Saturday, July 9, 2011

stitching and a give away

I have been working on my challenge piece but have no picture to post...tomorrow I will post there. There is a giveaway over at Feather's in the Nest...
Hope you have a good day and will chat with you tomorrow.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Some day are really better than others---

This is not one of them.....but that is a story left in the "files". For a brief---very brief moment this morning I thought it would rain. Sun is out hot and bright so no rain.
I finished my Summer exchange stitching and yesterday while at work I found this for the backing.
I really like it, so I bought enough...more than I need for the project.  I saw some real cute burp bibs made by a customer and so today I found the pattern on line....can't wait to make some for grand baby Devin. I will look for some fabric this weekend and get a start....I know, he is not arriving until November but I can not wait until then!
I did stitch try to stitch on my challenge piece....but Fred had other ideas....if you really want to check out how little I have accomplished....follow me to my other place and you will see.
I am so happy when you stop to visit and leave me a message....thank you for being around. Have a nice day.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One bad mama...

Every so often I find.....yes, it is a Quail egg. It seems some of these female quail just drop them here and there. Remember the nest they stated in our planter? then never came back.? I have tried to find out why and one explanation is that they are first time/inexperienced parents! Uh....not good. Luckily, many do lay their eggs and then hatch them and are good parents. This is the first year in 3 that there is no nest in our planter.
I have been busy working on my exchange piece and it is looking nice. It will have to travel far so I am eager to complete it and get it in the mail. I have no picture to update on day 7 challenge piece....took a stitch break. I plan to rest today and try to loose this headache. I think the Monsoon Season is getting to me. I wish it would rain---maybe that would help. Well, it was so nice to chat with you today. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a nice day.
My previous post has some give aways to check out.....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A giveaway or more!

I just entered at Thread Gatherer....

today sign up with Parsley for her grand giveaway

Out for the 4th

Mr H and I went out to eat for the 4th.......
One of my favorite places~~~~The Cheesecake Factory. I love the tops of the columns and the overall decor. Of course I really go for the desserts!!!! I had a Shrimp and pasta dish that was so delish! We always take our cheesecake home to enjoy later. I had Dulce de Leche Caramel  --- what a name---and Mr H had the Fresh Banana. Yum! we don't go to the fireworks...but by the look of the cars already gathering for the 9:30PM display, it was going to be crowded.
Denise from Riverside Stitching had won my 100th Follower give may recognize a few sneak items from a previous posting. I always include a postcard from Arizona in my packages. She likes blues so there was plenty of that for her. I am looking forward to seeing the ornament completed.
I have been busy stitching on my summer exchange piece which is almost finished and of I picked up my day 7 challenge piece. I can hardly believe that this is the last of the projects. Oh there are some final finishing to a few, but the stitching part will soon be done. Then I can start on a few new pieces. Do you remember which is day 7? Let's go to my other place so you can see.
I have work today...I think...that is if do not call me off. Whatever your day holds, I hope it is fun. Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

Monday, July 4, 2011

My flag and Papa's smoking stand

Happy 4th of July

I do hope everyone is having a good holiday. Mr H and I are still indoors staying out of the hot hot air. Especially with the a/c working properly!
I am so pleased with Mr H......he has been working on refinishing my Papa Piccirilli's (dad's dad) smoking stand. When Papa died in May of 1969, I asked for and got his smoking stand. I have such wonderful memories of this small piece of furniture. Through the years of my having it (since 1970) it has had some rough times.  I mentioned that I wished it had not been painted and Mr H slowly striped and stained and now it is back!
It is not very big, but to me it is gigantic. The door opens to a small compartment. You can see the depression where his ashtray sat and to the center back a small hole which held the pipe rack. Those items I never got. Papa had several pipes to choose from and he kept his matches and tobacco in the compartment. I can still smell the aroma of his tobacco. If you do the math, I have it now for 41 years and it was in his house since before I was born and I am 64...very old...not me the stand! Papa was not allowed to smoke in the house not matter what the New England weather. He quietly sat on the front porch. He was the sweetest man alive. Memories~~~~~~~~~~
I want to thank those of you who had suggestions for my baby shower .....CalamityJr who wants to "attend" and suggests a party complete with opening gifts before sending them on and Nancy who suggests calling it a Grandma's shower. Not bad ideas........I will keep you posted on this.
Well, now, did I mention that the biscornu is finished? it is indeed....small but nevertheless it is finally completed. Would you like to see it......then let's go to my other place and take a look.
I am so pleased to have you visit with me. Thank you for your caring friendship.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oh what a beautiful morning-------not!

What a morning I have had. It started yesterday...I had an issue with Internet Explorer and have no idea how I got to where I was. Surprised? Don't be...I really do not know why I was there! Anyway, then I could not upload pictures from my camera to my Kodak file. Why me is what I was mumbling rather loudly. Then I thought --- hey, I have 24/7 Geek Support so I called them. A nice person began to help and all seemed okay. Today I began to get ready to post here and wanted to get my photo ready for the Challenge update...that's right....just getting ready to put it into it's biscornu shape. Now I am off you guessed, I could not retrieve  my picture.  Lots of very loud growling then I called the Geek Squad! I was connected and things were progressing until a glitch---my Agent was having computer problems. What???!!!! I thought I was the one with problems. He called me via telephone to tell me he needed help at his end...this from a Tech 5! Soon we were back in business. Photo problem ? resolved. I will need to upload via the USB cable not the memory card. Okay---now he was going to fix the IE problem and I was not to touch the computer until he released it back to me. So,after one hour, we are ? back to normal working conditions. Sometimes I really do take a few steps back before going forward.
I am still feeling down about not going to my DIL's baby shower back in RI---I really need to get over it. I think I will get my gifts for Baby Devin and sit and have my own shower before mailing them to her. Silly? can't help it. After all, this is my first grand baby and most likely the only one I will have. I just feel left out and sorry for myself. I will get over it~~~~
Well, I am sure you are really glad you stopped by to hear my problems! I am really happy you did....Mr H is not always much help in the listening to me department. Have a great day and I look forward to hearing from you. Stop by my other place to see the photo that shook my morning!