Friday, December 31, 2010

An end and a beginning

The end of 2010. There were some days I would like to file away not to be opened again, but I will take them as a learning experience. There were some very wonderful days tucked in there. Time spent with my best friend, my husband Dennis. Zoe coming through serious surgery strong and healthy. Spending time with my friends here in Arizona and staying connected with my friends and family in Rhode Island. Then there is this new part of blog. I have so enjoyed meeting and having some personal contact with many of you, my new friends.

The beginning of 2011. The start of a new year always brings wonder. There are new adventures to find. Promises to ourselves that may or may not be kept. We have the opportunity to accomplish new goals. Maybe we have a few fences to mend or make stronger. Whatever comes my way, I am ready. There are some things that will be the same for me. Taking time to appreciate Dennis. Making time for myself each day to read and stitch. Visiting with all of you daily.

From our home to yours
We wish you a wonderful happy, healthy and fun
New Year.

Oh and the Crazy 2011 Challenge...are you ready?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Heard Museum

What a nice day...usually is...when we visit The Heard Museum. Yesterday we attended Aztec Stories with Michel Heralda ....
Michael telling a story

his wife Sandy playing gourd drums 

and also chatted with weaver Melissa Cody from the Navajo Nation.

When at the Heard, I always enjoy lunch at The Cafe' and my favorite is The Dreamcatcher salad. They ran out of shrimp so I had it with chicken.
I never tire of visiting the museum and enjoy the many programs they offer.

Zoe went to the Vet this morning for a pedicure and Rabies vaccination. Somewhere she lost one pound, now only 28 pounds! Now we are waiting for the rain...or so they say we are to get rain. This is Arizona after all...I plan on stitching and having a cup pot of tea at the ready.
Well, guess I better get the tea and my needle in glad you stopped by. Hope your day is peaceful......

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3rd day of the week

                        For Today

Outside my window
      The sun is shining but there are some clouds scattered about

I am thinking
      this year seems to have past so quickly
I am thankful for
      my family and friends

From the kitchen
      think I will have some scrambled eggs and toast

I am wearing
      yellow pj's

Around the house
      as usual, it is very quiet.....just me moving about

I am hearing
      the sound of the jets flying back to Luke Air Force Base

On my mind
      I want to finish my Winter Exchange before the Challenge starts

Plans for the day
      would like to go to the Museum today for Holidays at the Heard...and of course lunch

From my camera's eye
magnificent sunset last night

I am wishing
       a relaxing day for you and me

So nice of you to visit with me today.....stop back real soon.....

Sunday, December 26, 2010

And the drawing....

So nice to read that everyone I visited had a great day yesterday. We had a quiet day...spoke with my family back in Rhode Island and our son in NW our day was complete. Dennis cooked a wonderful roast with the fixings. I did the clean up....the least that I could do. Dennis and I do not exchange gifts as we are always getting things, but he did manage to get me something special. I love Fossil...hubby found this....see the spool of thread and the needle?
It is a sewing kit! How perfect is this........
Oh...I am suppose to tell you who I am sending the magazine to. Well, there was the shoebox and hubby pulled out the name of, Ellen, please send me your snail mail so I can get it in the mail on Monday.
While he was available for this task, he pulled the names for the Breast Cancer kits.....they are....Silverlotus, Cindij and Carol.....please send me your snail mail so they too can get into the mail on Monday...or as soon as.
So glad you stopped by to visit....have a wonderful Sunday.......

Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's here~~~~~

Merry Christmas
Joyeux Noell
Feliz Navidad
Frohe Weihnachten
Buon Natale
Nollaig Shona
Vrolijk kerstfeest
Hyvaa Joulua
God Jul
Have a wonderful day from my home to yours

Friday, December 24, 2010

Almost here

finally...the night day before Christmas and all through the house the other creature stirring is Dennis (who can't sleep). The tea is made and the blogs have been checked and there is a morning nip in the air.
I have to work a few hours today...hopfully it will not be too hubby shopping is finished....all gifts have arrived at there special locations....a giveaway to draw tonight for the magazine. There will be one more drawing during the week, and that will be for the Breast Cancer pouch. I would like to get that mailed before New Years Day.
Try to have a relaxing day.........thanks for visiting with me this day....

