Friday, March 8, 2013

What the Postman delivered

I finished my March page for the Needlework Master's SAL group...
I tried to Tat an egg shape...not too bad. This of course is Needle Tatting and I added a butterfly and a cute flower brad. The Cross stitch Bunny you may remember is/was a traveling pattern sent to me from Lee. It is Bent Creek Littles, The Bunny. I have lost track of it since I sent it off to Anne Bernstein. On Tuesday just as I was leaving for work...which is the usual mail delivery time, this is what arrived....#1

 From Nicola who sent a wonderful book with a DVD on Shuttle Tatting and a lovely book for Net Embroidery. Now I have watched a few videos on line that were okay, but they were not by people who wrote a great descriptive book. So far as you can see, I have been able to use the shuttle for the simple tasks. Look closely  at the red picture and you can see some improvement! As for the other book.... just look at the intricate embroidery.... maybe I will try that too.

The #2 delivery ... was from my sis Lynowl. She is always looking to add to my thimble collection.
This is another Kirks Folly... a shamrock on one side and the clover on the other. Always with Swavorski Crystals for extra special sparkle.  It now sits on the top ledge of the thimble cabinet... I only have 9 empty cubby holes left.
It was a good Tuesday mail day! Taxes have finally been e-filed... still trying to find the book that I downloaded to my tablet.... and started another bracelet on the beading loom. I must really say thank you for all the kind words of encouragement on my tatting....also for getting are all so wonderful. I welcome a few new followers..... I enjoy meeting you and visiting your blogs.  I am now going to pick up the file box that fell off the computer desk and re-file the 300 or so index cards that are now all over the floor. If it was put where it belonged.... well you know. Too late for that now. Another cup of coffee and a scone sounds like a good idea...then I will fix the files. Whatever your day holds for you, I hope it is relaxing and fun. Hugs to all of you from me!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I think I can-------

Most of the time, I can teach myself .  Then along comes a road  brain block.... that is how this Tatting with a shuttle is. I know I should be happy with the needle tatting, but I have this nagging that says well now how about that shuttle thing. But wait, tomorrow you will see my attempts and what gave me the push to really go forward. The mailman was very generous with me on Wednesday...tomorrow will be a few pictures.  The tablet thing is another of the complicated things right now. To the Geek Squad at Best Buy I will trot on Sunday... my next day off. However, I work with many younger gals and a few have tablets and such, so today I will take it with me and if I can take my break time the same with one of them, I am hoping they can help. Mr H is off to the accountant today to get our taxes so she can file them, as I said off to work for me then tonight my HOA meeting... that leaves very little time for much else. I am still trying to catch up on responding to your kind words and emails..... I am still a bit off kilter with this bug. I really think I am not drinking enough since I started to feel better. Did I tell you I had some wonderful mail? I suppose you are glad you stopped by for this bit of  rambling! Tomorrow....until then, have a great day.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

More than a cold but less than the flu

What a week! I finally feel like joining society again. This past week was spent mostly in bed, with over the counter meds that Mr H keep bringing me and periods of napping. Yesterday was my first day back and I can tell you, it was a busy sale day and I was only too happy to return home to rest. But lots happened last week. No, not much stitching at all....
First the postman brought this..
a RAK from it. The chenille trim is perfect as is her stitching. It certainly brought sunshine to my Saturday.  Thank you Patty for thinking about me.
I mentioned that I did not stitch much...well, I did manage to get leaves stitched on my Hardanger piece. There is just the last section to complete so I can move on. I am happy that this part will be finished. But... and I do mean but.... next is the cutting of threads and that is always the hard part. I stress over making sure I cut the right ones!
Moving ahead.... Monday I decided to venture out for a few errands with Mr H. You know, before going back to work...... I stopped at the bead shop ...
I love beading on a loom... my loom is from many years ago so I decided to get modern. This is a really nice loom to use. I just grabbed some beads that are already mixed to try it out. On the way home Mr H pulled into Best Buy and I thought, oh not today to browse around at stereo/TV stuff. But...
look what I got. I am still playing around with it, but so far so good.

Last night I was able to download a library book...get Netflix...  and find my blog. So, it will take me time, but sooner or later it will be comfortable for me to handle. I am not tech savvy. My phone is still a simple device and I have trouble at times. I do alright with the Bluetooth in the car, but remembering how to navigate phone buttons....imagine if I tried to text!
Today will be my easy day... relax... a little bit of beading, stitching and trying to figure out the tablet. Whatever you decide to do today, I hope it is enjoyable.
Thank you for the kind words and emails wishing me well this last week. I sure did miss reading your blogs. I will plan to catch up this week. Hugs to you all.