have a special tree that they all occupy. I will group them together after the holidays and take a picture. The faces always bring a smile to mine. Of course then it brings me to think about these dear friends that I left behind...she and I sat side by side working for a long time. Friends....
Time to move on and get a fw things done before going out into the hectic world of Jo Ann's today. Take care in your travels today and behave so Santa will stop by your house. Do you follow him via Google? Have a wonderful day.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Busy Monday morning

Don't you hate it when these electronic things have a problem? Last week or so my tablet did an "update". No problem, so I thought. Last evening I wanted to read but Kindle would not open any books!  I guess a visit to Best Buy and the Geeks is in order today. I am seriously challenged with computers and things. I think it is that I don't want to make it worse so I do not try too much to fix it on my own. Laundry #2 is almost finished...I read the newspaper and I think I will venture into the sewing room to work on my list. I managed to get my room organized... a bit... last evening before Mr H and I watched Nightmare Before Christmas.... love that movie.... so today I think a list making is in order. Everything seems to have been haphazard with my projects. Oh I did accomplish lots over the last year, but there are a few starts that are still starts and few need to be completed things hanging around. Then there are a couple of UFO that are really ancient... problem is that I want to do too many things. Therefore, a list should might keep me organized.
So many wonderful friendships have started right here with my blog. I could list many names, but for now I will tell you about one ...Shirlee of The Easily Influenced Stitcher who is largely responsible for my learning to tat. She reads my blog so she knew I was not having the best of luck learning to tat. I got an email back in April with the name, address and phone number of someone less than a mile from my house. So, all the way from Kentucky I learn about a lady right in my own back yard. I sent Shirlee a tatted ornament as a thank you and Shirlee sent me...
threads and a new shuttle... she is such an encouraging friend. It was not a planned exchanged, just something two friends wanted to do.....just realized the tea pot lid is crooked... but the thread looks great. I find it wonderful that we encourage one another to do this or that. We encourage one anther to try and then we are right there with the kind words of praise. Friend know no distance or language. Hugs are felt and tears are shared as well as smiles and belly laughs. Fred Rogers said------
"The gifts we treasure most over the years are often small and simple. In easy times and in tough times, what seems to matter most is the way we show those nearest us that we've been listening to their needs, to their joys and to their challenges." In the blogging world, many of us are not so near, but rather far away.... but we certainly prove that time and distance do not matter in friendship.  Christmas Day is almost here. A new year will begin and so continues our friendships. I am so grateful to count you all as my friends. Have  a wonderful day my friends.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Soup's On

Well not exactly, but it was yesterday. The management team at our Jo Ann's set out a feast of soups for the staff...all day. There was Jarlsberg Broccoli, White Chilli, Chicken Corn Chowder, Smoked Pulled Pork and BBQ sauce on the side, Elk & Beef Chilli, Vegetarian Vegetable  and Chicken Noodle Soup. There were rolls, and cookies, and Tortilla chips.  I was encouraged to try the Elk Chilli by MOD Jan who made it...,and I survived! It was all so good. The  day itself was pretty good....
I finally have no ornaments to stitch, no Christmas presents to take care of and the headache from yesterday is long gone. I think I will spend some time in the sewing room putting away supplies and start my list of to Do for the upcoming year. I have some UFO's that really need attention and a few kits I put together that never got touched. There are too many things I want to do. Just maybe if I tried...key word is try to plan a few like I did when I did the 2011 challenge, just maybe I will accomplish what I have instead of buying some new charts. Sounds good... not sure if it will work, because there are a few that I did not get this year that I really want. Got to start somewhere.
Here is one of the ornaments that I received from my friend Joan back in RI...
It is inlaid of 3 different woods....a beautiful cardinal. I miss seeing them here. They are up in the High Country...up the North end of Arizona I am told. I may have to keep this out all year.....
Well, my hunger is starting after telling you about the get some breakfast before I crumble. Than you for the kind words...thank your for you friendship...have a wonderful day.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

First day of winter

Brr...just opened the garage door to get my newspaper and  it is chilly....only 46 this morning. We get so spoiled here in Arizona. Actually we had rain all night on Thursday and most on and off on Friday. We sure do need the rain. I just finished my last gift and will get it into the mail today...
Isn't it cute? I did make some is from the 2011 JCS magazine  by SamSarah Designs. I love the pretty flannel I found at Jo Ann's for the backing.  Do you see the pregnant snow-lady? I embellished her belly with "snow" and along the bottom of them. Of course I had to add beads someplace...the eyes. I have never been so late with my gifts to be mailed. I have received some lovely gifts but will wait to post about them. Mr H got his gift already... a new projector....updated model from the 8 year old one. His enjoyment besides gardening is movies. Now he will watch a better picture on the 80 inch wall screen, oh and me too. Love when we have movie night.
I am starting my day with a headache...not good for a Saturday at Jo Ann's work day. I think another cup of coffee and some toast will do the trick. So that is about it for today....glad to have you visit with me. i have some catching up to do with blog much as I love Christmas hustle and business, I am looking forward to slowing down. Hope you have a great day.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Angels, thimble and a glowing sunset

We can't ask for better weather right now. The days are sunny and temps are in the low 70's and it is almost Christmas. I think if I blink twice it will be Christmas, that  is how swiftly the days seem to be passing. I visit6ed with Sweet Jeanne yesterday morning. We sat and laughed more than stitched and had great conversation. She is ready to start another project and I have been trying so hard to get one done. At the rate we were going yesterday, neither  of us is getting too far. I so enjoy my early mornings with her. She had not read the Christmas Spider Legend so I brought her a copy and yes, a spider for her tree. As we sat and talked, she said that she thought I collected thimbles. After a chat about some that I have, she handed me this.
I think my little angel says it all. What a thoughtful lady and look how pretty the mother of pearl inlaid is...almost like a poinsettia! She found it at a sale and thought of It is now in my thimble display.
I mentioned angels.....when we were Out Wickenburg Way, Mr H picked these for me..

to add to my other Angel...I don't think I ever showed her to you...but I will. These delightful pieces are by Kathleen Ekholm from Arizona. They are called Little Sisters and Sister Angels. I now have 2 angels and one sister.Each is very different from the others but still the same. I will take a picture of the other angel soon.
I am off to work today and the rest of the week...I am so glad you stopped by to visit with me. Thank you for the kind words and of course for your friendship.....I will leave you with last nights glorious sunset.....

