Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mid-week and some reading

For some reason I really like my Wednesdays... maybe because it is the middle of the week and a day off from work, maybe it is just because. Today is starting off very cool but the expected temp is back to 90. One of these days we will begin our Fall/Winter season. The weather is predicting another East Coast storm... and I will keep good thoughts for my family and friends in the path.
Yesterday was a good mail day. I received a package from June of Butterfly Wings. She had chosen me to be one of her recipients of a Christmas ornament  So, you will have to wait until Christmas for a picture. Well, it isn't Christmas yet even if the stores are already past Autumn and into the Christmas decorations! I have been stitching a biscornu that I just had to add to my basket. I am getting the Christmas Spiders ready and the Reindeer food too. You can check out my last post for info on these. I am in a reading mood and half way through The Forgotten Garden. I may finish it today. There just might not be stitching in my hours today....
So glad you found some time to visit. Thank you for the emails and kind comments my friends. Have a wonderful day.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sewing and finished!

I really set myself to finish a few things. First from last year...
This embroidery was from the 2011 Challenge. I put it away and remembered that it needed to be finally finished. I love pillows. I know, I say that I love this and that, well I do. She will sit on the daybed. Then I figured while the sewing machine was ready I should also make this pillow...
It is Patty C's Design, her first one! and I fell in love when I saw the pattern. I could not get the back fabric true to color, but if you look at the bottom of the pillow front picture, that is the lovely shade of brown and the highlighted wings are gold thread. I thought, why not use this birds fabric... Birds of a feather flock together. I added a few copper colored beads to the umbrella and the kitty collar. The colors are so nice that Patty chose that I did not change them at all. This is also on the daybed.
The other finishing was for my BBD exchange and one for a Christmas ornament exchange so they can not be seen yet. Last week was so very busy at Jo Ann's. Great sales... broke all my finger nails on the fabric bolts! Yesterday as well as today is just gorgeous outside. Mr H and I sat out on the lanai playing Farkle  and Ms Zoe slept under  the chaise. The Travelling Bunny arrived at Annette's ( from Maryland), but I have not email for her or blog info... I am sure she will let us know when it is ready to move on.  I also began reading another book ...  The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. I have only read a few  of the 548 pages! so I can not judge it yet.
A few Christmas Spiders already crawled to a few co-workers.... I would like to share some with you. So... if you would like a Christmas spider, please send me an email with your mailing address and then I will surprise a few of you! Let me know if you would like a particular color...I will also include the Legend with it. Do any of you have little ones who still believe in Santa? I would like to send some children my Reindeer food for Christmas Eve...let me know and I will also be surprising some of the children.  Email me with their names, ages and address and I will choose some of them ... all of this will be mailed out by December 1st. So, do not delay. I want to keep it all as surprises as to who gets selected. If there are any questions about any of this... I know I am beginning to question myself! just send an email to me. I am tired now, so I will have a cup of tea and sit outside and read for a while. Thank you for sitting with me this long... have a wonderful day.