Friday, January 4, 2013

New label and scrambled eggs

Mr H did well with the hand surgery. We checked in at 7:30AM, he was prepped by 9 and then off to surgery at 10. By 11:30 he was discharged. The surgery actually took 15 minutes! This was our first time at this hospital. (The surgeries of 2011 were at another facility). As we checked in, 2 ladies (volunteers) at the desk kept looking up at me and then made notes finally asking how they would describe my sweater. It was decided to say it was patched and multicolored... not my thoughts! Then I was given a label to wear...Care Partner with our last name and the doctor's name. "Please keep this on while you are here" were my instructions. When we did get home, a very short ride, I got Mr H settled and then left for the pharmacy to fill the prescription. I was only gone about 1/2 hour or so. Mr H had made a piece of toast, and I found him in the garden checking the pond! So much for resting. At 3 AM today, I was already awake and out of the room, I heard a yell. He must have rolled on his hand and woke up. No, I did not go and check..... he was in the kitchen making himself a cup of tea and by 5 AM he made us scrambled eggs. He certainly is doing well. I did take these few days off from work thinking I would be needed. Today I plan to relax and stitch! I did make a small start to my BBD exchange at the hospital. I appreciate all the kind thoughts sent to us.... and although I made light of the situation, anytime someone goes to hospital for a procedure, it is important. As for my surviving, Mr H taught me to cook when we first married so I really can take care of us. Now, off to stitch! Welcome to my new friend... sorry I have no way to email you, but glad you are here. Enjoy the day and hope you all have time to stitch.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

You can shake your head or laugh at me, but I am prepared!

When I was still living back in Rhode Island and Autumn and  the dreaded winter began, I always made sure I had the "right" food stuffs to get us through potential storms. You know... bread, milk, cereals and fruit. Well, we don't have blizzards or ice storms or hurricanes but we have illness or such. Remember I have told you that I do not cook... and yes, remember that I did say that I do know how. Mr H since retiring has been doing all the cooking. The dreaded year that he had all those surgeries... and then the recuperating time, it was almost starvation for me. Okay, not exactly but it was tough. Now on Thursday (tomorrow)  he will be having the right hand surgery that I mentioned a few posts back. Do I have to tell you... okay, it means --- he will not, I repeat, not be cooking! But I don't want you all to worry about me. I have prepared. We went out to eat on New Years Eve and we have some left overs. We tried a new Chinese restaurant last night... and yes we have left overs. So you see, I am prepared for Thursday and Friday evening meals. I am not sure what he is planning to cook tonight, but I can hope there will be something for me to have on Saturday night. A girl has to be prepared! I will be off work so that I can take care of my Mr H..... I will make him soup and pudding and bake him some bread. It will be a difficult for a time as he is right handed. If he rests enough I can even stitch... getting ready for my next BBD exchange and finishing a RAK to be sent out this weekend. I also made sure to get a few pieces of furniture re-arranged when we I put away the Christmas decorations. Always nice to have a new look after the holiday don't you think. Just a few moves and everything looks refreshed. Well, time to pull some threads for the BBD...but first, I want to welcome new friends to my place and wish you all a great day. Did I mention I have to get this BBD ready to take tomorrow while we  I wait for Mr H at the hospital? I will keep you posted on my survival...I mean how Mr H is doing!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First day

Happy Near Year!
My wish for you is for a healthy, happy, and peaceful new year. Not just for the country/world, but for each of. Sometimes it is hard to find  peace for ourselves. I do not make resolutions because, well, simply I would most likely not keep them. Oh wait... many years ago I did make one and I have kept it! It is always to find a bit of time each day for me. It does not have to be hours, but just so I do something for me.... take a few stitches in a project, read a few pages of a book or just sit and admire the birds at the feeder or the flowers in our garden. Life can get pretty complicated and sometimes down right unhappy. Try to find just that few minutes to think a nice thought and not just for someone else, but for yourself too. I will try to be more patient this year.... reminding myself that when mom (age 86) is telling me a story for the umpteenth time, just listen. When the customer is rude just smile. Tell myself that any of my aches and pains are far less than some of those around me.
I am off to work today... very unusual as I have not worked a New Year's day in years. Not sure if Jo Ann's will be busy. Whatever your plans are today, hope it is a good day for you.