Monday, December 16, 2013

A special day

Sunday was a glorious day....the temp was around 70 and the sun bright and warm. We took a ride to Wickenburg to walk about. We knew today would be spent waiting for a chair to be delivered. We found ourselves parked near a small quaint church that was having a celebration...we missed it except for the release of balloons....
They said the rosary then send the balloons off. Then there was music and food. It was just a mall congregation of people but lovely.
I never noticed this church before; it is at the end of the main street. Off we then strolled to visit a few favorite shops
We found some butterflies enjoying a Texas Sage bush...... a great mural on the side of a building.... we sat and ate some ice cream under the shade of a lovely tree, did some shopping of course and Mr H found a lady at the train station. I don't know what her destination was, but Dennis came home with me!
Today is his special day...his birthday. No big plans... I just took the cake out of the oven and will wait to frost it. We may take a ride tonight to see the lights at Glendale and Westgate. Do you think I should cook tonight instead for the birthday guy? No, I don't want to spoil our routine.....I think this year his birthday number is bothering him some. So it is best not to change our ways and bring attention to it. Sounds good, right...?
I have the last of my packages to mail...3 of them, so I will be off as soon as the Post Office opens at 8 AM. Hopefully I will get in and out as I have been lately. I must as now as the laundry, #3 is ready for the dryer and I desperately need a cup of coffee. Glad to have you visit today, thank you for all the kind words and emails..... I treasure your friendship. Have a good day.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

A village....

Another week that flew past my windows. Why is it that when you want time to get a move on, it seems to stand still? I have just 2 more packages to get in the mail and only one is ready. Stopped for take out last night so Mr H would not have to cook for us....and the sweet guy that he is had my Conair foot bath ready with the wonderful Eucalyptus foot salts just waiting for the hot water....glorious 15 minutes to revive my tired feet. All my family and friends on the East
Coast are preparing for snow and cold...I love the beauty of fresh silent falling snow but I am happy to stay right here in sunny Arizona. How about my village with it's picture of falling snow... this is the only snow I have now. Take a stroll with me.  I set my village atop the fireplace. It is a much smaller one than in years ago. There is the sweet shop to satisfy our enjoyment of pastries. And Santa and children having a picture taken in the gazebo. Free tress from the garden shop. Two sweethearts sharing a kiss in front of the knit shop. I have  little kennel in the back that I did not want to light this year.... this is our first year without a fur-baby...Zoe joined our Sherlock Over Rainbow Bridge last December. You can just see a bit of it...the large tree that is always in the center of it all. I will take another picture so you can see how lovely it is. We found it almost 20 years ago in a wonderful Christmas shop and all the tiny lights still work after all these years.
I received a nice gift yesterday...microwave bowl set. So many ladies were buying fabric to make these and now I won't have to make them. Definitely will be safer than trying to use pot holders when removing something hot from the micro. Guess that will be it for today. I am of course working today. Then a much needed 2 days off. So glad you had some time to spend with me today. I must say thank you for the kind words and for your  friendship. Have a great day.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Somedays are like this

I think you know what I mean...we all have them. It may be just an off feeling, or could be because you are tired. Or it is a flash of a memory that slipped into your mind. Sometimes there is no reason but it is there. Today is going to be one of those days. It is not that I have no holiday spirit, I do. I loved sorting through my Christmas stuff and then carefully putting here there and on the trees. I have fun packaging and sending this and that and knowing that I have given pleasure somewhere. Love when something, even a card arrives in the mail. What it comes down to is that I can not put my finger on it and I do not like that one bit.  Maybe it is the feeling like I am not getting everything accomplished  that I want to.  We all know that feeling.
Last night was our Community Christmas Open House. Good turnout and nice to see some of the newer neighbors joining in. One of them even hosted. The night was lovely enough to have the doors kept open giving a feeling of really coming and going freely. Refreshments and conversation...what more can you ask for. Where did this year go? Unbelievable to me that the months, weeks and days flew so swiftly. I have started to set some goals for myself in the coming year. I do not make resolutions because they only get lost between here and there. No, just some plans and I think if I write them down, I may follow my thoughts. Are you making resolutions for the New Year?
Here is a picture......OK not the best, but me and the nighttime outdoors picture taking leaves something to think about....The house on the left is our place and on the right our dearest neighbors L & J. The sweetest couple there is. We decorate the common area and they are so appreciative of it. J has Alzheimer's and he so enjoys the lights. This year we hung a bird feeder so they can watch the birds and it warms our hearts that they, he, enjoys the bird antics so much. They are my Christmas spirit this year more than ever. When we first moved to this community, they took us out to dinner to welcome us. Through the years we have become  more connected than the wall between our attached homes.
Well my friends, time for that next cup of coffee and maybe some raisin toasted bread....thanks for visiting with me and for you friendship...hope you have a great day.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Arizona cold...

