Saturday, April 25, 2015

........and we still hold hands....

What a week this has been. I am still hanging on to this lousy cold, or should I really say it is hanging onto me! I do feel better at times then I step back a bit. Started with a cough yesterday. I am of to work today...I can only hope that this is a good Jo Ann Saturday day.
Today is a special day...Dennis and I celebrate 45 years of marriage. We met we fell in love and we married in a very short time. We have shared smiles, laughter and occasional a tear or two. We are friends and yes, we still hold hands. He spoils me with love and care. I Keep him on his toes and provide  him with a chuckle or two...and we still hold hands. He fills the car with gas, he plants and tends our garden, he cooks our meals and helps around the house....and we still hold hands. I am the real lucky one in this marriage. Our bond is strong and when he holds my hand, I still feel love.
He is and will always be my prince who makes me feel like a princess.....

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Blog award

I have been dealing with this miserable cold now for days....just when I think I feel better, well you know how colds work. Anyway, I have been nominated by June...... for
Always nice to have someone think your blog is special.... now I should tell you 7 facts about me myself and I:
1. I will be celebrating 45 years with my dear Dennis this weekend. (and there were those who said it would never last!)
2. I am always wanting to learn something new ... I will try most any handiwork I see.
3. I do not cook! I am fortunate to have a husband who is retired and does the cooking.
4. I love my garden. I am lucky to have a husband with green thumbs who enjoys tending the garden.
5. I love thimbles and pincushions,
6. I love living in Arizona. Every day is like I am on vacation in this beautiful state...we have been living here 11 years this July.
7. I love the color lavender...any shade of purple!
Now to nominate 10 blogs. I love visiting with so many.... let me no specific order
All of the above have wonderful blogs... there are many wonderful blogs, but these come to mind. Please do visit them and leave them a message and tell them I sent you!. I am working today...although I feel better, I am not looking forward to going in. Tissue in pocket, daytime meds taken, I will hope for a good customer day. For you, I day thank you for stopping by and hope you have a wonderful day.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Almost a good morning

I have been fighting a simple cold for this past week. Saturday and Sunday were spent doing absolutely nothing...well, almost. I started a project...and finished this morning
It started with me buying the Quilter's left corner and then planning how to store it. Found the placemat and added some felt to "close" the pockets then added buttons and elastic to close it all. Feeling pleased with it. There are times when pulling out and setting up a full size iron for a simple seam is just a nuisance. It is made by Clover and with my Jo Ann's coupon for 50% off, well I could not resist. I also bought the larger size iron end also with a 50% off. Simple but effective Iron roll. The buttons I found in my button jar on a card that said 69 cents!...imagine how long I have had them!  Thank you for the kind words regarding my Teneriffe all started with a small kit...
It is from Gina B Silkworks that I sent for.It came with a dense foam piece, a plastic template, pins and needles. The directions were clear enough and I then started to search the web for more ideas. The posted pincushion was the result of a class however. The designs are endless. All depends on the pattern you weave. This kit makes motifs that can be added to anything as opposed to the one I did which is stitched directly on a foundation fabric. So much fun to try and to learn new things.... I really do love my counted cross stitch, but at times I need to do something else. Poor Red, she must think I have left her in the woods to fend for herself..... I will try to sit with her today. Right now I think some Tylenol, tissue and a cup of coffee and toast is what I need. We are headed for a warm day in the 80s. Did I mention that last week I started to play around with some crazy quilting for a pincushion? Have a good day my dear friends.....