Friday, July 15, 2016

Sorry, I can't blog right now~~~~

Even though I have a headache, I must try my new Morgan Lap Stand size 7/10 inch.
I think I am going to like this for needle punch as well as other needle works. So, until our next visit, have a good day.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How many days ?

The weather gal this morning said that we have had 18 days over 110 and today will be more of the same. Simply put,  hot. I got a late start with my chores today, getting up lazy with the temps in the mid 80s to start the mornings. I did manage to do2 laundries. Of course there are same ones, but still 2 done. I also worked in here
the craft closet. There is only so much to toss this time. Every so often I pick a file or two and look to see if I will ever do what is in there. If not out, out it goes. I also label/re-label so I can presumably find things. Enough of the closet this week. Twice in here is about all I can do. I started another punch needle....
My friend Lil gifted the pattern to me from her stash. I admired the one she made.  Yesterday I ordered the Morgan hoop set for punch needle from Amazon. It seems that several gals like using it so I thought I would give it a go. This way my left hand should not get so sore holding griping the frame for dear life. It should arrive by Monday.  It is the 7/10 inch size.  I bet you are saying, "why is she starting another when she has finishing to do". Well, I did ask myself that question but since I did not get an answer I went ahead and starting punching. I mentioned before that Mr H has lost several plants in this heat. Now, we have this kind of heat each year, but somehow plants are not doing well this year. We have 3...3 9 foot umbrellas shading various areas of the garden but Mr H is really wanting to protect ...
I guess we could buy another umbrella. He said since it hardly rains this will do! Our entire backyard is in sun all day. I will say he is creative. This are new plants so they really hate the sun/heat right now. If they survive, the pot will be covered nicely. I have a couple of errands to do but just can not seem to get the get up and go. Oh I must show you my sweet gran-niece, Natalia Rose
The Brother Alan sent it to me yesterday...she is wearing the apron I made for her. I am so happy that my niece Elyssa has her wear it....look at that precious face.  She looks like her dad mostly, but when I saw this, Natalia does have her mom's looks too.  Two pretty special people to Mr H and me. Long distance love. Well, I must have another cup of has been 4 hours since my last cup. I am going to have a talk with me, myself and I about getting those errands done. But I am not promising anything! I hope I did not annoy you with the pictures today and my seemingly rambling, but I am glad you stopped by. Than you for your friendship and your kind words. Hope you have a lovely day.