Saturday, September 22, 2012

A little peek

My Lady is almost ready for her full debut... but first how about a close-up of...

a bit of bling... every girl needs wants something special.
some golden threads to highlight the "brocade". Just a few here and there to catch the light. A few "pearls" to jazz it up.
I have so enjoyed working on this. I like being able to make her a little of mine with just a few changes to the original design.

So glad today is finally Saturday. I know, most of you wait for TGIF, but for me today is the end of my week. I must say that this has been a busy week at work. Get coupons and many pieces of fabric cut. Today may start Autumn, but the temps are still high. It was 105 on my way home last night at 5:30 PM.Wouldn't it be nice if we could flip the temps the way we do the calendar pages?
Thank you for the good health wishes. The lab work came back that I am a hair away from the diabetic label! I started a med taken with the evening meal. I find myself feeling a little nausea this morning. I took last nights pill after I ate instead of before. I guess it makes a difference! Now a change of diet is needed.  I will have the MRI results on Monday.
I welcome a new friend... and thank all of you for taking the time to stop by for a chat. You brighten my day.  Have a wonderful weekend....

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Lady....

Oh I know, I said I would post pictures yesterday. Well, I looked at My Lady and I saw a mistake. Yes, a mistake. Fred came and took it out and then by the time I was going to stitch it back, it was time to go to work. But here she is....
You would think that after all the medallions I stitched I would not make a mistake. I did however. It was the last one I did on the lower left corner! I could not believe it. All is right now. The background is all that I have to fill in and then the final stitching. I finally know how I want to finish her... no, I am not going to tell you. You will just have to wait and see. If I plan it right, I may even have her finished by the weekend!
Today is a busy doctor day...PCP this morning and MRI this evening. That's right, I have the appointment already. They called the same day the doctor sent the request. I feel strange having the doctor issue with me instead of Mr H. It is usually the other way round. It has already been a long day. I awoke at 2 AM and could not fall back to sleep. So I played around in my bead cabinet, found out what specialty threads I need for my BBD exchange piece and paid a few bills on line. Might as well be constructive if I am going to be awake. I looked outside a short time ago and found this little one in silhouette....
I am totally fascinated with these little birds. Sometimes they sit for the longest time just looking around and then there are times they flutter about looking so frantic. Our temperatures have been cooler in the early mornings. This morning I heard a coyote calling out. They are not too visible or vocal when it is so hot. I am sure to be seeing them real soon. My morning email brought me the name of my BBD Exchange.. I love exchanges. This year I only have this one and one other. Let's admit it. It is always fun when the post brings special packages!
Time for me to have breakfast....egg on toast sounds pretty good. A cup of tea will wash it down nicely. So very glad you had the time to visit.... hope your day is wonderful.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday news

Started the day with a doctor appointment for my right hip. Will be going for an MRI...
On a more pleasant note, I love the latest project that I have not been able to show you! I will be stitching this again soon...maybe with a variation. So pretty when finished. I joined the BBD Exchange group. It is now being monitored by Lisa V. I was a participant in the Seasonal Exchange group which Lisa  moderated and enjoyed it very much. Lisa has just taken on the leadership for this group from Patti. I will be getting my BBD project ready today! I love starting new projects!
I finished ready No Easy Day and I will say that I enjoyed it very much. I feel that it is not written to glorify but to give a glimpse into what the SEALS do and did with the Bin Laden mission. It is a quick read. My Lady is coming tomorrow as her dress is almost complete now. Well, complete as in the directions. Still thinking  re-thinking my finish idea.
I need a cup of tea to settle my slightly upset stomach. Then off to run some errands. Mr H and I had a relaxing day yesterday... so today is get out and get things done. I will probably remain on a 4 day work week for a while... so it will cramp my stitch time. Funny how quickly we get spoiled and we know that I am spoiled! So glad you had some time to visit today. Welcome new friends glad to see you. Enjoy your day!