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Extra magazine up for grabs

I have to admit, when I go to The Attic, it is usually for something special.  Because it is a half hour drive, and depending on the time of day or which day of the week, that time can be longer, so when I do go I buy items I like ....I mean that I really need. Well this trip I bought a magazine...The Jan/Feb 2011 JCC
but I already have it...I knew that I liked it.

So, I would like to send it to another craft room as there is no room for two of the same here! If you would like it, please comment here and then I will send it out to you asap...

I am glad you stopped by and I know you would never snicker because I did this....who did I hear laughing??!!

A Christmas giveaway

Blog hop over to Patty C for her lovely Christmas giveaway.....

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I am ready!

It looks as though I am finally ready for the Challenge....I will post pictures as of Jan 1 on my challenge blog......see you there ...I just may need your encouragement!

A new day....

For Today

Outside my window
       Very dark except for the lights on the Yucca tree in the garden
I am thinking
        about baking my favorite cookie tonight.....
I am thankful for
        all of you, my blog friends, who sent kind wishes to  me yesterday
From the kitchen
        The smell of fresh brewed coffee
I am wearing
        Pink pj's
I am creating
        My Winter Exchange gift
 I am hearing
        The sound of a distant train whistle...about 5 miles away!
On my mind
        Peaceful thoughts
Plans for the day
        a drive to The Attic for some goodies
From my cameras eye
       3 lovely old ornaments that belonged to my Aunti Angie....faded and tarnished but oh so loved by me.

I am wishing
         to all of you who stopped by today, have a wonderful Christmas Day

Monday, December 20, 2010

Do you have a furbaby?

If you have a furbaby, young or old or a teenager, you might want to check this out here.
Our girl Zoe is on 2 medications each month. One we buy directly for the Opthamologist and the other from Walgreens. The doctor charges $44.00 and the one from Walgreens is usually $24.99. Today, because I printed out the RX card for Zoe, we saved $16.46! We paid only $8.53....thank you very much! Check it out...see if your county or city is involved. It can also in some cases be used for us 2 legged people.....

Oh, and thank you for the support...I really do feel better this evening.

Glad you stopped by and hope this pet info is helpful.

A bittersweet December this year

I started today to complain to you about the holiday...about how I dislike all the commercials that want us to buy all the high $$, perfumes and jewelry ...of course, that is retail.  Instead I will tell you about how I feel today. I am sad to remember that 25 years ago my dad died on the 18th of December. I am remembering the day my nephews were born...both on December 13th...they are now 20 which makes me feel old. I find myself missing my beloved schnauzer Sherlock so much this year. He went over Rainbow Bridge in 2004...he loved Christmas. It meant he would unwrap any gift under the tree and remove ornaments.
There is an up-note this year. I found so many of you. When I started my blog at the end of September, it was for me to jot down and share my work and ideas. I was hoping to be accepted into the blogging community and to make new friends. To learn new ideas. Well, that did happen....and I am so happy to have you as my friends. I look forward to your visits and comments. I enjoy visiting your corner of the neighborhood. I received  a lovely card from is in Russian! And Maaike and I exchanged cards....she is in Finland.
Thank you all for helping me through this have made a difference for me.

Have a wonderful day, because I know I will now that we have had this chat!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

I thought I was organized

I am already re-thinking that I am organized..with the Crazy Challenge...making a change already. Will be posting the change over at my other blog.

Today I received an e-mail form Lisa V telling me who my Winter Exchange partner is...I am half way finished with my project......I  am very happy to be a part of this group. I sent out my Christmas exchange card with Maaike from creJJtion...we decided to do this just the other day. So off to The Netherlands went my card today. If anyone else is interested in a card exchange just email me your address.
Well, it has been a long day at JoAnn's...even though I only work 5 hours. Dinner was delish...did I mention that Dennis does the cooking? Rigatoni (pasta) ,Italian style bread (I cannot really call it real Italian bread, because it is not like I had back in RI) and salad and a glass of wine...ok a large glass of wine. I think cheese cake will do for dessert...have a good night and talk with you soon.....

