Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Chookyblue Stitiching Display

First... a thank you to Chookyblue at for organizing this display day for a group of sure to check out everyone on the list.
These are pictures that are not included in my needlework page (My needle at work)...most have not been framed ...

This was a joy to stitch...and I really like the saying

               This was a class that I had taken quite a few years is soft in color
 This has a lot of specialty stitiching and thebit of heart shaped lace at the very bottom is a nice touch

a simple butterfly stitch just waiting for a frame...
probably everyone in Arizona has stitiched this was a gift to me when I first moved here so I did stitch it...the charm pack is really nice   

I did this as my birth month and plan to finish a a pillow for my sewing room....

the colors in this are so very light and soft
...I like violets and it seemed that I had to stitch it.

                                           This is a JBW...French Country will be finished as a pillow and I found the fabric for it just reecently

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Give away....

There is a give away at Belinda's, go and check out the bunny butts
My Dad     Joseph Piccirilli
June 5 1918~December 18 1985
Served US Army
1940 to 1945 
Pearl Harbor Survivor

   My dad was proud to serve his country and I am proud to remember my dad on this Veteran's day.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I did it!

Who said I couldn't figure it all out?! Well, maybe not everything...but I got this label thing figured out and the side bar thing...on to the next challenge.

So who knew...well not me obviously!

Well, just when I think I have this blog under control, I see that I do not. First I would like to say that I wish there was a blog know, where they tell/show you how to do this and that. Some of us are very good with needle and floss but challenged when it comes to computers. I can not figure out how to put labels on my posts, then if I did, how to have them available. I know, there is a help section, but sometimes it does not reach my brain. Then I got an email, a nice one, telling me that it is good to put info with the PIF host post. Well, this is my first time and I did not so here it is. I was chosen by Vivienne for her PIF and now I am hosting one. Once you sign up on my blog, and if you are picked, you agree to host a PIF on your blog. You will have 365 days to make and send to the 3 people who are picked from your blog and I will within the 365 days send to you. I hope that I am getting this right, if not  p l e a s e someone correct me. Also I will pick my 3 people by January 1st. I know Christmas is coming, but remember,  you have 365 days to fill your end of it. Now....on to other thoughts. It is actually a cool day here in Arizona....enjoyable after our long hot summer. I thought I would share this with you...

Just what is she thinking? I often that she is 10 years old, she has changed so much...hears things when there is not a sound, barks at nothing in particular and sits with this look quite often. Oh well, guess I will not figure it to stitching. I am just putting the final stitches on a Christmas piece and need to figure how I want to finish it.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A beautiful Monday

This is starting out to be a lovely enough to open the sliders....hearing the sound of water in the pond..the hummers flying around talking...
Just finished..Sampler Tree Ornament from Rosewood Manor. It is in the current issue of GOS. I used 32ct Belfast white linen and the suggested DMC floss. I used beads from my stash which are more teal.
I found a lovely white braid trim for the edge at JoAnn's.
I also like this Cathedral Quilt ornament I made...really quick and easy. It is the same on both sides. the addition of a few seed beads at the edges/sides are a nice touch.
While outdoors this morning, I discovered a bright orange Zinnia has bloomed...obviously from one of the birds stopping by the hubby had not spread any seeds. A nice surprise!

I turned around and there was yet another Canna that has bloomed!
I love this time of year...Arizona Autumn is refreshing after the hot summer.
Well, back to stitching...glad to chat with you. Stop back soon....have a great day

Sunday, November 7, 2010

For Today

Outside my window~ a hint of morning light
I am thinking~ of the things I want to do today, but what I need to do
From the learning room~ how am I going to juggle what I have on my sewing table
I am thankful for~ my sleeping husband and his other favorite girl...Zoe
From the kitchen~ the smell of fresh brewed coffee
I am wearing~ my pjs
I am creating~ a Christmas band sampler
I am reading~ one of the things to do today...library
Around the house~ time to remove the pumpkins
One of my favorite things~ my quiet alone time early in the morn
A few plans for the rest of the week~ free time until work on Thursday
From my camera~ one of our daily visiting hummingbirds

Have a great day