Saturday, December 21, 2013

First day of winter

Brr...just opened the garage door to get my newspaper and  it is chilly....only 46 this morning. We get so spoiled here in Arizona. Actually we had rain all night on Thursday and most on and off on Friday. We sure do need the rain. I just finished my last gift and will get it into the mail today...
Isn't it cute? I did make some is from the 2011 JCS magazine  by SamSarah Designs. I love the pretty flannel I found at Jo Ann's for the backing.  Do you see the pregnant snow-lady? I embellished her belly with "snow" and along the bottom of them. Of course I had to add beads someplace...the eyes. I have never been so late with my gifts to be mailed. I have received some lovely gifts but will wait to post about them. Mr H got his gift already... a new projector....updated model from the 8 year old one. His enjoyment besides gardening is movies. Now he will watch a better picture on the 80 inch wall screen, oh and me too. Love when we have movie night.
I am starting my day with a headache...not good for a Saturday at Jo Ann's work day. I think another cup of coffee and some toast will do the trick. So that is about it for today....glad to have you visit with me. i have some catching up to do with blog much as I love Christmas hustle and business, I am looking forward to slowing down. Hope you have a great day.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Angels, thimble and a glowing sunset

We can't ask for better weather right now. The days are sunny and temps are in the low 70's and it is almost Christmas. I think if I blink twice it will be Christmas, that  is how swiftly the days seem to be passing. I visit6ed with Sweet Jeanne yesterday morning. We sat and laughed more than stitched and had great conversation. She is ready to start another project and I have been trying so hard to get one done. At the rate we were going yesterday, neither  of us is getting too far. I so enjoy my early mornings with her. She had not read the Christmas Spider Legend so I brought her a copy and yes, a spider for her tree. As we sat and talked, she said that she thought I collected thimbles. After a chat about some that I have, she handed me this.
I think my little angel says it all. What a thoughtful lady and look how pretty the mother of pearl inlaid is...almost like a poinsettia! She found it at a sale and thought of It is now in my thimble display.
I mentioned angels.....when we were Out Wickenburg Way, Mr H picked these for me..

to add to my other Angel...I don't think I ever showed her to you...but I will. These delightful pieces are by Kathleen Ekholm from Arizona. They are called Little Sisters and Sister Angels. I now have 2 angels and one sister.Each is very different from the others but still the same. I will take a picture of the other angel soon.
I am off to work today and the rest of the week...I am so glad you stopped by to visit with me. Thank you for the kind words and of course for your friendship.....I will leave you with last nights glorious sunset.....

Monday, December 16, 2013

A special day

Sunday was a glorious day....the temp was around 70 and the sun bright and warm. We took a ride to Wickenburg to walk about. We knew today would be spent waiting for a chair to be delivered. We found ourselves parked near a small quaint church that was having a celebration...we missed it except for the release of balloons....
They said the rosary then send the balloons off. Then there was music and food. It was just a mall congregation of people but lovely.
I never noticed this church before; it is at the end of the main street. Off we then strolled to visit a few favorite shops
We found some butterflies enjoying a Texas Sage bush...... a great mural on the side of a building.... we sat and ate some ice cream under the shade of a lovely tree, did some shopping of course and Mr H found a lady at the train station. I don't know what her destination was, but Dennis came home with me!
Today is his special day...his birthday. No big plans... I just took the cake out of the oven and will wait to frost it. We may take a ride tonight to see the lights at Glendale and Westgate. Do you think I should cook tonight instead for the birthday guy? No, I don't want to spoil our routine.....I think this year his birthday number is bothering him some. So it is best not to change our ways and bring attention to it. Sounds good, right...?
I have the last of my packages to mail...3 of them, so I will be off as soon as the Post Office opens at 8 AM. Hopefully I will get in and out as I have been lately. I must as now as the laundry, #3 is ready for the dryer and I desperately need a cup of coffee. Glad to have you visit today, thank you for all the kind words and emails..... I treasure your friendship. Have a good day.