Brr, it is cold outside. I know, you are cold where you are, but this seems to be early cold for us here in The Valley of the Sun, Arizona. I have actually had to wear long pants and a sweater and that is cold for me. I have been too used to the warmth and mild winter temps. I do not, repeat, do not want to be cold. By now you have noticed the falling snow...I figure, if it is going to be cold I might as well have some snow that is not. Have you figured that you can control the way the snow falls? Where you place your curser is how the snow moves..left, right or center.....silly I know. At this time of the morning ... anyway....
I want to share the small tree we have in our bedroom...
It sits on a table and is all Annalee ornaments sent to me from our dear friends in RI Lu and Stan. I treasure each of them. I will try to take some close up shots and you will see how cute they are.  In the corner you can see one of my dolls. She is from Mexico...found her in a nice import shop in Cave Creek. My plans for yesterday went somewhere, but definetely not here at Horton House. Went to the luncheon and had a nice time, then off to do some errands then finally back home later in the afternoon, but not once did I pick up a needle or shuttle. Now I ask you, just how am I going to finish these last few ornaments? I have work today and then off tomorrow...tomorrow evening is my open house... I need just a few more hours in my day. Maybe I can get a few tats in or stitches.... after all, it is early... (quarter to three in the morning). Think a cup of coffee may help...happy to have you visit with me. Your kind words are so appreciated. Have a great day.

Monday, December 9, 2013

This past month Mr H updated our kitchen cabinets. The trim was wearing around the knobs, the knobs were ugly and here is what it looks like...

the top left is what it was and now what it looks like. A bit of sanding and a couple of coats of paint, and new knobs. The knobs are now silver finish and a little larger which makes gripping them easier. Much happier now. The color in the top right is more accurate. We added a new canister set and a pop of color. 
We finally worked on the outside Christmas lights. Will post pictures next time. But I did want to show you our living room tree...
I think I am finished fiddling with it, but then again there is always an adjustment here and there. The tree topper is a metal angel we bought probably 20 years ago. Of course my spider is there. Always need the Christmas spider.  The Santa ornament is a light bulb Mr H painted for me... ready?.... 20 years ago. He did a wonderful job on it. You can see a little of the outside lights...a reindeer.  I find it difficult to get good outside nighttime pictures but I will try. 
Today is our Sun Stitchers Christmas Luncheon.  Then I must do a few errands but I also need to get more ornaments finished. I am thinking that the other bead order should not arrive today or I will want to make another bracelet. Speaking of mail, my SSCS has not yet arrived at it's destination.... getting a bit concerned as I did get it onto
Santa's sleigh on time.  Must get these other packages to the Post Office today/tomorrow. Surprisingly, I had no Reindeer Food requests this year.  Well, dear friends, must have my coffee and get back to stitching on an ornament I started or should I work on the tatted one? 
I must end with a birthday wish for my mom...EvaP who is 87 today....
Thank you for your friendship and kind words and emails. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

From beads to bracelet

My goodness, we are in a cold spell. Nighttime temps are in the 30's and days are in the 60's. I actually had to wear a sweater and longer pants the other day.Mr H has covered the plants at nighttime especially my delicious tomatoes. Yes, I have been enjoying them. Mr H and I agree that the tomatoes we he plants in the Spring are more abundant than now. Of course these hopefully will be fine if we he protects them while it is cold.
My work week was not so enjoyable for the beginning but my last week day, Saturday was really nice. It seems the customers were so pleasant and agreeable. Nice way to end the week for sure. Last week I ordered some beads for a Deb Roberti bracelet design....
well, here is the first bracelet. Just waiting for the back order to arrive on the other colorway. I love the weaving of this pattern. I wish I had some extra time... we all need extra time.... so I could make a few for gifts. Speaking of gifts, I just mailed out a few more packages and have still a few more that need to go to the Post Office. I haven't even addressed my cards yet, but at least I have my pretty Christmas stamps ready. If I can, I hope to work on a couple of things today/tonight. Glad to have tomorrow off. Oh, wait, I have a Christmas luncheon to go to.... time, I have to find my bottle of time and leak some out.
Did I mention that we are having a cold spell? The air conditioner is off and the heat is on. However, Friday night we had no heat. Only cold air blowing about. Saturday, it was back on. I am thinking next year is time to replace the unit. Hope you enjoyed your visit with me. I always like to have you stop by... and leave a word or two. I appreciate your friendship and I welcome a couple of new friends this week. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 5 Advent Blog Hop

Today I am Day 5 of Jo's Advent Blog Hop. Be sure to visit her blog to see the other past days and for the upcoming posts. A wonderful way to meet new friends and visit will old friends.
This is my crazy quilt stocking that I hang every year. I made It was my first real crazy quilting. I had no pattern but thought I can do this. I used velvet for the toe along with lame' and gold cording and a heart charm, a tiny jingle bell and lace. This was made over 20 years ago. Jo asked us to share traditions. In some cases, time and circumstances cause changes in our lives. When Mr H and I moved across country 9 years ago, that is what happened for us. There are no family members here and friends also left behind. The 2nd year here, I started a Christmas Open House in our community and it is still going on. We have 27 homes in our HOA and each year 3 volunteer to host an open house. Different refreshments are served at each stop. It has been a way for all of us to share the holiday when many of us have no family here. I have marvelous Christmas memories of gatherings when I was a Grandma's house. Also fun filled ones when back in RI. How about a recipe that I used to make back there? Important to note...This is not low calorie but oh so good.
Potato Fudge
3 squares unsweetened chocolate       
1/8 tsp salt
 4 Tbsp margarine                            
1 tsp vanilla
1/3 cup mashed potatoes    
1 box powdered sugar   
nuts optional         
Melt chocolate & margarine in double boiler. Remove from the heat and add mashed potato, salt,vanilla mixing well. Slowly add sugar stirring well as you add. When to hard to stir, knead like a dough till smooth and glossy. Add nuts (if desired) at this time and then press into a buttered 8' pan ( I use a glass baking dish) and set aside until set. Cut into square.I usually make my squares small as this is very rich fudge. 
Tomorrow's Advent Blog Hop post will be by sure to visit and maybe make a new friend.
As always, I am happy to have you visit and enjoy your kind words. Hope you have a great day.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

