Friday, January 1, 2016

A finish and a start

Happy New Year my friends.... the start of a new year is always special. Mr H and I continue with our quiet celebrations....there was my shrimp to end the year and this year we watched Sherlock Holmes and then The Thin Man  movies.  I did finish the stitching of my bell pull

Now to decide the finish. The pattern calls for a simple fine chain to hang from at the top and a rounded bottom edge with pearl trim around the piece...just not sure what I want to use. For the start of the New Year I am stitching Just Nan Singing Pin Bird.
I am using 32 count linen from the linen bin and the DMC threads as listed. Love Just Nan projects. We have no plans for the day and no resolutions for the year. If I make them, some of them fall by the way side so I just plan to take one day at a time. Of course there is always the hope to stitch everyday and read. I am hoping to continue with increased independence..... I guess that needs a bit of explaining. Through the years (since moving out here to Arizona) I have become more dependent on Mr H....not a bad thing. Since he has had some medical issues these past few years I have had to do more...except the fuel in the car bit... which is a good thing. For example, doing all the driving. I have not had to be the driver when we are out an about especially at night. I am sure he will be cleared to drive again soon but I want to continue at times being the driver. It will build my confidence as so many places are more than a few miles and via highways. I have been doing some of the cooking and that is a good thing. So I guess I do have some plans for 2016....who knew! One thing is for blog will continue and our friendship too. You have all been very important and supportive. Thank you for your friendship and support and oh those kind words which make my day. Happy New Year to all of you and good wishes for your dreams and plans for the new year to come true.
Love to all of you from Dennis and Me!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The 3 line rule

Are you getting ready for the New Year celebrations? Mr H and I will be relaxing with movies and I of course will need to have my shrimp...always have shrimp on NY Eve...except for the first year we lived out here....another tale to be told. Most of the time I do not watch the great crystal ball fall....just don't. In the past I have mentioned my 3 line rule regarding the car. I have been asked what that is so I will explain. I have never...never...ever pumped gas for my car. When I was single, I had guy friends who would take my car and fill it and wash it and in those days check the oil and I would pay the tab. When I married Mr H, he automatically filled the cars. In the mornings I would check to see which car had the most gas and that was the one I took to work. Are you calling me spoiled?! So it stands to reason that I still do not go to the gas station. When the car gauge looks like this...
off to the station it goes. Yesterday when we returned from PT I pulled into the station and Mr H got out and pumped the gas....he is getting well after all. A few years ago when he was in the hospital for a week, I needed gas and went to a nearby station and had it pumped by the attendant. I think he thought I was a nut case as I was trying to find out how to unlock the cap and did not need too! He was very nice to me.....I do remember the time when I was not with Mr H and driving in Connecticut and stopped for gas. I went into the self service station and politely asked for "help" as I did not know how to pump gas and 2 very nice guys came out and did it for me....smiled and looking a bit confused they took pity on me! So that my friends is the 3 line aren't you glad you popped in today? I am...thank you for the friendship we share and the kind words...have a wonderful day.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

After Christmas

Although we had a very relaxed holiday I have been so tired! There is no reason, just tired....
My Santa Dennis deserved this cat nap after cooking a wonderful dinner. Considering all that has happened this month, he is doing very well.  I thought the hat suited him well. I am looking forward to a left over dinner with the roast we enjoyed......don't you love the left overs after a good meal? I received some wonderful exchanges and a surprise gift....
First exchange was with Cindy
lovely pin pillow and a Mill Hill Santa kit...along with PS Santa and LHN pattern. Thank you Cindy for my goodies. Then there was from Sherry
I love that she found an Ana Lee Santa...and the ornament was made with her grandchildren while visiting at Thanksgiving...the pin cushion is beautiful...thank you Mdm Samm for hosting this exchange. If you haven't visited her blog, please will love it.
Then a surprise gift from Lynda Ruth
Look at the lovely handmade will look lovely on my tree...and a marshmallow snowman....yum Love the Santa pattern. Thank you Lynda for thinking of me. Lynda has been participating in our year long card exchange.  Once again my dear sweet Lu sent me
an Ana Lee ...look at his face then go back and look at the face of the snowman from Sherry...exact! Lu (she visits my blog) this guy will be with me all year long in the sewing bookcase...and I will think of you and Stan....I do anyway!
I guess that covers it all....hard to believe the year is almost  to the end....In some ways I will be very happy to see it off. Mr H and I are looking forward to the new year putting this latest medical "to do" behind us. Glad you visited to see my gifts....thank you for the kind words and of course your friendship. Have a great day.