Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blah day

I will be off to work today...
I plan on a few letters to get written then posted...I have posted a few packages but have not heard that they were received...I usually using tracking but sometimes I forget...
I hope to get some stitching done maybe a few completions over the weekend....
The sky is overcast and it is very cool this morning....
The only word to describe me and the day....blah.
Hope your day is fun and the sun shines bright.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Moving on......

Well, I finished my embroidery for the tote bag....But first I want to say thank you to Vicky who gets a prize for telling me she was no help at all!
And to Lelia for explaining just what I needed to know. I will be going to the Post Office really soon for these gals.
Oh, the  embroidery...
I think it took me as much time to select buttons from my button jar as it did to stitch. This is
Flowers and Me tote pattern that I received from my Secret Santa... Tracey. Now to cut the pieces and sew. It will wait until this weekend as I will be at work Friday and Saturday.
A few have ask about Zoe...
She is Mr H's "baby girl" or as I call her..."Chunky Monkey". A typical Pug who is over weight, but recently lost a few pounds due to the new diet food. She will be 12 in July and still has a strong heart but Dr Lori feels she has a Brain mass. She also has a lump in her ear but that is not the worry. We obviously will just keep her as happy as we can and for as long as we can. We will watch for seizures and other behavior. Those of you with furbabies of your own understand.  We have had her since she was 5 months old and she is for sure his pooch.
Well, we are still looking into the water heater project. Mr H had an estimate for over $500.00 just to install it! That is why we are still looking. We are off to the dentist...such togetherness... we both have appointments today! Glad you could spend some time with me. I do hope you have a great day.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Calling all you experts out there in blogland

I have been unsuccessful in trying to change the way my pictures are. I guess I should explain. I would like that when you click on my posted picture, it would appear at the bottom along with any others from that a mini slide event. Am I making any sense?  Oh, are you looking for stitch pictures...tomorrow. Today was lost between laundry...a Vet visit for Zoe... and looking for a Hot Water heater.
Now... let's see if Mr H is going to make me dinner... really just left overs, but the Pork Roast was so delicious... I asked for that tonight.
See you all tomorrow.  There may I say may just be a mailing for someone who can help me with this picture thing.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Rain rain went away---

We started with some rain but the sun is bright and warm now. I had all thoughts of posting yesterday, but~~
I decided to change the window curtain in the front bedroom which is also my stitching space--that led to well I should must Windex the window--- should need to go outside to clean that part too---grab the swifer---move a few things to a different location---get the picture? Mr H got up and of course found some streaks on the window. He redid most of the window.
I did make plans for what to stitch/do next.
 This will be an insert for the front of a tote bag....more details later. I also have
this project started from the last Mr H doctor office visit. I think I will work on it along with the embroidery one. I also sorted some beads for a bracelet..... but.... I really should get my Quilties ready for the next exchange.
Still trying to get emails into my address book and trying to get used to Windows Live for my email. Are you on Facebook ? well, I set up the new really did not take much time at all. I also went ahead and made it public now. The official date would be Jan 20th. If you would like to visit me there...go to the left sidebar, scroll down aways and click here.
I realized Sunday that my follower numbers are up! When I started this blog it was not my goal to reach any number, just to make friends. Welcome to the new friends and as always, thank you to those who have been stopping by and for the kind words....enjoy your day.