Friday, May 31, 2013

Out to lunch

I have today off... nice to have a Friday off. I am having an easy week...working 3 days... with a day off in between each. I started to tat a snowflake motif... I must say it is not looking too awful. I can see that my Josephine Knots will need practice, but I will continue with this one. I meet up with Debra today but not for tatting. We are taking a road trip to Mesa to The Attic and The Fiber Factory and of course lunch. I am looking forward to seeing the Attic's new location. As for the Fiber Factory, in my 9 years here in Arizona, this will be my first visit there.
My violets are needing a visit from Freddie the Frog... picked up the wrong color. Luckily for me, it was only a few stitches.I am so wanting to tat, that I have neglected this project. Shame on me...
It is 7 AM and the temp is 76... I think it will be a very warm day...again. It is a very still morning with very little to no breeze. You know what kind of Arizona day that will be. Hot!
 I visited my GYN on Wednesday and had a minor procedure done... just starting to feel better. Hopefully the tests will reveal nothing to think about. Dentist and GYN... do not like either visit! Well, that is all for today...getting hungry and need that second cup of coffee.... glad to have you visit. Thank you for the kind words and emails.... have a wonderful day.
Dove nest update: we have not wanted to disturb the parents who seem to be constantly on the nest. Maybe today I will get a look see.....

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Able to swim again! and a birthday

I should clarify that the line that my now infamous swimsuit was pinned is an inside no one could have climbed the 6 foot walls around my yard to get it. Although the coyote are able to scale these walls, I am sure it would not be suitable for any of them....ha ha.... I did find it this morning...put away in a place that I would never have put it... well, so I thought. Mr H is still not amused....
On the stitch front, I managed to get a few X's in on the violets and will take a new picture. Our stitch group  met yesterday and we really do not get much stitching done. I decided to look through a few patterns I have and found a few items that I will not stitch so I will be posting pictures and looking to send them off to someone who would like them. More on that later....
Today is sis, Lynowl's birthday. She recently had a fall on some wet New England gravel and thought not much about it until facial numbness and blurred vision set in. After a few doctor appointments and tests, she had surgery .... she is doing well but will have to take it very easy while the healing takes place. When we joke about having plastic surgery, this is not what we meant! The lesson here is that if you should hit/fall/bang yourself, do not play doctor. Go and get checked by the professionals.
After 2 weeks of being home, it is time to return to work today..... I have been relaxed and productive so no I get to return to the real world. Glad you visited and thank you for the kind words and emails..... have a good day.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Two tatted projects completed!

Yes, you read that correctly. I managed to finish  a heart

not sure what to do with it...maybe attach it to a needle-book.... I think so. I had no problems with this one and i must admit I surprised myself. I used DMC thread size 8 and the pattern called for size 20... I used what was available. The finished measurement is just about 3 inches. The other project is a bookmark

it is just okay... could be better. I did have the size 10 thread but my finished measurement is larger than the pattern stated. Mine is 1 x 6 inches... not the 1 x 4 1/2...obviously I did something loose rather than tight... maybe? Anyway, I am happy with them. I sure missed meeting with Debra.... I will call her today to see when we can meet again. This has been a very relaxed week. I was not on the work schedule and Mr H and I just stayed put. The Brother Alan has been back to RI only since Monday and already he misses the warm Arizona temps! The Dove nest is still as it was so no birth announcement yet. On Thursday I decided to get some sunshine on the chaise in our back yard... only 15 minutes as the sun was very hot. I came in, took a shower, hung the towels and the swimsuit on the line to dry. On Friday morning, I picked the items off the line and as I folded the towels, I realized that I forgot to take in the swimsuit. It is a new one... a very pretty one.... well, when I went to get it, it was not there. Where could it be? I cannot find it... that is right, I cannot find it. I have searched everywhere... it simply has vanished. Mr H is not amused at all. We have both looked and looked and now I have given up. Did I mention that it is new? Don't worry, I still have the old one last one I bought. Too many other things to think about so I will not concern myself and maybe it will appear from the Faeries hiding place. Tomorrow is our monthly stitch group meeting.... looking forward to seeing the gals again. Thank you for spending some time with me, I always enjoy your kind words and emails. I am catching up with all of you now that the visitors have left. Have a wonderful day and if you know where the swimsuit is......