Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A new ballerina is dancing

Oh my I am finally feeling like this miserable cold is on the way out...hopefully not to you. I am off work  today so that is good. I have not done much stitching at all. Mr H and I finally got to go out for our anniversary dinner on Monday.  I also found another ballerina for my sewing room window...
I am so happy this group continues to make them. It benefits the crafts people of Thailand who make them. She now joins the other two gals...
 and they dance with the breeze. The air duct is just to the left of them so whether it is on heat or air conditioning, they sway gently and also if the window is open. As long as the temps are hitting high 80's and low 90's, it is unlikely that the window will be open!
Thank you for the kind words regarding my is quite a milestone to reach 45 years especially that when we met, we both thought we wanted to remain single. You just never know what will be.  Did I mention that the Quails have started their families?
this brood is about 2 weeks old. The momma watched carefully as I took the picture through the window. They almost blend completely in the you see them all? Right now it is quite breezy outside; the chimes are singing both out in front and in the back....maybe I can sit outside before the hot time of the day arrives. I am working on an applique pincushion....just getting the final embroidery trim on. So, off I go. Thank you for visiting with me today....have a great day.