Saturday, September 14, 2013

A motif and a BBD

Saturday, my end of the week day. My weekends start on Sunday as I am off both Sunday and Monday each week. Mr H and I are just waiting for the cooler weather to arrive. We would be happy with 90 for a few days! The yard needs attention and the plants are so tired from the heat. What it does mean is that I really have time to stitch and I will never complain about that. Yesterday the Postman delivered a package from Linda Oja who was my BBD exchange partner...
Linda covered a box for me and made a pin pillow. She included a bag of assorted buttons which I always like to have and a beaded kit. Thank you Linda for your thoughtfulness. Hope my partner will be receiving her package soon....I really enjoy exchanges.

 I tatted another motif on a ring...

 my sleeping angel is watching over it. This little angel has been with me since forever.... many years. The motif is just under 2 inches and is with lavender thread and white. I am having trouble finding 23mm plastic rings... can only get 20mm and 25mm. I would like to make a few larger motifs on the rings. I may have to go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby....shh, don't tell my MOD's. We do not have them at Jo Ann's.

I have had a question about my Blogger address book and I will post about that tomorrow and about the nice tote bag I put together for my tatting. Something to take along when I go to The Debra's.
Don't forget that Sunday I will draw for the traveling pattern's next stitcher. If you are interested, leave a comment and tell me that you would like the chance to stitch it.....I just discovered this highlight thing! Well, need to get back to my tea and toast. Glad to spend some time with you and thank you for the kind words and email....have a great day.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Oh look at what I have done...

Had the day off yesterday... that means being busy with my needles of any kind.
I finished another tiny motif
Just love these! Not sure what to do with them.... a collage maybe. I think it is good practice at this point. As soon as my new stash of tatting threads arrive.... maybe today.... I will make a few more. I want to try the size 20 thread. Right now I have been using size 30.
 We had 2 days of rain and it was wonderful. Although at times it was a heavy downpour and there was some local flooding, it was great to have it. It is amazing how fast it floods around here.
I would like to introduce...The Witch to you
She is so cute. I did her apples in 2 shades of seed beads...had the perfect fabric for her backing, added a piece of lace for her apron and wisps of hair. She finished just as I pictured her. I made her felt hat removable.... just because. Let me tell you about her.... when I saw her, I immediately thought of Snow Whites witch. Yes, I know, she was dressed all in black. I saw the apple in her hand and the scene from the movie whizzed by in my mind. I did change the bottom border and left out the wording. I really like making them more to me. The next doll will be another Alphabet one...the pink one and yes,  I will not stitch the letter on her.... already have changes plans for her too.
Now, on to the Traveling Pattern...
I finished it to be the cover of my Blogger Address Book.  I found these pearls in my bead cupboard and thought they looked nice. I did stitch this with the listed DMC threads on 28 count cherry dyed linen. Now it is time for this sweet pattern to travel. So, if you are interested in stitching it for yourself or as a gift, please leave a comment telling me that you would like to be in the draw. I will pick a name this Sunday.... it is a quick stitch and even with the DC threads, it is pretty. Of course, you can change the colors to suit you. Will you be next?
As usual, I have loved your visit with me today. Your kind words and emails are always so nice. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Just 1 1/2 inches

Another cloudy start to the day...temps are not too bad this morning. It is only 79 right now and only expected to be 97...but oh the humidity. I have a follow up visit with the podiatrist this afternoon and I do not plan to do much of anything else. Well, except stitch of course. I am just about finished stitching the traveling pattern but I did finish tatting this
it is the first motif in the new tatting book I bought, Tatting with Rings by Jon Yusoff. It measures....just 1 1/2 inches. There are 8 patterns in the book and only one that I may not happy to have found this wonderfully written pattern book. If you have a chance visit her blog. Just click her name above.
I am so glad you enjoyed the Pueblo Museum (my last post). No matter which direction we drive, I never tire of the beauty around me.
Have you noticed the SSCS logo on the right sidebar? Oh once again, for my third time I will be participating in Chooky's Secret Santa Christmas Swap. I received my partner's name and visited her blog so I could "meet" her. I have an idea of what to do and look forward to getting it all together.  What a task it is for Chooky to set this all up! The list of participants is long!
I am hoping to sew up The Witch today and tomorrow you will see the Traveling Pattern piece as well as The Witch. I may even get to sew up another finish that is lurking in the closet. Even though I am in wonderful air conditioning, it has been so hot that I have less ambition. I know, that probably sounds crazy. I did have enough ambition to order some tatting thread yesterday..... wish I could get it locally. Thank you for taking the time to visit...always enjoy hearing from you. Have a great day.....
         Friends are kisses blown to us by angels...(author unknown)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Windy, Cloudy, rainy and I love it

The day is very cloudy. There is a steady wind and the chimes are sounding lovely. Rain is lightly falling and I love it....except for the humidity that is along with it. The tiny Goldfinches are busy at the feeder and the Quails are scratching about on the ground. Unless it is pouring rain, they go about their business. 
Yesterday Mr H and I went to The Pueblo Grande Museum. It is located in Phoenix not far from the airport. It has been open since 1929 and has a walking trail and small indoor museum.
The visitors building is inviting with the painted hieroglyphics. There is the indoor museum and a small gift shop.The displays are wonderful examples of basketry, weaving and pottery
The walk outside was nice... the sun was not shining even though it was still hot and a few drops of rain fell.
Thy have recreated a few buildings that you see along the walk. Set up as it might have been in the days the Hohokam still lived there.

The items on display are what might have been and the construction was interesting. Pottery and gourds as well as utensils were set out.

We have wanted to visit here for some time and it was a good day to do so.
 We have so many wonderful places to visit here in Arizona....and we have been able to see many places in our nine years living here. Outdoor museums are wonderful....
I have been busy stitching and tatting but wanted to share this with you. I hope you enjoy the pictures. I am almost finished with a new tatting piece so I should return to the stitching chair and then I must have some breakfast. Actually, I think I will wait for Mr H to make me some pancakes...he makes delicious pancakes. Glad you shared some time with me...thank you for the kind words that make me smile.
Have a wonderful day.