Friday, December 21, 2012

An early morning post~~~

Now you expect me to be awake early, but Mr H? No! Yet here he was at 4 AM in the living room watching a movie. Of course here it is 7 AM and off to bed he went. Me? you know I am up for the day. I am really looking forward to the new year. A new start here at the hacienda. Mr H has been doing well... oh, yes, he is having hand surgery soon, but at least it is not all the major surgery he had last year. We have hung a picture of his Baby Girl, Ms Zoe and I know he feels better about that. It is strange not to have her around.... looking for doggie treats and sharing shrimp. She is our second lost pooch in the last 7 years. We both are looking forward to a fresh year. On Wednesday (day off) as we entered the garage to start the car ( off to my doctor appt.) the car would not start. Mr Ziz to the rescue with a jump then off to Auto Zone for a battery! While there. Mr H bought the replace lifts for the trunk hatch which just stopped working the other day. I think this car is not long for my garage! It has served us well, but not interested in the next repair cost that has been quoted.
I really appreciate the nice comments for Digger the Rabbit. I will get some premium muslin today and then I can start on Grace the Angel... not sure if she will really be an angel, but she is going to be ready soon. I thought I would share one of the  other Dressmaker pincushions ....
These have been fun to make. I now have 4... maybe a gift of one to someone?  I am almost finished stitching a small project. I am thinking of tea dying it, a first for me to dye the project after it is stitched. I usually do this before stitching. This will be interesting....
Work was super busy yesterday. Lots of fleece and flannel being cut. Everyone wants to make the fleece tie blankets and the flannel seems to be going for pajama bottoms. Very last minute gifts if you ask me!
I guess I should put those last stitches of a motif on my project so I can tea dye it. Actually I best brew some tea first....
Welcome to a new friend.... and as always thank you all for the kind words and emails. Relax and have a good day.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A beautiful Wednesday

Oh the sun is back bright and warm.... the rains from last night are gone for now... just a nice day. I think the temp expected for Christmas day is 70... nice indeed.
I have been busy with needles in hand or I should say machine...

Mr Rabbit... until he has a proper name. Another pattern from the Cheswick Company. Just love it. And, yes, I did make a few changes but that is what makes him really mine. He is a he instead of a she. The pants are a great patchwork fabric I found yesterday at Jo Ann's and the top is red flannel. Mr Rabbit is sitting in my new rocking chair that Mr H bought for me. After Christmas with a bit of rearranging, it will be in our bedroom by the window. I am waiting for the cushions to arrive.... had to order them from J C Penny.          Look what is in my plant stand....

It is a sunflower pincushion made sing a 4" clay plant saucer and cotton pieces. This was shared by dear Kaaren on her blog recently. I already have another cut and ready to put together. I love  my pincushions. Her tutorial is wonderful.
So glad to be off work today... a doctor appointment this morning, but then time to stitch. Welcome to new friends and thank you all so much for your wonderful kind words. Have a great day.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr H

Well, it rained again last night. Up and counting 3 nights of rain and 2 days. This will mean beautiful Spring flowers in our desert.  No plans for today except football. Our team, the NE Patriots play tonight. Instead of baking a cake for Mr H, I made individual Banana Cream pies for later. His birthday gift this year was having Zoe back home.... for now she sits with the Angels but will join Sherlock on a bookcase shelf. They put her in a cute print fabric and attached an angel pin to it.
I was up from 1 AM... so what to do? Well first wash and dry some wool felt. Then cut out a very large  bunny and pin the pieces together. I will probably sew it later. But I did make another pincushion...
 I stumbled upon the company, The Cheswick Co. and just had to order a few patterns. This is Springtime Sewing Companions. The other one with this is on my to do list. Now I will admit that I am not big into the Primitive style, but on occasion I do fall in love with something and just have to have it. I really do like so many of her designs. Of course you know me... I must make changes that make it mine. I do not think she would mind though. I had one email exchange with her and I just know she is a sweet person. Be sure to check her site out.
Well, my friends, it is time for me to stitch on my ... oh yes, another new start. Look, I just can not help myself! Until our next cuppa and chat, do enjoy your day.