Thursday, December 16, 2010

First things first~~

A very Happy Birthday to my husband Dennis. Today is one of those big numbers...65. I would like to tell you about my guy. He is a loving and caring man. There are no perfect people in the world (I sometimes think I am!) but to me he is everything I could want or need. He has a wonderful sense of humor but at the same time can be a quiet man. To say he spoils me would be the biggest understatement I could make.

Happy Birthday Dennis

Now, on to other news.....
A giveaway over at Cat's...there will be 2 prizes! Of course, if your too busy, then my chances will really increase!

I  spent the last 2 days dealing with computer issues. Finally yesterday Lance from the Geek Squad fixed my problem. My CD drive had a problem....glad that it is fixed and not taking up my stitching time. No stitching yesterday and today is a few hours work...I will be  cutting fabric at JoAnn's for the rest of the week. All of which means less needle in hand time until Sunday.
Thanks for stopping by and chatting....see you back here soon or I will be by your place....have the tea ready.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The day after Monday~~~

For Today

Outside my window
        It is dark and still
I am thinking
    I love this time of day
I am thankful for
        All that I have
From the kitchen
        My tea is brewing
I am wearing
        pj's of course
I am remembering
       What a fun time last night's Christmas Open House was
Around the house
       I can hear silence
On my mind
       I still have to mail out a gift and get a gift
From my camera's eye

My friend Linda and me, (who I call many Linda's in my life!)

I am wishing
        A wonderful rest of the week for all........

Thanks for stopping by and visiting...time for that cup of tea and maybe a piece of cheesecake from last night's party!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Another giveaway

Just found another giveaway here...stash for under the tree.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

What a nice surprise!

I just found out that I was selected for another PIF from I really am looking for those interested in my PIF...times 2! Remember, you will receive from me sometime during 2011 and you will post to hold a PIF on your blog. Not too bad, because you/I will have the whole year to make/send a gift.
Also, another nice giveaway at Tricia's stop. Tricia, like myself has set up a blog for the Crazy January Challenge...last time I checked, there were a lot of us Crazies! Going to be a busy year but lots of fun to follow.
It has been a busy day. I went to a local electronics store to try to purchase the PC Stitch program...(I have an old version)...but no luck. so I guess will be hearing from me.
Tomorrow night is the Christmas Open House here at our Condo Association. I started it some years back and it has been such fun to visit and enjoy refreshments at each stop by and visit with her. So, I have things to do and want need  to do some stitching just to relax. Yeah NE quarter left and the score week they play my boss' team the Packers...going to be tough if we do not win! Thanks for chatting with me....see you soon.

New blogs?

As some of you know, I have set up another blog for the Crazy January 2011 Challenge...I just wanted a place to post the special projects. A few others have also...which brings me to this...I  would like to know if you are setting up a Crazies blogs so I can follow and keep up with your projects. You can find mine at the sidebar....if you are interested.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Every now and again we need a
~~~~~Still time to sign up for my PIF, remember, you have all year to complete your PIF
~~~~~My giveaway for the DMC Breast Cancer kit...see label on my sidebar
             I actually now have 3 to send out!

I want to thank all who sent  a  birthday wish to my mom....

Glad I was able to share my storage idea for the Crazy Challenge...
It was nice of you to stop and visit.....hope your day/weekend is enjoyable.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Package from sis...

