Sunday, December 5, 2010

TUSAL and ~~~~~

My snowman is holding on to all the threads that are popping out! Look at all the red and green..
Wanted to show you my beaded Santa was from a Mill Hill kit done on perferated paper.
I love my Santa Key...I hang it out on Christmas Eve even though there are no young children here with Dennis amd me. Here is the poem that came with it:
A Key for Santa
If a house has no chimney for Santa to come in,
or if the chimney's too small (since Santa's not thin!)
There's nothing to worry about because Santa can see
how to get inside if you leave him a key!


I was able to purchase another of the DMC Stitch Pink Needlework Accessory Kits....(a portion of the proceeds go to breast cancer research). They were a Limited Edition product. I would like to give it away...if you are wanting this kit....leave a message on this post and I will draw for it on January 1st. That's catches...if you would like to mention it on your blog, that's fine. It contains a pink scissor, 28 floss bobbins, pink needle threader and is in a pink plastic zip pouch. There are few patterns inclosed.


Cindi J said...

I love the Santa's, especially the Santa Key & poem. I wish I had this when my kids were small. Only 4 years did we live in a house with a fireplace and this was always a question from my sons.

Please add my name to your drawing for the lovely pink sewing companions from DMC. When I looked for them at my Hobby Lobby they were already sold out.

Kttycat said...

Oh I had wanted to pick one of them up but our JoAnn's sold out. I'd love to be entered!

I've always said i'm going to get one of them keys whenever I have a wee one. I think they are so cute!

Your mill hill Santa is gorgeous! I have one thats a little bit different in my UFO pile. Should pull that out and try to finish it!

KarenV said...

Love the Santa key and the poem, I'd not heard of that before!

CalamityJr said...

The Santa key certainly answers a lot of little ones' questions! Please include me in your drawing as I wasn't able to pick up the Stitch Pink accessories, either!

Melanie said...

I love the Santa key! I always wondered about that when I was kid as we never had any chimneys. lol

Teresa S. said...

I have never seen a Santa key before. It's a great idea. Please enter me in your drawing as I missed out on them in the stores, too!

Silverlotus said...

I bought a Santa key after Christmas last year. My little guy is still too small to really understand Santa, but I'm glad it is a tradition we can start when he is still very little.

Please enter me in the draw. We never did get those kits way up here in Canada. Thanks!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I would so much love to be considered in your drawing for this kit. I really would love to get one. Thank you for this opportunity!

Blu said...

Cute Santa pin!

Please enter me in the drawing.

Pike said...

I'd just LOVE to get one of those Breast Cancer kits - living in Finland I just couldn't find a place to buy them online. Please enter me.

Pirjo from Finland

Carol said...

I would love to enter your generous giveaway, Grace--thanks so much for the chance :)