Thursday, August 23, 2012

Early post

My goodness, I can't remember when I have posted this early in the day! It could be that I have been up for most of the morning... yes, since 1 AM. Zoe was up. She never seemed to be bothered by storms, but I think she is now. Once again we had a rain, thunder and lightening storm. This one last night was not as bad as Tuesday nights storm, but she seems bothered by it now. Here we are coming to the end of our Monsoon season and we are getting storms almost every night. We really do need the rain so no complaints. Sleep was an on/off situation until Zoe decided to sleep at 4:30 AM and here I am wide awake... well, I am awake at any rate. I go in for 1 PM today so I can at least take it easy until then. One laundry in the wash and one in the dryer. I do think I need another cup of coffee.
But first....
The Lady is taking shape! It is such a nice pattern to work on. I think I will complete her skirt before adding her arms. I just noticed a stitch that seems off a little in her face so I will try to fix that before doing anything else. Still gathering my thoughts on her embellishments and finish.
I gathered some beads to make a red and white bracelet using Tila beads. I like to wear a bracelet everyday and I do not have a red one. I have 2 completed bracelets to mail off to 2 of my cousins. I had completely forgotten about one of my WIPs so that too will be in the mix this weekend. Time to think about Christmas stitching. Have you started your projects yet?
I hear the wash has finished so off I go. Welcome to my new friends....I love hearing from all of you. Thank you for stopping in to today...enjoy your day.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Finally there is the face~~~

I am grumbling this morning--- I am going to work! Yes, after 2 weeks off, I will be back at the fabric counter....ho hum. It will be good to see my co-workers.
finally there is the face...
She is looking cute. I just had to get the eyes in--- could not take the blank look! I am enjoying this delightful pattern.... of course I like Little House Needlework designs. I am thinking of making a few additions to the pattern but I guess I will wait until the entire piece is stitched. Just ideas floating around my head.
Yesterday was a wonderful lazy day. Mr H and I watched a movie or two then our NE Patriots game was on but we will not talk about that. No we will not discuss it at all. One of the things that had our attention part of the afternoon was this..
Our sweet little hummingbird. He kept busy flitting from the hook to the tree and then to the feeder. He spent most of the day sitting on the hook. So delicate. Too cute!
I am getting a bit hungry and I do try to have something before going to work so I will say~~~~
thank you for visiting with me, thank you for the kind words and emails. I enjoy hearing from you. Have a great day.

Monday, August 20, 2012

200 for Iris and 41 colors

Last day of 2 weeks off from work... back tomorrow. I did manage to add 200 more stitches to Iris
Can you see the outline becoming clear at the top of the petal? I thought about continuing stitching, but my eyes got tired. I also want to work a little on My Lady. She is weird looking without her eyes stitched in! I also need to burn a couple of picture CD's for my cousins from the get together. More things to do than I seem to have energy for.
I would like to welcome my new friends... and to say how wonderful it is to hear from all of you. We get so busy so it is so nice to know that someone has taken time to send us a message. I have been in some sort of allergy mode ever since I returned to Arizona. Itchy and out of sorts. I try , I really do try not to scratch... I have been taking allergy tablets with some relief.
Is there anyone who would like to do a Christmas exchange? Nothing fancy.... let me know here or by e-mail. I do hope you all have a fantastic I will probably stitch and scratch!