So I went to the Post Office yesterday and picked up the box that I missed the delivery for on Wednesday. It was from my "younger" sis Linda, back in Rhode Island. Actually we are only 2 sisters and she often would introduce me as her "older" sis.  We send "care packages" to one another often. There are somethings I just miss from there and things she loves from here. In the box was my Christmas present, a gift certificate for Nordic House...can't wait to shop. She sent a couple of buttons she likes for me to use in a pincushion I will make for her. Then there was my Pepper Biscuits...oh how I love them and can not find them in all of Arizona! And she also sent my Cici Nuts..again not available here. Linda stitched a Christmas card, very nicely done....oh the Girl Scout book you ask? when I was a young girl, I joined the first Girl Scout troop in our parish. It was fun. Then after some years, I must say I lost interest and dropped out. things have a way of being forgotten. Recently, sis tells me cousin Janice found her, Linda's Girl Scout book! I said, you were never in the scouts..she said oh, and that her name is in the book. Well, after some chat it was dropped. She was not, I was...she just erased my name way back when and put in hers....what a kid! Lo and behold, she sent me my book, still with her name in it! gotta love the kid! There, now you have the whole Janice ever got it I will never know! I think I will have a pepper stick with my tea......glad you stopped by....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Special Birthday ~~~~~~and a finish

Happy Birthday Mom
This is Eva Piccirilli, and today is her birthday. She is still an active lady who is 84 years old.  Once she retired, she helped with her great-grandchildren...Nico and Joey (cousins, who celebrate their 20th  birthdays on Dec 13th) and grandaughter Elyssa (age 17)...always available to drive them to and from school and work. Now she spends time knitting, crocheting and loves to do basic embroidery. I have several pieces she has done for me. 
So, today I send my love from Arizona to Rhode Island to my mom.

This is from By The Bay Needleart..stitched from the kit...I really like the way it turned out. I used the tag to initial and date (on the back). The backing is a lovely plaid...don't you think. I  made a small change by stitching a visible dash line around the piece.

I was also able to find (at Staples) the solution for the January challenge...see my  Challenge blog..(sidebar).

I won't get much stitching accomplished at JoAnn's day... and as soon as the Post Office opens, I am off to mail a few packages....and I missed a delivery of 2 packages yesterday, so in line I will have to stand and wait my turn.....

Have a great day and I am so glad you decided to take time from your busy day to visit....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Found a storage for my challenge projects!

Yes, I found a storage plan for the Crazy Challenge...but it will be posted tomorrow! I also have a finish to post... It has been a long busy day.....until then......

New TUSAL...and Dear John.

Stop by It's Daffycat to get the info...Sharon is going to take on the task of checking out TUSALs....

On another note: 30 years ago today John Lennon was killed...a sad loss to the music world.....

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A day that will live in infamy

Once again I post this picture of my dad, Joseph Piccirilli. I think of him today which is the anniversary of the attack at Pearl Harbor 69 years ago. For our family it was a celebration that he survived that day, along with his brother John. If not for that fact, I would not be here today and for that I am grateful. He was proud to serve his country and taught me to be a proud American.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

New blogger and she has a giveawy!

Just found a new blogger and she is having a giveaway...go and check her out!

TUSAL and ~~~~~

My snowman is holding on to all the threads that are popping out! Look at all the red and green..
Wanted to show you my beaded Santa was from a Mill Hill kit done on perferated paper.
I love my Santa Key...I hang it out on Christmas Eve even though there are no young children here with Dennis amd me. Here is the poem that came with it:
A Key for Santa
If a house has no chimney for Santa to come in,
or if the chimney's too small (since Santa's not thin!)
There's nothing to worry about because Santa can see
how to get inside if you leave him a key!


I was able to purchase another of the DMC Stitch Pink Needlework Accessory Kits....(a portion of the proceeds go to breast cancer research). They were a Limited Edition product. I would like to give it away...if you are wanting this kit....leave a message on this post and I will draw for it on January 1st. That's catches...if you would like to mention it on your blog, that's fine. It contains a pink scissor, 28 floss bobbins, pink needle threader and is in a pink plastic zip pouch. There are few patterns inclosed.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Cards

One of the things I like about Christmas is getting cards ...and sometimes there is a picture enclosed or a personal handwritten note. So this year why not include (besides me of course!) a soldier.....
         A Recovering American Soldier
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 NW Washington, DC 20307-5001


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Challenge Blog

This is my friend, Melvin, who is going to watch that I do will accomplish my challenge projects...oh, and you can follow my stitching for those projects at my other can click on the link at the right sidebar and it will take you there.

