Thursday, January 2, 2014

A finish for a New Year start

To me it seems that 2013 was a quick year. It wasn't a bad year just another time to reflect on. I had a wonderful end of year with Mr H.... we enjoyed some fun times that were unplanned and it was also a relaxing time. It seems to be a good way to end and begin a year. The end of 2013 also brought me a re-connection with a cousin back in RI. and the beginning of 2014 found me with Sweet Jeanne at 8 AM stitching and chatting. Now, tell me, isn't that a great way to start the year stitching with a friend? I am working on one of the Alphabet Dolls and she is starting a pretty bird on a floral branch. When I returned home...a matter of walking out of her yard and into my courtyard.... I baked a strawberry cake. Now don't think how creative I was in the kitchen, it was a box mix but oh so delicious later last night. We enjoyed a quiet NYEve with shrimp, lobster tail and fresh picked tomatoes from our garden. Then we settled back with a Marilyn Monroe movie. Last night the movie was Funny Girl with Audrey Hepburn.... love old musicals. I also finished my Dream catcher project....
Really pleased. It finished just as I wanted it to. And yes, I made some changes.  The charms and beading as well as feathers hanging loosely. I was happy to find the brown paisley fabric in my stash for the backing and I attached the description/meaning of a Dream catcher to the back. I have a purchased Dream Catcher hanging in my house but wanted to make one of my own too. I would love to send one of you a Dream Catcher....all you have to do is comment on this post telling me that you would like to be included in the drawing. The drawing will be on January 12th.....
Off to work today. It is always so nice to have you visit and I thank you for the kind words and above all for your friendship. Have a wonderful day.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

One thing leads to another

Have you ever started to do one thing and before you realize what you are doing, you are into something entirely different? I decided to find a small container to put a few items in on our sofa table and all of a sudden I was putting the Christmas Village away and then if I was doing that why not this and then that and now Christmas decorations and trees are all away. Mr H woke up in time to help me get it all into the top cupboard in the garage and seal the tree boxes. I am ready to settle down for the rest of the day. Yesterday we decided to go to Scottsdale for late lunch and also to walk around Kierland Commons shopping area. As it happened we parked around the corner from Z Gallerie -------- look who is the newest member of the Horton House-----
Sylvia...... isn't she just too cute.  She enjoyed lunch with us at The Cheesescake Factory. Just another lovely day this holiday season. Then this is what guided us home as we headed West...
The sky was ablaze! I can get lost in these sunsets. The temps are cool and the sky is hot with color. Do you have New Years Eve plans? We never go out but rather enjoy seafood and a good movie at home. Whatever your plans be safe if you are out driving.
Time for me to have a cup of tea and a snack...we generally eat a late lunch early dinner on Sundays. Glad we had time to visit and I thank you for your kind words and friendship.
Have a great day.