Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fabric and a frame

I foou8nd some fabric to use on 2 of my challenge projects.
NO NO not together.....I had the assistance of a few ladies from the fabric counter at Jo Ann's. I put down the stitched pieces and we selected....I hope to work on them this weekend.
Look at this sweet frame for my grandson's first picture...
Of course I had to have it to put Devin's picture in. Am I getting too too boring with this???? His picture fits just right don't you think? Isn't he adorable? Okay...enough of my being the boring grandma.
I have finished stitching the other side of the fob....if you would like to stop looking at Devin, you can go to my other place
and have a look. I will be off to work today...but I hope your day is fun...thank you for visiting with me.

Friday, June 10, 2011

I am so lucky

Today I am feeling I did not or will not be winning the lottery. You do not have a chance to win unless you buy a ticket! What I mean is....
I have a wonderful son~~Eric~~a lovely "daughter" in law Andrea~~and a first grand baby coming! His name is going to be Devin Carter Horton. I have a dear friend Ziz...she is really Linda but as I said before I have so many Linda's in my world I prefer to call her Ziz....anyway. We have only really known each other these last 3 years of my 6 living in this community. It was only when I stopped working full time that we really became more than neighbors. She did not hesitate one minute to come over yesterday when I said I had something to show her. Okay, we only live a stones throw away...really. I wanted to show off the image of my grandson and she said all the right things and made me feel very good. She also checked out my challenge La D Da and gave it the thumbs up. We toasted the baby pic with a Champagne cocktail.
Then there are all of quickly I got messages from Friends re: my last post.....yes I know you are all there and I am so glad for it. Thank you for the kind wishes regarding my biopsy....I am sure it will be negative. It is much better today...we shall see after work though.
When Ziz popped over she brought me a J A Nance book to read...
I will start on it this weekend. When I removed the dust is a lavender cover....I must forget to return the is so pretty! I did get to stitch my challenge fob...but you will have to meet me at my other place to check it out. Hugs to all of you who read, comment and email me...I am so lucky to know you all. Have a great day.
Give away announcement Sunday!

Dear Blog

Now where is my Followers List? Please return it to me so I can set up my give away.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

News to share........

It's going to be a boy! I am so excited. I will have to start planning for my first grand baby in October/November. I did post about this before but wanted to share that it will be a boy. My son Eric wanted it to be daughter in law Andrea never told me either, I am selfish as I wanted both! I do not know what the name will be....
As you can see....Zoe does not seem impressed with the news. Sorry to say, she may never get to meet the baby as they live in NW PA. I look at this picture and am amazed to see how old Zoe looks. Her once jet black face is now with grey hair...just like me! I know I have not posted in a few days but time gets in the way. Yesterday my visit with the Dermatologist resulted in a cyst being removed from my back...small, but nevertheless....I have had Basal cell removed before so I will wait to hear the results in a week. A sore back today but back to my stitching.
My other news? Well don't get too excited, can clap if you want....but the La D Da stitching is finished. You heard it correctly. I finally managed to accept satisfy my self with the blended just the fob to do. Meet me at my other place so you can see for yourself. Thank you for stopping by...hope your day is terrific.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finally---some quiet time or not

Today is Tuesday. What does that mean? It is landscaper morning. You guessed coffee out on the front glider.....very noisy people puttering around the courtyard. I could not hear myself thin let alone try to post! i did however get in my short walk. I try to go out each day and take a quick walk around the condo area. Some days I do walk a bit longer in a larger circled area. Well, this morning as I rounded the corner and looked up just outside Ziz's place
just look at this beautiful sunflower! It is one of many that look over the 6 foot wall....this one is about 7 feet tall! I could not resist taking a picture against the bright blue sky. You know I want some of these seeds to plant. Just when I thought it was going to be quiet I hear them again....guess it was their coffee break.
I did get some stitching done on my challenge piece but since I am replacing what Fred ate I am not posting just yet. Maybe tomorrow....until then.....thank you for chatting and for the kind words you leave. Have a great day.
Coming give away sure to return!

Monday, June 6, 2011

The day has really started---

First...if you are not hearing my music it is not because you are going deaf. I decided to update my play list and blogger will not load it....another cog in the wheel.
It is final..I am officially changing the name of our courtyard from
to this
Holly Court to Coyote Passage
Once again while I was enjoying my morning coffee here~~~~
in walks a young coyote. He was right in front of me so close I could look right into his eyes which we did! then he continued on his way. Shortly after this fellow decided it was safe to have hia breakfast on the lawn

Do you see him....just a bunny who could have been breakfast for the coyote! Why is there no picture of the coyote? Well I did not take my camera out with me as I usually do...Who knew!
Now back out to sit and stitch...Update on the pictures yet....
So glad you stopped by to chat. Thank you for all the emails and comments. If anyone is having trouble leaving a comment let me know by email...I did change the settings. Have a delightful day.