A Give away

Oh another surprise in store for 2...yes 2 lucky stitchers...visit for details over at Dixie Samplar at sidebar...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Here's the deal

The magazine for the santa ornament is no longer in was in the 80's. So, send me a post card from your state...with your retrun address and I will send the pattern...mind you, it is old but is usable and clear. Just write Santa with you greeting. Oh and if there is anyone out there from Illinois....I have a favor to ask.

I will give my address if you email me.....

I have the answer!

Sometimes it is not what you know, but who you know. Vonna had the answer......
Watch for my special post and .....well, you will see.

Need the help of experts out in blog land~~~

First I am glad you like my cross stitch Santa and would like to also make him.....the good bad news is that ....
Well, many years ago, maybe late 70's/early80's, I found this patten in a magazine. I know, you are saying, --what magazine
I am replying---I do not know/remember
you are saying---why not
I am replying---it is not printed any place on the page...and no, I did not save the magazine just the pattern.

Now, how do we do can I send Skully and Dawn and whoever else the pattern....jail at this time of year is out of the question. So I am very willing to can we legally do this????? Well.......I am waiting......

and the countdown begins~~~

It is starting to look like Christmas at the Horton's.

Just a simple tree...

My cross stitch Santa has his place front and center

and my old Christmas thimble bell 

This is probably my most favorite decoration.

I made him  some time ago...
He is made from a lamp shade, an old flannel shirt from my husband Dennis, white socks from me and the best...a pair of shoes that were my son Eric's when he was a little one. He will be 38 Jan 2nd! A little bit of each of us.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Tuesday~~~~

Outside my window
dark, very dark
I am thinking
just have to work on my gift stitching today
I am thinking
so very happy that my migraine is gone
I am thankful for
so many good wishes from you, my friends, yesterday
From my kitchen
I am enjoying a cup of White Pomegranate Tea
I am wearing
oh my pj's of course~~it is only 3:30 in the morning!
I am reading
my new book...Crazy Quilting, the complete guide
Around the house
not a creature is stirring except for me
Plans for the day
decorate the tree
From my camera eye

This is Zoe's idea of how to use the bottom shelf on our coffee table....just the right height for her when in the rabbit position.
I am hoping
that everyone has a delightful day.

Monday, November 29, 2010

So it's Monday....

Monday...migraine...much to do...this is it for now....
 going to rest my head on a pillow for a bit....
Maybe Michael Crawford's Christmas CD to soothe me.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our Thanksgiving friends....

We went out for Thanksgiving dinner with friends....let me introduce you....

Linda and Tony

Liz and Gene

The Girls~~~L-R~~Sunny, Fern with Linda
We three belong to a monthly stitch group.

my husband Dennis and me
We are all without family here in Arizona, so it has been pleasant to share a holiday together.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

To all my friends, new and old....near and far....
Have a great day

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I guess I am crazy...but have lots of company!

I have joined Minna's challenge...starts January 1st 2011....seems like many many have already signed up. click here to see my progress

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

If it's Tuesday.....

Outside my window:
       it is dark and mysterious
I am thinking:
              how my day will be
 I am hoping:
              to finish a couple projects today..really!
I am wearing:
              pj's of course, it is only 4 o'clock in the morning!
I am creating:
              a scissor holder and an ornament to send to someone special...because she kind of hinted?!
Around the house:
              it is so quiet...too quiet...need some music
From the kitchen:
              waiting for my tea to brew....2 minutes and 30 seconds
One of my favorite things:
            listening to music while I stitch
A few plans for the week:
            meeting  a few friends out for Thanksgiving dinner
I am remembering:
            family dinners in the past
I am thankful for:
            good friends, near and far and new and old
From my camera's eye:
      the lone bright Zinnia
I am wishing:
             for a relaxing day...just sitting and stitching

have a wonderful day whatever your plans...