Our pug Zoe

Zoe is a 10 years old Pug,
a litle chunky and very spoiled
and so loveable

This was Zoe at 5 months old...black velvet!

oh she does love to relax on the glider..

just a conversation with Dennis

what a face! just look at all the white hair...she had the most black face when she was younger!

                                           supervising a game of Farkle

good pillow

you gotta love this face...wonder what she is thinking


Andrea said...

Oh, she's adorable!!! We LOVE black pugs and want one so bad...my hubby even has a name all picked out for a little girl one (Chloe)...but we have our hands full for now I think, lol! I will just have to admire your girl then ;)

Lyssa said...

oh my! She's so cute..I've never seen a black pug before. A friend of mine has 2 tan colored pugs. I wanted one so bad but the cost of them just wasn't in our budget so we settled on a jug :) We were told they have pug personalities so hopefully :) My boys wanted to call her Zoe bella, but we settled on just bella cause our old dog was Zoe!!!

dixiesamplardesigns said...

What a cutie...she looks like a cuddle bug to me!

Sandra Kaye said...

Hey Grace. We have more in common than I thought. We both live in Arizona, we both love to sew, we both have a PUG.!! Mine is a girl and her name is Penny. She is pictured under my post called QAYG part #1. SHe is sun bathing. She is 11yrs. And grey too. Hugs-- Sandie

Lesley said...

Zoe is adorable, and obviously very contented:)