An enjoyable day out

I do not know why, but this holiday season is really wearing me down and it is just beginning. On Sunday afternoon Mr H and I took a ride to the town of Fountain Hills on the East side of The Valley. We had not been there for some time and it was a beautiful comfortable day.
The main attraction is the fountain of course.... and the  wonderful sculptures. The fountain is the tallest in the world and rises 560 feet.... 3 times as high as Old Faithful. The Mountain range is the McDowell Mountains. In one picture you can see The Four Peaks and Rugged Red Rock in the other.
Then there is this sculpture of a cowboy and his horse. From his boot drips water as well and from the horses mouth. There are many other pieces of art but that is for another visit.
I never got to put up the outside lights, but the 3 trees are now decorated and look pretty nice. I probably will get to the lights today as I am off work. At the moment, it is very windy ... the chimes are banging the house instead of ringing. Mr H just went out to secure them. Now why did I not think to do that?
Finally, I will share another Christmas picture. In place of a full Creche, I have this ceramic piece that I just love.
Not sure where I bought it, but I have had it since moving out here. It can hold a votive candle, but I put in a "house" light.... it really looks lovely at night. Just a few odds and ends to set around now. I will share more of The Horton Christmas House later. Right now I think I will go and do some beading...or maybe a bit of wait, I should work on that cross stitch ornament. Actually, I have been awake since 2 AM (now 5:30) and feeling a little lazy. A cup of tea and cat nap is what I need. How about you, what are you doing today. What ever you do, I hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for visiting with me and for the kind words and emails. Welcome to a couple of new friends....

Monday, December 2, 2013

Ho Ho Ho... Hokey

Is it because I am getting old older more mature? I am once again this year finding myself in these very early morning hours watching Hallmark station movies. I even have already watched one from last year. They are so sweet, loving and so.....romantic at times. I have never enjoyed the violent type...still love the movies from "ago". I love watching British mysteries and all the Charlie Chan motives. A young lady told me that it is because I am getting older. Well, I can not change that. I found myself stopping my activity of cleaning up from last night to watch this mornings offering. Yesterday before I left for the Tatting meeting at the library...that is a story to tell... Mr H and I moved the table from the front window to the bedroom and the rocking chair into the living room so the living room tree could be set up. Following me so far? It literally took all of 5 minutes. Then it was off to the library to meet up with The Debra and Mary and Helen. Helen is Mary's sister...she is #11-- ( I think) and Mary is #12 in a very large family. She is visiting from she joined us for a tatting lesson. I am so surprised that we did not get evicted from the library! Can you see the headlines...."Four Senior ladies evicted for too much laughter". And did we ever laugh. It was such a fun 2 hours....Our plans are to meet the first Sunday each month. Sadly, Helen will be leaving for home on the 15th but I have her email and will keep in touch with her. I must remember to get a picture of her with Mary. A delightful lady.
When I returned home, Mr H made dinner and then it was time to decorate the tree....of course it is never finished as we all know. I will add, Mr H will move ornaments, and it will continue until it returns to the garage on January 1st. Eventually I will be able to show you a picture. Thank you for the kind words on my Tatting Tree and the picture of Dennis and me. Today I will get the bedroom tree up. I would love to be doing it best work is in these early morning hours, but Mr H is still asleep and I am positive it would not be appreciated to have lights on and lots of noise. I will once the sun rises, I will get a start on the outdoor lights. Then of course Mr H will move half of what I do.
I started this post an hour ago...yup, an hour ago. Blogger seems to be having issues, Photobucket seems to be having issues,  I think my internet is having issues.... or it could be that it is Cyber Monday and like last year, everyone is jamming the air I am going to have a cup of coffee and will post my pictures tomorrow. Until then, glad you had some time to visit with me and I do hope you have a good day.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's over....

I must admit that this Black Friday/Saturday was not too bad. We were busy, but not overwhelmingly so. Most everyone was pleasant and patient. I find myself quite tired though. My right hand is a little swollen still from all the fabric cutting. Not easy to have a pair of scissors in hand for hours at a time. We are lucky to have a management team who stepped right up to help us all day. Happy am I that it is over. Today starts our 2013 Advent Calendar Blog Hop. You can check it out at Jo's blog....I am day 5 so be sure to stop back for my post, better yet, plan to check out the posts everyday. Today our Tat ladies meet..... hope we can start them on a project soon. I have a few gifts to make yet.... time is just getting away from me this year. Thank you for the kind words about my tatting tree. I am hoping to continue to add to it each year. Mr H thinks it is lovely, but he says that about all my projects. Nice to have him think I can do anything. Today I plan to enlist his help rearranging a few things so I can put the other 2 trees up. Then on to the outside lights.
My package from Chooky's SSCS arrived....
and you get to open only one gift...the ornament. My gift is from Julie the candy canes. They are under the Tatting Tree. Recently while shopping for a few gifts, Mr H and I found this sweet angel
I found her in a Native American Indian gift shop. Can you just hear her sweet voice? In her hand is a little blue bird. Why is it every time I am buying a gift I get one too? Okay, so I am spoiled....what can I say. I started to ... no...I do not want to say collect... I just find lovely angels and I must have them.... okay it may become a collection; like my snowman, thimbles, buttons....the list goes on. You know, because you probably do the same thing.
All of a sudden I am hungry.... that means it is time to say ciao, adios, au revoir....goodbye until you visit again. I think coffee and waffles, what do you think? Unfortunately, they will be Eggo's, not fresh made. Have a wonderful day.

