Friday, March 6, 2015

Should have been a simple day...

Here it is almost 4 am ad I am stressing. Why you ask. Well, I will start with Wednesday. Should have been a simple day...a visit to the doctor for follow up on our routine blood work. We both got good reports., although she wants me to have another test---no big deal. As we leave, Mr H went to the car to wait while I got prescription for my test. When I joined him, he told me he was very light headed and his vision was not right. I suggested we return inside to the doctor---"no, I will be fine" so off he begins to drive. Not very far when he turns around and back to the parking lot and into the office. The doctor gives him a quick check and calls me in to tell me to get him to the emergency room to rule out a TIA. Back to the car with me driving this time! The ride to our home is about a half hour and to the local hospital. By the time we reached there Mr H decided he is better and does not want to go to the ER. Dennis decided to lay down for a bit and later feels better. Thursday he woke with a headache but his vision was okay. Off to work I go. He calls me an hour after I am at work I must come home he is very dizzy. Lucky I am only 15 minutes from home and off to the hospital we go....Finally, after 5 hours in emergency, we are ready to be admitted to observation to rule out a hour later he is in a room and another hour before I leave him in their care for the night. Hard to rest without him here with me... memories of a few years back when a 3 day expected hospital stay turned so different. I have several hours to go before I can check on him or see him.... I feel lonely without him.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I would rather stitch

It is the time of year...taxes, clearing out files and organizing the garage. The taxes are off to the accountant, the files are cluttered and as for the garage, I did go in and put a wash on, but no straightening out the area.. No, I would rather spend my time stitching. Finally feel as if I can so I will.
If Red does not watch herself, the wolf will soon be closing in! I really enjoy this project.... love The Primitive Hare designs. Right now I am looking forward to her next in the series of fairy tales. She tempts me all the the time. I also am moving along on Pink Lady
not much more on this bustle/train part. I decided on the finish, bought some ribbons and pearls and ....... well, you will see. I saw (on line) another book I would like must have.... I need to wear blinders so I will not be distracted by all the lovely temptations.
I do believe the rain has disappeared and we will have a sunny day. Mr H and I are off to the doctor today...just a follow up but it will put a halt to some stitching for awhile. So until I must leave the house, I will stitch and okay, do some minor chores.... well at least finish the laundry. I am pacing myself! Glad to have you stop by and chat...hope your day is wonderful.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Rain, guns and remember to put the car into reverse

The last couple of days have been rainy and cool. Not complaining because we do need the rain. Driving home on Saturday, the rain was drizzle and the sky....
I took this picture while waiting at the stop light....Then as the light changed it began to rain and the sky totally changed. Poof the light was gone, but for that moment it was magnificent! Yesterday was another drizzle day. Once again I needed DMC while we were out and passing a Michael's, we stopped to get it. As we drove through the parking lot, Mr H stopped to let people cross...that is when he passed in front of me. The man wearing the straw western hat and a very large semi automatic weapon on his right hip. I mean....a bit scarey. This is not the first time we have seen guns on someone's hip, but this was one big gun. Arizonans can wear and also carry concealed weapons. Businesses must post if they do not want weapons on their premises. They say Arizona is still the wild West... guess so. As we continued on our way home, we needed to pick up bread and milk, so a quick market stop (we seem to spend lots of time shopping for food). The entrance into the parking lot was ablaze with Sheriff vehicle lights ....
just look at this! The driver slammed into the building support and took down the handicap parking sign...he had a handicap plate on the car. He must have really hit the gas pedal because he also ran over the tire barrier which became wedged under the car. It would appear that he forgot to put the car into reverse. When we were coming back through the parking lot, we could see that he was an elderly gentleman who had to hold onto the car to walk! The rescue vehicle had been there and left obviously not needing to transport him. Mr H and I wondered what would become of him, standing by his car all alone. I do not know if he has family living here, but I hope he does not continue to drive.... Lucky for all it was a Sunday. The bank which was right in front of this was closed as were the several small businesses next to it. This could have been much worse. If the pillar support was not there he would have driven into the bank. What an adventurous Sunday we had. Think I would like to remain home today..... and it has started to rain again. My hand is better but will remain a little swollen. Stitching on Pink Lady this morning and then on Red Riding Hood later..... glad to be off work today. Need to do an online search for Crystal Angelina fiber for a project.  Glad too that you could visit with me. Thank you for the kind words and friendship....have a wonderful day.