Friday, March 27, 2015

Not much stitching

One thing starts then before you know it, another thing starts and then what you planned to do does not happen. That sort of describes yesterday. Not much stitching at all. I managed to organize a few things in the sewing room. I did get laundry done and a few things in the garage cupboard organized but no sewing. Mr H suggested we take a ride toward Luke Air Force Base which is about 10 miles west of us. So off we went. It was hot, around 89 in the blazing sun as we sat hoping to catch sight of a take off or 2......

 The sound of a roar and then over our heads it flew...the F-35 in all it's glory. A magnificent jet. The sound was not only loud, but the car shook and my could feel it in my bones. In all we watched 4 take
off. I know the picture is not the greatest, but it was what I could get when my hands were not shaking form the vibrations. I love the sounds as they fly over my home; but not everyone does. They are much higher so the noise/vibrations are much less. Why people complain is beyond me; they moved here knowing the base is here and it was here much longer than homes were. Anyway, after leaving we stopped for lunch for pizza and salad then onto Lowes for plants to fill a few pots. By then, stitching was not on my mind. I will be off to the Post Office to mail out The Brother Alan's sewing box this morning then to a meeting then....hopefully then, I will give some attention to Red Riding Hood.  I have just washed a yard piece of white terry cloth that I will be using as a lining in an apron top. I plan to make on Sunday so I can get it into the mail Monday or so. Gues that about covers things for today. It has been so nice to have you visit with me.... thank you for the kind words and of course your friendship. Enjoy your day.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Multi tasking morning

It is one of those injuries/cuts that you cannot explain. It is in a awkward spot to heal. Forget trying to do anything without saying ouch( when not the other kind of words) on and off, never mind keeping a band-aide on it. Good thing for spell check! I have been doing laundry, stitching, and laundry. Moving right along. Yesterday I joined my friend at her monthly stitching group and was made to feel welcome right away. I was also able to join in this month's project, Teneriffe. I know how, but decided to join in anyway...
just need to do the finish now. It turned out quite southwestern in looks. We were supplied a fabric swatch and a pattern and Watercolor threads. The design is mine as we were just shown the basics. Mr H and I enjoyed sitting in the yard yesterday afternoon. The temps have been in the 80's so many of the bushes that would be blooming in April are already looking lovely. The Snail Vine is one of them...
I just love the unique bloom and of course it is lavender. I think this vine's tendrils  grow a couple of feet over night! Such a pleasure to sit and enjoy color all around the  yard. The last of the laundry is in the dryer.... laundry is on the clothesline, and I am ready for another cup of coffee and some stitching. Think today I will give Red Riding Hood some attention. Thank you for taking the time to visit and thank you for your  kind words and friendship.... hope you have a wonderful day.