Friday, November 29, 2013

The day after

Well here it is Black Friday.... I am awake, getting ready for my first cup of coffee and then soon I will be off to the mad rush at Jo Ann's. My hours got changed for in I will be for 8:30 AM instead of 5:30. I will for sure be soaking my hands in the paraffin bath tonight and thank goodness I have a foot bath soak too. It will; be a challenging day.
Mr H and I had a lovely day yesterday....he cooked a delicious turkey and we had roasted white and sweet potatoes and I made a wonderful antipasti. We had homemade apple and peach pies.
We sat outside on the lanai while the turkey was in the was a lovely day all around. Mr H watched football and I wrapped some packages for mailing. I also remembered to draw for Jeanne's give away...the sampler pattern will be going out to June at Butterfly Wings.....and Minnie from All XX's had sent just the right name for....the elves...Pip and Nina. A little something will be out to her as well. Can you believe it is almost December? This year has passed so quickly for me. Sometimes almost a blur here and there.
I think tonight, if I am not too tired (ha ha), I will convince Mr H that he should help me rearrange a few pieces of furniture so I can put up the other 2 trees. Then it will be the outside lights.... hope he is not too tired! In the meantime, so glad you stopped by today....hope your day is wonderful....must have that cup of coffee.....

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Starting to look like Christmas

Why is it we I get mail, read it and then file it here or there. The letter arrived in plenty of time to mark the date. See arrows in first picture.......
So then why did I we not pay attention? Why were we so surprised when the TV clicked off and the house became very quiet? ....well of course since we did not remember this was a happening event, the car was still in the garage and the door closed. Not a problem said I to Mr H....all you have to do is pull on the manual opener. Nothing...zilch.... not working!.... Mr H was finally able to lift the door with some effort. Why was I concerned? I had to leave for work at 11:30 and it was now 10:20 when I realized that the car was still in the garage and the expected power out was suppose to be until noon. Such was the start to my Tuesday. 
I mentioned in my last post that I never have started The Horton Christmas so early. This morning I said to me, myself and I; it is time to at least fix this corner of the kitchen. The boxes were spread out and in the way. First I needed to get laundry #1 in and while I was there I found myself taking out the Kitchen tree from the cupboard in the garage. Now if the box was to come into the kitchen, why not just put it up...does not have to be decorated, just up and ready and the box back to storage. Right....
Before I knew it either me myself or I had the branches fluffed, the lights on and the Tatted ornaments hung. All of a sudden me myself and I set up the angels...The boxes? yes, they are set neatly in the far corner of the kitchen. No, I do not plan to set up the other 2 trees. I might rescue poor Santa from falling out of the box.......
It has been so nice to have you visit with me today...are you getting ready for Christmas at your house? In the meantime, hope all of you my dear friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

late start to my day

I must have been more tired than I thought last night. I fell off to sleep around 10ish and when I next opened my eyes it was 6:14 AM.... impossible! I have over slept by my normal standards by at least 3 hours. You would think it is good to get the extra sleep wouldn't you? Well, I feel so off kilter...actually tired if you can believe it. Mr H and I set off yesterday on a few errands. We did get some of what we set out to o accomplished. This is the first year and I do mean the firs year in our 43 years of marriage that some of Christmas has appeared in our home. I set up the few village houses that we have and my snowman are out.... the kitchen is a mess with boxes and this
 is what I saw this morning. I guess I left him in an unsettled position! Most likely I will get to him tomorrow and try to get the kitchen in some order. In order to put up my 3 trees, I have to rearrange each room...the living room, the kitchen area and my bedroom area. Not really a big deal.... but I will need Mr H's help.
Our Sun Stitchers Ornament Exchange was a huge success. So much so, that a few ladies were discussing next year's exchange. I am so pleased with their enthusiasm. I will post a few of the pictures in the next few days. In the meantime, I positively need another cup of coffee ... work today then off for Wednesday and Thursday. One of the managers called yesterday to tell me they were changing my time for Black Friday...from 5:30 AM to 3:30 PM to 8:30 AM to 5 PM. Now, before my eyes close, I best get that cup of coffee.....thanks for stopping by and your kind words. Have a good day.
Reindeer Food...sampler give away...elf names.... previous post for info or email me.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Beauty on a gloomy day

My goodness, we go without rain for days and days then we get bombed with several days of rain. Not complaining because we sure do need it. Last night while watching a movie, poof----- the lights went out. Out they remained for several hours. I just went off to sleep. At this very moment the sun is shining and it is quite cool. How long this will last is anyone's guess as the prediction is for more rain.I have the day off, unexpectedly but appreciated knowing that next week will be a doozy. Just finished the beginning of another tatted ornament. I will wash and starch it before adding the beads. Thinking about getting the Christmas boxes down from the garage cupboards, well, maybe tomorrow when Mr H is still asleep. I would much rather do it alone. Sometimes he really is of no help. Like so many of you, most of my stitching (when I am doing it!) is for gifts, so I have no pictures to share. Sooooooo, how about this
What a beautiful hummingbird this one is. He stayed around for such a long time this morning. Glowing in the light a vibrant magenta pink color.
Now, here he is facing away....lovely chartreuse green backside. Sorry it is not as closeup as the other, but I did not want to spook him. After a bit, they do get tired of me standing there.
With this unexpected day off, I will get to the market and definitely spend time stitching. Monday is our Sun Stitcher's monthly meeting and our first ornament exchange. Glad you had some time to spend with me.....thank you for the kind words and emails. Have a wonderful day.

