Saturday, April 5, 2014

What a difference a day makes

Thank you all for the feel better wishes...they worked! Well, I did change my over the counter pills and they sure are working. The best is that I have 5 days off and I plan to feel much better by the time I go back to will be a busy sale weekend. So much to we are having a HOA social in our courtyard for a lady who has moved, I must get to Hobby Lobby for some 18 count linen
(Jo Ann's is out), I should check up on my friend Ziz who is knitting a scarf that I am sure she is doing okay with, and if I do not get to the Post Office today then it will must be Monday. Whew! I think I will be busy this weekend.  Sunday is my meet up with The Debra for tatting..... can't wait to finish the Thistle motif. I am itching to start a new bracelet... I seem to have lots of this and that beads...I must be able to use them somehow. Right now I really should make an attempt at least to do something around the house.....
I welcome a new friend Sally... and say thank you to all of you for the helpful good wishes... they really do work you know! Have a good day....
This Harris Hawk landed a short distance from our home recently. They have a 3 1/2 foot wing span and are quite a sight as they soar over head. This fellow had a friend with him as they do like to hunt together.

Friday, April 4, 2014

The week that is

Not again...well, yes I have another cold. It has been years since I have had any cold and here it is 4 months into the year and this is the second one. One word describes how I am feeling... lousy. Luckily I had been off most of the week going to work yesterday and today. Luckily for me, I will be off 5 days again and plan to get some rest. I did manage to stitch a little on Doll and to plan another project. It is a simple one and I just have to decide on floss color and pick up a few supplies today before leaving work. Speaking of work, ad crappy as I felt yesterday, we did have some fun customers. Lots of good compliments and smile.... really did help me get through the day. Met a customer who is interested in learning to Tat and invited her to stop by our table at Jo Ann's this Sunday.  I will finally get to finish my Thistle motif... of course with the help of The Debra. I can't wait to show it to you. I have not started a new tat project yet, I want to learn the joining of this one first. I have been able to join before but this one has me stumped.  I feel a cough jag coming on, so I best close and have a cup of hot tea.... glad to chat with you today my friends. Hope you have a grand day.
Lovely bright yellow hibiscus outside my kitchen window...delightful

Monday, March 31, 2014

Rosie the bear

Yesterday was my niece Elyssa's baby shower. Natalia Rose is expected to arrive May 9th. I missed being there to see all the lovely gifts and family and friends. I did send a gift, part one  ......
I found the old fashion rose fabric at Jo Ann's and thought of this bear immediately. I did lots of fussy cutting to get the cabbage style roses where I wanted them and it was worth it. A bit of lace and velvet ribbon around her neck was just the right color. I bought the silk rosettes and added them to a bit of lace for an ear ornament. The pads of her feet, paws and ears are silky with a row of machine embroidery. The main gift will have to wait until the baby arrives so that I can add the date. I do hope Elyssa liked Rosie bear that I truly made with love. This bear was also the cause for those cactus barbs that stuck to my butt!.... it was worth it.
Yesterday was a real day of relaxing around the house and I did get to stitch on Alphabet Doll. Mr H and I  watched a Charlie Chan marathon and had my homemade chicken soup. Never left the house! Today, however, I do have to get out to do a few errands. It should not take too long....famous words... probably will lead to an all day outing. I would really like to add more xx's to the Doll. Right now I need a cup of about you? Thank you for visiting with me and thank you for the kind words which always brighten my day. I treasure your friendship....have a wonderful day.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

I need a relaxing day

Remember last week or so I mentioned beads.....
They arrived from Red Panda Beads.... the pattern is another Deb Roberti called Stackers.  The same beads are used in all 3 bracelets only in different patterns. I am always amazed at how designers get it all right. These were quick to make. Darn that Betsy for sending tempting emails! She always writes a personal note on the shipping invoice and I love the little freebie beads she send... 2 more crystal hearts this time.
Mr H and I went to Butterfly World in Scottsdale with butterflies.
 We began the visit with a 3D movie called "Flight of the Butterflies"...wonderful experience. A stop to see the Butterfly Emergence Gallery....I did skip the ant and bee exhibit...then into the conservatory.... I was amazed at how many children were afraid of the butterflies! The humidity was high  and mist was everywhere and lots of fluttering of color. Some landed here and there, and a few took a ride on Mr H....
It was a fun few hours. Afterwards we stopped at The Cheesecake Factory for bites.... Firecracker Shrimp, Pita Pizza and Calamari...we took cheesecake home for later. One of my favorites place to eat.
Oh, and Lelia, Stitches of Life will be receiving the Needle Lace book from my drawing. I am sure she will figure out how to twist thread and needle together to make flowers. No plans for today...I know I say that often... but I should say, hope Mr H does not have plans today so I can relax and maybe stitch for awhile. I am off most of the week.... hope you will have some relaxing time today.... glad you stopped by. I thank you for your kind words and friendship....