Saturday, April 9, 2011

Really...I can explain...

No posts? what?...well, On Thursday morn as I was stitching I received a call from sis Linda...aka lynowl...another story...anyway, of course I had to stop stitching..never a good idea to talk on the phone and stitch. We chat forever...then it was time for work....came home ate and off to the HOA meeting...home and off to bed. I was feeling a bit off. Woke up very early Friday with a migraine...not good...but since I was not going in to work until 1 pm, I thought...okay...a pill and have a lie down. Not to very sick to my stomach and back to bed. There would be no stitching this morning! Felt better so off to work only to return home in 2 hours and back to stitching! Well, I think I am feeling fine today and off to work I have stitched some....but I also have on and off been working on my Spring Exchange and though maybe a peek...
All that I can will be travelling is almost finished....I Rit dyed the linen....that's it, you just have to wait! But you can follow me to my other place and see what is happening with Garden Party.....I am so happy to have you visit with me, have a wonderful weekend.
P.S.  I have been asked about the music that is on my blog...I do change it almost monthly..currently it is a selection by Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble....Native American music..the CD is one of my favorites....what music? well, if you have your speakers/sound turned off or down, you can not hear it!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No sunshine...but a Rose

The sky is grey today...not a flicker of sunshine anywhere....but...I found this ...
The first rose bloom this spring. It is The Lincoln Rose...and has a lovely light fragrance. What a nice find this dreary morning. Something else I would like to share.....

Oh I is only a garden ornament. Not so....his name is Joey. For my birthday February 2004, my nephew Joe saw this and thought of he this was my gift from him. No, he was not a little boy, but a grown adult. I loved it then and love it now. What he and the family did not know at that time, Mr H and I were planning to leave Rhode Island to move here to Arizona. So Joey came with me and spent it's first year on a small patio in Phoenix and now has a place in our home's garden. When I see it,I think of Joey. The glass flowers were from my son Eric. They fit perfectly in Joey's arms....two people to think of.
Enough sentimental stuff...have any of you watch the Eagle's, not a movie or program...a real live It had been posted by Brenda and I thank has been fascinating to watch the babies hatch and being fed.
I'm sure you want to know if there is an update on Garden Party...sure is...
let's go to my other place and you can see for yourself. I am so happy to have you visit...hope you have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another Tuesday....

For today

Outside my window
The sun is bright and the air is calm
I am thinking
Just 22 days and my brother Alan will be here for a visit
I am thankful for
From the kitchen
Soon there will be a cup of tea for me to drink and an English Muffin to eat
I am wearing
T shirt and shorts and I am barefooted
Around the house
Soon I will get Mr H appointment this morning
I am hearing
The call of the Quails...they just arrived in the yard
On my mind
Which Challenge project to work on next!
Plans for the day
Re-write my shopping list....for stash and, not food!
From my camera's eye

A cactus bloom...isn't it lovely
I am wishing
You all have a wonderful day.

Well, I have several things I want to accomplish today...not sure about most of them getting done. I want to go to Staples, World Market, want need some chocolates, and of course sit and stitch!
I love the bloom in the above is the cactus...from a neighbor's house...
Not sure  of the cactus name...the blooms are elongated, about 6 inches...I would love to have one of these!
I did a lot on Garden Party...let's meet over at my other place so you can see is almost finished! Thank you for visiting with me today.

Monday, April 4, 2011

On the coyote highway.....

I did not Challenge stitch yesterday...that's right, I made a few gifts and packaged up my Exchange with Patty and all will be at the post office at 9 am....quite too busy to stitch!

When I sit at my sewing table, I face a large window that looks into our courtyard. Remember the Bottle Brush Tree pictures? well that is in front of the window. Every so often I look out and what should I see.... a coyote taking a leisurely if it was his courtyard. But what? Is that Ron taking out Suzy and Sam...little fluffy dogs...and not on a lead? Quick...out Mr H and I run to alert Ron. I scoop up Suzi...or was it Sam. You have no idea how many time I have told him that the coyotes like out courtyard...does he  He seems to think they are only out at night...not so, this was at 2 in the afternoon! This time it was a happy ending because the coyote ran off with all the commotion. I think I will change the name from Holly Court to Coyote Passage.

Well, just because I have no stitching to share that I can share at the moment....I do have a pretty plant. I have fallen in love with a plant called Kangaroo Paw....last year Mr H bought me an orange one...
See the cute little flower? The plant is like velvet to touch. It just about died during the winter. But Mr H left it alone and back it came. This year he surprised me with a yellow one...much larger in hopes it will fare better....
Each of the fuzzy ends should have a flower soon....
We are having quite a windy start to the day and it was very windy yesterday and last night. I have a chime to fix and feeders to hang out and laundry to I must leave now.....actually,  I am brewing a cup of tea and I really want to stitch! More bees and motifs to complete my row.
Aren't you glad you stopped by to hear my coyote tale....I am glad you did! Have a wonderful day.....
P.S.~~~ Ziz, if you are reading this...check your mail box frequently this morning....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

TUSAL, a sunset and it's Sunday

Think it is time to empty the mason jar....
Guinevere said it is just to heavy! I will put some out for nesting .
I always tell Mr H that living here in Arizona, I feel like I am on vacation. I feel as though I have always lived here.....hard for my family back East to understand, but it is true. I am in awe of the sunsets....sunsets I never tire of...
This was what we saw from out our front the courtyard....bright orange..deep yellow and violet grey clouds.....I am in is beginning cool and sunny and cloudy at the same time. It will be good sitting outside weather to stitch.
Just look at what is in bloom outside my front door...
Bottle Brush you can see, looking up into it, it is quite tall.
I have some hand sewing to finish challenge update but will have some for tomorrow.
It was wonderful to have you visit with me...{{hugs}} to you all...have a great day.