Reminder: Reindeer Food and give away and the elves names.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Rain rain and more rain and a tomato

For once the weather prediction was correct. It started to rain last night and is still raining. The only problem I have is that Mr H and I planned to go to a Fair in Scottsdale this Sunday and the rain is suppose to continue through then. After such a busy work week and before the dreaded Black Friday, I was hoping to go. We shall see. We have not shopped for our Thanksgiving turkey yet...we, really now, as you all know I do not do the cooking. Mr H has not taken care of it yet. Guess that will be Monday's to do thing. I will bake some mini to have dessert after all. Just ordered beads for a couple of new bracelets... some of the beads will be on back order but that is okay. I will get started on what arrives. Do I really need a new project? I guess so.
I was so tired when I got in from work last night. Such crabby people visited our fabric counter. Of course there were more nice people than not which is good. Mostly our repeat customers who understand and are patient. It's the "new" sewers/crafters who want immediate attention. And don't we all. Wonder if all this rain will keep them home today.... Mr H picked this yesterday..
It is the first of the Early Girl tomatoes. Plan to have it tonight with cucumbers and mouth is watering.
Don't forget about Jeanne's give away for the sampler pattern (yesterday's post) and the Reindeer Food....  Glad you stopped by and thank you for the kind words. Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

And so.....

Enjoyed a nice Wednesday morning with Sweet Jeanne. WE did more chatting than stitching, but that is what we sometimes do. Remember the beautiful sampler she stitched......
It  is Margaret W Brown by Milady's Needle..... Jeanne is offering it to one of you, that is right..... so if you would like to have this gently used pattern, please comment on this post saying that you would like to have it. I always say she is sweet. I spent the rest of the day relaxing and tatting. My little cold is still hanging around...but I do feel much better...just a bit of occasional cough and still need the  tissues.
Now about the Reindeer, it is not for people consumption...just Reindeer. Last year I was happy to send some to several blog children for Christmas Eve.... and I look forward to doing so again this year. So, if you have children and would like them to receive a packet and note email me their names and address and they will get an envelope addressed to them in time for Christmas Eve. It is okay if they got one last year, I will be glad to send again. Last year I also mailed Christmas spiders....I love having mine on the tree. Actually, I have several that hang around my sewing space all year long. Anyway, be sure to email me soon as I mail out the food early so it will arrive at your house in time. And so, that is my post for today. Now, I need a cup of coffee and to take some cold medicine and grab some tissue. Thank you for your kind words and names for the elves..... thank you for your caring friendship. Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It just may rain today

Cloudy, very cool and lovely. When I lived in Rhode Island I never really appreciated a cloudy or rainy day....we had them often. But here in Arizona, it is rare and so nice when we have them. I went outside to get the morning newspaper and then to check on my tomato plants and just stood there for a few minutes looking up to the very overcast sky. I may have to wear longer pants today and a shirt with longer sleeves and just maybe a sweater!  Funny how we change. These tomato plants are loaded with green tomatoes---- and a few are ready to munch. I already had one of these orange/yellow cherry tomatoes, Sunny Gold variety. Sweet and juicy.

I have no stitching pictures today...very little stitching has been accomplished. I finally think I have lost my "cold" and work is still very busy... too tired at night and in the early hours of the morning. Whatever I have made is for gifts and the recipients may stop by and read my posts so I can not share yet. I spent some time this morning preparing packages for mailing and doing the laundry.... not exciting at all. No spectacular plans for today....tatting another ornament for a gift, relaxing and maybe a movie to watch with Mr H. who is not feeling all that great these past few days. Just got my work schedule for Black Friday and Saturday...8 hour at 5:30 and 7 AM...oh my. I may be up and awake but ready for work? another story. If I were not working I would never travel out and about on Black Friday. How about you?
Still time to help me find names for my sweet do not have to have a blog or be a special rules....
Thank you for the kind words and emails....thank you for your friendship.....have a wonderful day.
Almost time for Reindeer Food sure to let me know if your young ones will be on my list.

Friday, November 15, 2013

New friends

Let me introduce you to
These 2 charming elves have moved in but have no names! They are friendly, smartly dressed and adorable. He in his wool plaid trimmed burlap jacket and she in her plaid fur trimmed wool dress. But what to call them? So, Mr H suggested I post them here and ask you to help. We will choose the names and there will be a small gift to the godparent who names them. They stand about 12 inches tall, have bendable arms and legs just had to come home with me. We found them  when we stopped at a store that had wonderful Christmas items on our way back home Wednesday. Originally we stopped because they had sent an email for snowmen but these beat out that purchase! Don't they bring a smile to your face? We can always use a smile.... So, put on your thinking caps and comment with your choice for names..... we will choose their names on Thanksgiving Day. Now elves are known for their mischievous behavior, but this couple just want to sit together and smile.
I am fighting a cold...just a little off kilter kind of cold.... started over the counter cold helped me get through the day yesterday and I am hoping it will again today. Hope all is well at your place and I am so glad you did stop to visit. Now don't worry, I have covered my face when sneezing and with the occasional coughing. I am using lots of hand sanitizer and lots of tissues. Have a great day.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Heading West

