Tuesday, March 11, 2014

5 AM ramblings...

Another day....it is a work day. It is 5 o'clock in the morning and I am thinking of 5 PM already! You got it, I would love to stay home today... feeling lazy and it is just the beginning of the day. Maybe because yesterday was such a lovely day. Mr H and I shopped at the Mall, then we shopped at the garden center for plants. I am lucky that Mr H likes to dig about in the garden...I get to enjoy the beauty without any work! I started a new tatting motif.... already thinking of re-starting it with a different size thread.... I don't feel like a beginner anymore...haha. I also found another Deborah Roberti bracelet pattern I want to make. It is much simpler to buy on line from Red Panda Beads... one stop shopping and everything is right at a click. I really rather support the local businesses, but it is hard to that most of the time. My tatting thread is not available locally, many of the beads I want are also on line.... what am I to do.... so many local businesses have closed. At one time, I had 4 bead shops that I could go to.... now only one. Thank goodness The Attic is local...a half hour away for cross stitch supplies. Forget knit shops.... now I read yesterday that Staples is going to close lot of stores by 2015.... I guess I am not too lazy, my mind is in full swing.... I think I need a cup of coffee....I sure enjoyed having you to chat with today, glad you stopped by my friends. Have a grand day.
 Petunias.... so cheerful

Sunday, March 9, 2014

What does the day hold

Sometimes I just want the day to go according to plans.... sometimes I just want a day of nothing special. There are days when I can not decide what to do with my time. Shall I bead, tat, crochet, cross stitch, read...... my head swims with what shall I do. I find myself  telling me to slow down. Stop filling my head with questions and relax. Problem is that I want to do everything in my head... but my hands and time get in the way.
My Time in a Bottle..... a bit of sparkles to light up my day, a few stars to dream on and the moons to remind me to rest and the bells to awaken my thoughts. A few shakes and off I go. Speaking of going, today The Debra and I meet up at Jo Ann's to tat and demonstrate tatting. We meet so many people while there.... maybe we will interest a few in tatting. I am so glad we had time to share today....glad you took the time to stop by.... hope you have some time to have a wonderful day.....