Friday, February 25, 2011

The things on my mind~~~~~

Geez....some days my mind is a whirlwind of noise. Did you ever...of course you have...have a secret that you must hold on can not say is an itch that you can not scratch? Then there is a worry...there is not a thing you can do...but oh how it bothers you that you can not do anything about it? Now, there I have said it...maybe it will help. Wishful thinking....
The sun is brightly shining but not a bird in the yard!? About 1:30 am I heard what sounded like a hawk's squeal...or maybe a lone coyote...could have been the cry of a rabbit....of course I could see not a thing in the darkness...but, when there is the neighborhood hawk about, the birds stay quietly hidden away. Again, nothing I can do anything about!
But here is something I can...oh please follow me to my other place...Bella is so grand!
Thanks for listening to a tired, very tired me.....hope your day is wonderful.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just a few minutes....

That's all I have...just a few minutes. Time has just gone someplace this morning...I hate when I loose time...I never get it back. Anyway, Mr H and I had a nice day yesterday. We took a ride to visit a hotel in Scottsdale to check out their tea service....I will definitely be making a reservation...of course without Mr H who is not interested. Price is right and full tea menu. I am going to really enjoy it. We bought some wonderful Belgium chocolate truffles, pricey, but delicious. 
 Anyway, before I leave and get ready for might want to meet me at my other place to see an almost...that is right..thought it would be but it isn't finished..yet....Bella.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here I am...late

I know, you thought maybe I would not be posting today...wrong...just it was Zoe's pedicure day....and it is always a big to do thing!
Yeah,'re thinking what ? This is the look you get when it is time to go...and this is the same one and only who caused helped me fall...this sweet face. The Vet Tech Brenda just thinks she is so cute and I will admit, she does behave very well for them. Now we are back home and she is walking around huffing and puffing...we were only out 1/2 hour!, ears cleaned and nails clipped and home!
Speaking of being back home, now if you follow me to my other place you will see Bell...a very near completed Bella!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sunshine on my Shoulder....makes me happy

What a lovely sunny day...seems like the rain and clouds have moved on. I did relax a bit yesterday....had one of our long chats with my sis on the phone....and of course stitched. I really must say a BIG thank you to those who took the time to check on me and wish me well...wonderful to have caring friends. The aches are better today...I think I will spend some time in the yard cleaning up after the winds we had....a mess out there. The birds are calling for food...the little pond we have is floating with, if you would like to see what more is on Bella.....follow me to my other place ....

Another Tuesday

For Today
Outside my window
Still dark and quiet out there
I am thinking
What shall I do and stitch!
I am thankful for
Not breaking anything when I fell on Sunday
From the kitchen
I would like some toast and coffee
I am wearing
Yellow pj's
Around the house
Very very still and quiet
I am remembering
Must call mom to thank her for the package of goodies
I am hearing
The sounds of Sinatra singing as I type
From my camera's eye

The Tree Mallow has started to bloom
I am hoping
You have a wonderful day

Monday, February 21, 2011

A giveaway at~~~~~

Stop over and visit Teresa for her giveaway...

I've fallen...I need help getting up! and other adventures of the weekend

I can not tell you how many times I am saying yelling to Mr H...this dog is going to make me fall...well she finally did. Zoe is always right there...but yesterday ...well. Now I have mentioned that she has not been feeling she had gone out but not completed her business...It would help if she would only take the half pill daily. But, I was out of ham and she would not take it...I blocked off the living area with the 2's a large open doorway...and Zoe hates and I mean hates to see those gates up. As I was climbing over..should have moved one aside like I always do, she was right there...literally under foot! Down I went on my left side ...down on the tile through the kitchen window I can see Mr H walking by...out of ear shot..finally he come in....helps me to me feet after asking what happened. I thought being on the floor in tears was explanation enough....anyway...I was afraid to initially move is why I waited for broken anything..but ouch did I ache. Not to worry, today I just feel like I fell yesterday....
On to other know Spring is not far away when you start finding...
Gamble Quail egg
They often will lay some "dud" eggs, and  this is one...I have a few...anytime now, a pair will arrive in our yard to the same large planter and lay 10 to 12 eggs...and Mr H gets frustrated. This has been going on for the last 3 years. He has left some broken shells in the planter thinking they will not return...we shall see. It is not that we do not want them here, it is the problems that occur. If they are off someplace else we do not have to deal with them. We also will get a pair of Mourning Doves who nest in the wall planter...they are not a problem. I will let you know who wins out...the birds or Dennis.
All in all I did manage to stitch yesterday/last me over at my other place and take a look.
I am waiting for a special snail mail, when it arrives, I will tell you all about it. As always, it was so nice to have you stop by....have a great day.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Raindrops and a giveaway

Raindrops keep falling on my head......
Yes, we did get the rain yesterday...last night...and it is dripping this morning...
It is okay...we could use the rain...but I think the only sun I will see today is my personal sun...
He peeks out from behind the leaves....

I logged on this morning to find that someone new has joined me...the friends list is now to 80...I wonder...will it reach 100? You know if that happens there will be a celebration. When I started this at the end of September 2010, it was at the encouragement of a friend who thought I had a lot to share. But, it was also for me, for me to hopefully meet new friends who shared my interests. Well let me tell you, that has passed my expectations. You are all so warm and caring and so interesting. I thank you from the depths of my soul.
Now....I did get some good stitches on Bella....come with me to my other place and take a look.
As always, so glad you could spend some time with me....
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