Saturday, May 3, 2014

Looks can be deceiving

Today may be the first day of triple digit weather here in the valley...forecast is for temperature of 100 by 4 PM. Guess this means we are officially on the way to summer.... just pass Spring.... or did it closely follow winter. Spent time yesterday finishing the embroidery part of the quilt and laid it out. So far I have changed the arrangement of the blocks 5 times. I think I have it now.... maybe another look....
Tomorrow is our Tatting Meet Up. I am looking forward to spending time with The Debra and maybe some new tatters. Four ladies have contacted me about meeting us at Jo Ann's. I have not been tatting as much due to the other projects. That is what happens when you do more many needlework projects. I bought my even-weave fabric to start my Round Robin.... hope I do not regret starting this adventure. The Doll is ready to have the backing stitched and then you can meet her. I think Monday will be a very busy day with the sewing machine!
How can such a pretty cactus flower live with such a devil of a plant? Yes, this is the mean cactus that bit my butt not too long ago. Now it is beginning to delight us with flowers. Every time I look at this plant I think how throwing a 2 inch or so piece on the ground grew so quickly.  The original plant is still in the pot and by comparison is so small and offers no blooms.

Another Sunflower opened in the garden and a few roses have appeared...they better do it now before the heat of the summer arrives. Mr H planted so many seeds and yet they only appear here and there and not all reach height and bloom. But when they do, the shine like a bright smile. Still, after 10 years of living here, I continue to enjoy having one flower or anther in bloom year round. Of always having bushes that are green in December.
It has been so nice to have you visit and chat.... have a great day my friends.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Introducing~~~~Natalia Rose

This is Natalia Rose..... she was born on April 26 2014. My niece Elyssa is the mom of this angel. Weighing in at 7 pounds and 10 ounces and 20 inches long. Oh, and the grandpa is none other than The Brother Alan! I am meeting this angel via internet... for now. They live back in Rhode Island. I have 2 Grand Nephews who are in their 20's, so this is number 3 that give me the title of  Grand Aunti...sounds so posh! You know this means that occasionally I shall be posting about this little one.  And yes, the quilt is for her. I will be embroidering another of the squares today. I hope to be able to finish the embroideries this week. With my hand a little sore, I m taking my time. I had forgotten that I enjoyed quilting. Truth be told, I really enjoy all the needlework I do.
I will be hunting through my fabric bins today for the backing for The Doll.... the beading is just how I wanted it to be. I did use what I had originally chosen and somehow it all fits fine. I think I also found a pattern for my Round Robin piece. A bit of a challenge as I do not have many smalls patterns. The design should measure around 4 inches square. I did tell you this is my first Round Robin.... right?
The sound of the washing machine is telling me it will soon be time to empty it, and I desperately need another cup of coffee. It has been so nice chatting with you. Thank you for the kind words. Have a wonderful day.
“Happiness is a warm puppy.”
―or in this case a new baby!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Feeling pleased with myself

Good feeling when stitching is moving right along. This morning I put the last beads on The to find fabric for the back and then sew it up. I am pleased with it. I have just 3 or 4 more squares to hand embroider for the quilt then the assembly will begin. My Thistle tatting is almost there. Sounds like a lot of almost does it not? I am finding it a slow go due to my right hand feeling tight and a little swollen between the index and middle fingers. I keep saying that it is the fabric cutting at Jo Ann's, but I think I should have it checked out. Not only because it is sore, but it is slowing my stitching! Yesterday Mr H and went to surgeon #2 and things are still in limbo. Three doctors and all say something a little different. Next week back to the pain specialist to hear what he thinks. Do not misunderstand, it is not that we want surgery, we want the pain to go away. Chronic pain is very difficult to live with, not only for the person with it, but for those who care for that person. Mr H never, never complains. Thank you for the kind words on All Is Well..... it has a calming effect on me to see/read it every time I see it. Did I tell you I joined a Round Robin? Well, a first one for me. So, yet another new thing.... will I ever learn! It sounds simple enough but we all know that simple may not be the fact. I did find a design and have the threads but alas, not the correct fabric.  Gee, that means a trip to buy some....
Mr H planted  2 vines on an arbor...
It is called  Snail Vine...what cute blooms it has and of course my favorite color, lavender. They seem to be growing very quickly and although not in full vine bloom, the flowers that appear are delicate and very pretty. Of course Mr H is pleased with his choice to grow on the frame work.  Hopefully once the heat of the Arizona summers does not cause it problems.
I guess I should make another cup of coffee and have a breakfast. There is the stitching to do.... I did not do a laundry..... today is Wednesday so it means I must water my 10 African violet plants.... the desk top needs organizing.... think I will start with the coffee. Glad you stopped by... welcome to a few new friends and as always I hope you all have a wonderful day my friends.
Keep smiling — it makes people wonder what you’ve been up to. ~Author Unknown

Monday, April 28, 2014

All Is Well

A lovely relaxing day yesterday.... never left the house. Well, I did sweep the yard after a windy Saturday. We even had a bit of rain and the temps dropped but still it has been very nice. The Doll is now waiting for the final touches and of course I need to get to the bead store because what I thought would work is not.... no, it is not an excuse to buy more beads. I need Delicas not seed. Mr H has an appointment with the surgeon and we can swing by the bead shop after that. I will try very hard just to buy what I need... right. Speaking of finishing....
All Is Well is on the wall. I mounted it on a craft board painted a blue very similar to the kitchen walls.  I stitched on 28 count white using DMC 930 and a nice braided trim with a little sparkle to it. I am sure you know that this was a freebie offered by By The Bay Needleart.  It is from a hymn written from a story in the 1860s of the tragedy and the test of faith of Horatio Spafford. I Googled it and the story is one to read. The hymn is "It is Well" and it is sung in churches still today.   As I have said times before, I am not a religious person I felt this touch me. When you open a dictionary to search a word, there are always several meaning to apply. For me, the soul is my total self, a strong positive feeling.  At this time, All Is Well With My Soul.
When peace, like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll;
Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say,
It is well, it is well, with my soul.
Thank you for sharing time with me dear friends.....have a good day.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

An aunti again...

Yesterday my niece Elyssa gave birth to a lovely little girl, Natalia Rose. I don't have permission to post a picture, yet, but trust me, she is so pretty. Full head of dark brown hair.... like her mommy. Mommy, daddy and Natalia are doing well.
Yesterday began as a cloudy day; full of wind then we even had a brief period of rain and dramatically our temps dropped. Not complaining, it is still beautiful weather here in Arizona. Just look at this.....
found these wonderful feet in the Tim Holtz section at Jo Ann's yesterday...don't they add pizazz to my embroidery box? I think I must get a few more for future boxes.... and while I am at it, there are more goodies in the collection. Currently there is a 40% off sale and then my discount...good deal.
And then there is this...the mailman brought this to me...I love these stencils for quilting or embroidery. I want to use them on my quilt. I love hand stitching so they arrived just in time. The quilt is coming along.... just a few more embroidered blocks then I can assemble. This is the first quilt I am making in 10 maybe 20 years and it is really coming together as I envisioned.
I must say thank you for the response to my Anniversary post. I am over whelmed by you kind words and wishes. As some of you know, Mr H has had some health issues in the recent years. We do not make long range plans most of the time. So with no plans made, we set out to have lunch and them home to relax and watch a movie. It was good that we did not have dinner plans because as the day progressed, he did not fell well. But that was okay, we spent the day together and that is what is important to us. We have shared many special dinners in our 44 years. With that said, I thank you for stopping by today and wish you a wonderful day.
Babies are such a nice way to start people.”
Don Herold