All I said was I would like to just ride to those mountains.... honest, that is what I said. Mr H said okay. We headed West and kept driving for 30 miles or more....there was pretty much nothing for a lot of the ride...
At first there were others on the road...then only a few then it seemed like we were the only people on earth. There were plenty of those Watch for Animal signs but we did not see any. Soon, Mr H decided before we went any farther we should turn back today but this was definitely a ride for another we would prepare for. But I am mesmerized by riding to the mountains....they are always in sight when we are out...This is the group of The White Tank Mountain range that I always show you in my sunset pictures. Driving beyond them eventually would take us to the California line.....that will be another day. On our return back, we saw a church. A plain looking building but oh my....
once inside, it was anything but plain. The church was larger than we expected and so beautiful. From the smooth floor to the alter, the lighting was just perfect. Now I do not want you to think we went to pray....we are not religious church goers, but we appreciate the peacefulness and beauty of a church. There were no pews here, just upholstered chairs. The few windows were high and let subtle light in as you can see on the side alter. The ceiling is a soft medium the sky...The massive crucifix hung catching rays of light... a few moments of quiet and peaceful thoughts.
Earlier in the day...8 AM to be precise, I walked over to stitch and chat with Sweet Jeanne. Always a great way to start my Wednesday mornings. We really did more chatting than stitching..... she was putting the finishing elements to her ornament and I will finish it off for her. She did a marvelous job, especially since this is only her second project. I can not show pictures to you because it is for our group swap and some of the ladies visit my blog. She is actually working on another ornament.
I have thanked you all many times for your caring and kind words, and once again, you were there to listen. It means so much to know that although we are all so far apart that we are really closer than we think. I send you all a hug. Off to work today although I would rather be back on the road "Heading West".....have a good day.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Not a stitch post today....

I say not a stitch post today so that if that is what you are looking for, then it is okay to skip your visit with me. Today is just a vent day for me. First I want to thank those who sent kind words for Mr H and his doctor appointment. It turned out to be a very unproductive morning. I guess I should back up a little to explain. For a few years, my Dennis did not feel well. There was some tests all revealing nothing wrong. But he was still having difficulty swallowing and pain in his stomach. Then finally one day in 2011 the tests did show a problem. So in for surgery he went. The surgery itself went well, but then a complication and problems unrelated to the surgery. So, more total he had 4 surgeries from September to December. A repeat visit to the first surgeon in 2012 because Dennis did not feel "right" but the surgeon said it was nothing related to what he had done and dismissed we were. Problems have returned and once again we were dismissed but by the surgeon's "associate", a nurse, ...the doctor did not even give us the courtesy of speaking directly to us. Mr H walked out but I stayed behind long enough to voice my opinion. Loud enough so the doctor could hear and in the presence of other waiting patients. So, we will not return to him if there is a need for more surgery. If you stayed this long reading, thank you. I have said before, that I write this blog for me and anyone who wants to visit. I just had to vent.... and not to Mr H. It is not that we want to find something, but when the same symptoms occur, it seems that we should investigate rather than to wait as long as he did before. I am fortunate to have this man in my life. He never complains, I have to ask or tell him I know when he is not feeling well. These are the retirement years we are trying to enjoy. Now hear me and understand----- I am not looking for sympathy, or poor them, I just needed to yell a bit today. There is no woe is me here at the Horton House....just two people who love one another and support each other all the way....side by side. We will get through this....
I did manage to start not one tat pattern Monday afternoon, but 2!....guess my mind was not as clear as I thought! A bright note was later yesterday, a neighbor came to see our backyard plants. They wanted some advice and Mr H was on hand to offer his opinion. They loved our garden and told him so. Made my evening to see that wonderful smile across Mr H's face. Yeah, after 43 years I am still smitten with this guy...guess I will not be trading him in!
Off to work today.... whatever your plans, have a great day. Thank you for your friendship and caring words....

Monday, November 11, 2013

Any day with Mr H is a good day

Our outing on Saturday was to drive down to Tuscon and spend the night but we did not make it. Mr H began to feel ill so we turned back. But that is okay. I enjoyed our day together anyway.
I started to wrap some Christmas packages that will be mailed here and there, got the boxes ready with labels and on a few boxes the custom form is filled out. Yesterday I changed the drapes in the living room , baked my Fresh Apple Cake and then spent the afternoon with The Debra....we tatted and chatted....
Today Mr H and I will be going to a doctor appointment...I know many places are celebrating Veteran's Day, but they are open. I went on line to get the office forms...5 pages! so I could update his record. The last visit was for his surgery in 2011. The appointment is early so that means a good afternoon of stitching and some tatting. I am on the search for purple seed beads. Can not find any! I think I will check on line with Fire Mountain Gems. They seem to have everything. While I am on line, I will also check with Fusion Beads....
I expect some of you will celebrate today at a parade, or maybe even a cookout....whatever your plans remember to thank a veteran for their service. As always, I am glad you had some time to visit with me. Thank you for your kind words and friendship....have a wonderful day.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Can't believe it's not butter

I think it should be titled I can't believe it's Saturday, but what do I know at 3:53 AM! and I haven't even finished my coffee yet. I do know it has been a busy and long week at work...I do know that my stitching has little to show... but I have stitched and tatted....
These are the latest ornaments.... the same pattern but finished with different bead stitching. I really enjoy this pattern and the possibilities of adding pearls and beads in different order.
I have been off the computer for much of the time... just checking emails mostly, and I have missed visiting with you all. My intentions have been good, just not my attention! I will get there...I have today off and Mr H and I hope to go off for the day... providing he is feeling well enough for the long drive he has planned. If we do not go, I plan to stitch... what some of you call hermit stitching. I also have some of my packages ready for wrapping so they can be mailed for Christmas. Thought I would get them ready but alas, no wrapping paper, so that is a must get on the list of to do. My sewing area needs some attention.... my baskets of doing needs some doing. I have 3 that have the working projects and if I am to be honest, there are a couple more on the shelf in the craft closet waiting for attention. So if off we do not go, I have plenty to keep me busy. But if we are going, I best get a move on to gather a few essentials for the day. Glad you had the time to visit and I hope to visit at you place real soon. Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A bit of rain

There was thunder and lightening and just a bit of rain last night. This morning is cool and sunny bright. Hopefully we will remain in the comfortable temps from now on. No stitching yesterday...of any kind but I did get a book in the mail. More about that tomorrow. Back to Sunday and the Festival of Arts let me tell you about The Yellow Bird Dancers... there clothing was so colorful and the beading magnificent. How they managed to dance and smile while the temps were around 80 dressed as they were is beyond me. The lovely smiling lady in red is Violet Duncan who was Miss Indian World 2012. She represented all Indigenous people of North America. She is married to Tony Duncan who performed the hoop dancing..
Tony Duncan is a 5 time world champion from the Apache and Arikara Nations. He also is leader of Estun-Bah, who perform beautiful music with Tony playing the flute. His dancing in and out of the hoops is amazing. Tony and his group are based here in Arizona. Then there was a man who sat quietly on the sideline. I asked if I could take his picture and with a big smile he said yes and stood for me. His clothing was beautiful and then he danced...His name ( I think) is David...He has done all the beading on his clothing and even his moccasins. Such a nice man. It was a wonderful part of my Sunday afternoon. My regret is that I did not get back to their area to purchase a CD of the beautiful music....but, since they are based/live here in Arizona, I will be sure to find them.
That is about it for today my friends, glad you stopped by to chat with me. Thank you for the kind words and emails.... have a great day.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Out for the day and was Sunday!

Generally Sunday is a stay at home football day. This week, however, Mr H decided we should venture out to attend the festival held at Litchfield Park....Native American festival. It was wonderful weather only in the 70/80's. A wonderful day. I enjoyed meeting and chatting with some very wonderful artists....this Prayer feather caught my eye and it looks nice with my healing feather.
The artist, Anita explained how to use it and pointed out that it has a tuft of coyote in it. She lives here in Arizona when not traveling to fairs. Mr H and I enjoyed lunch at one of the cafes and sat out on the patio...too beautiful a day to sit indoors.

Then it was off to get some caramel popcorn and and these cuties
Not Native American made, but cute nevertheless. The one in the middle and star on the backside is on a bell... the other two are wood based. I think I will keep them all...I had thought of a few gifts, but I love them and can not part with any of them! Tomorrow I will share  the dancers that performed. I finished another tatted ornament, well actually 2 and those I will share tomorrow also.
Once we returned home it was football afternoon....We had a great day all in all. Today is market day for food and maybe the furniture store for a new sofa. For a few months we have been trying to decide and I think...key word is think, we have a decision. I knew 2 months ago, just Mr H making up his mind. I think I have it swung my way. I must remember to welcome some new followers. Glad to meet you ..... and to say how happy I am to have shared some time with all of you. I do hope you have a wonderful day.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Blog Hop

This year Jo from Serendipitous Stitching is hosting our hop....
Just Cross Stitch Halloween magazine 2013--Barbara Swanson for DMC Corp. I did make some thread color changes.

 My letter is A  and after you visit with me be on your way to.... and collect your next letter.
My day to relax and just stitch left me sometime around 9:30 AM when Mr H and I left for his doctor appointment. First we stopped here then there and there over there...a bite to eat and then a few Christmas gifts and by the time I arrived back to my stitching chair, my hands said forget it and the needle stayed in the basket. Not even the shuttles wanted to tat.
But the mail had arrived...
An early surprise Christmas gift from Annette! The lovely card that she made said that I might want to stitch this before Christmas so that was my go ahead and open it approval and I must say I do approve. I cannot wait to work on this. I love needle-books...I try to keep one with each project and she  made me a nice one! Are you ready for a little story? Of course you are. One day some time back the phone rang and when I said hello the voice introduced herself as Annette.
she took the time to find my number wanted to call...she followed my blog and I hers! She was calling from California...we chatted and I knew she was a friend, we just have not face to face met...yet. Early in the day yesterday I was remembering that call...then the package arrived! Is that not proof of a friendship connection!? For all those with children or those who live in an area with gremlins who will come to call, have a safe and fun evening. For me, it has been a  Trick Treat having you visit. Have a great day.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The middle of the week...

I really like day off, middle of the week; my day. So, what have I been up to....Monday was our Sun Stitchers meeting. I have organized an ornament exchange which will be at our next meeting November 25th, Worked yesterday and here I am today. Mr H has a doctor appointment this morning and we have a couple of errands to do. He is almost finished with the kitchen cabinets and now for new hardware. I plan to then stitch. Would love to do so outside....we will see. I had a migraine yesterday, haven't had one in ages. Finally started to ease up after I was at work and then by 6 it was just tired and no headache. Look what is new to the mantle...
a silver spider! I think I will make a couple more...someone must want a silver spider for their Christmas tree.
Are you wondering where my posts have been? Well, maybe not, but I will tell you. Sunday evening an hour after I used the computer (desk to), M H called to me that it wou7ld not turn on. Actually it was the 1 year old monitor that would not come on. Soooo, Monday afternoon off to the Geeks at Best Buy and the geek plugged it into a computer and it worked. He tells me to bring in the tower and monitor to be checked. So, back we returned and he sets it up and it all works. Go figure. Not a clue what was wrong. Technology is wonderful when it works smoothly.
I have no stitching update pictures, but how about this..
just another amazing sunset taken the other evening. Brilliant gold with a splash of orange.....
It has been so nice to chat with you today. Thank you for being my friend and always knowing just what to say! I love your kind words and emails. Hope you have a wonderful day.