Friday, July 19, 2013

Three trees

I finished the last of the beaded tatted trees....
I now have the multi colored a gold a green and a red tree. They will be added to the collection and I will need a few more to make the dozen that I wanted. I think I will start another snowflake... no, I do not think the last one that has not worked out. I may yet return to it, but not now.
I was all set to sew a little more on my quilted square bag.... somehow, my block s moved! How they are not where I had them is a mystery... so seam ripper is out, and I now need to undo a few to move them back to where they belong. Always something lately. I have these plans to do some machine sewing, and then I get lost and do something else. I must buckle down this weekend. Thank you for the kind words about my doily and really know how to make a gal happy. I am off to work today and then have some time to myself next week... actually with Mr H too, so I need to make the list of things to get from Jo Ann's for the weekend crafts. Amazing that I always need  want something! Let's be honest; if we looked into our cupboards and draws of stash, we most likely have the supplies. I know I probably do.... but yesterday a few fabrics and things caught my eyes.... wish my hands would not pick them up so often. Well, that is about it for today...glad you sat with me for a bit...have a wonderfu lday.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sometimes you just have to look into the box

Well, let me tell you. The latest snowflake has me melted. I was able to tat to the third point on my second attempt, but as of the fourth try I can not get there. So, for now it will remain thread on the shuttles and not in my hand. There! I did however, begin the tree shaped ornament with only green beads. I think I have mentioned some post early on that I learned to crochet first as a young girl around 7 years old.  For many years I did only crochet and enjoyed it. I had then learn to sew and knit and embroider. I made many crocheted items... oh the usual crochet around the hankie and doilies too. I just came across this
I crocheted this doily during my pregnancy with my youngest son in 1972. Sometimes you have to look into the box in the storage cupboard to find a treasure. I still have several that I made but this is the most decorative one. he others are simple in design. I wish I still had the pattern for this one. Actually, I really do not have any of those wonderful old patterns. When we were packing to move out here, I went through all my craft stuff and took very little as I had no place to store it then. Besides, I really had not been doing any crocheting. I had loved to do my knitting especially shawls and, scarves and of course socks for the cold winter New England weather. I seemed to stop the knitting now. Well, I barely wear socks except in my sneakers for work or walks and I still have my shawls if it gets chilly enough here in Arizona. I do know that I have a lace shawl that need the other half finished and a pair of socks on the needles... but, I have not wanted to work on them in **** years now. That's right, it has been a few several  years since I picked up my needles for knitting.
I also made another pearl bracelet----------
this is for me. It has no crystals. Instead I used smaller pearls in a grey tone. The larger pearls are just a bit off white. I think it looks very nice. I am planning to do one in Southwest colors next. I really enjoy beading... of any kind.
Remember when I said in an earlier post that I had too many things going at once? Well---- I managed to get all the squares together for the bag and I have just enough Pellon for the bag... just have to iron the Pellon the to squares.... not exactly what I have in mind when it is 105 outside...I know, I am indoors with the air on, but still. And then the Doll--- finally found the backing fabric and just need to pick up the trim for it. So, it seems that little by little it is all getting done, except for that snowflake!
I am off to work for the next 2 days.. in a row!... something that I do not usually do. But then I am off for a few days so me and the Kenmore will work together and it will give Hazel a break. I hope you enjoyed our time together. I always like having you visit. Thank you for the kind words and emails.... have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I am I getting too confidant???

I would like to think that I am honest with myself...and of course all of you. The newest tatting pattern has me perplexed. Maybe I am getting ahead of my abilities. Probably to complicated. No! I say no to at least my abilities. I really think know that I can do this motif and I will, no matter how many times I need to start it over, I will get it. Now it is a matter of ----- I am in charge---- attitude. Hazel has assisted in undoing many stitches and the scissor has been handy to cut apart areas of wrong. However, if I at one point could get 3 of 4 points done, and correctly, then why is it I can not get the 4th point? I know what the problem is. he directions for the final point are confusing to me. My plan is to get it to that point and when Debra is here on Saturday have her watch to see what I am doing wrong mis-reading in the pattern.
EvaP, my mom, and I had our weekly conversation:
    Me:       so what is new
    EvaP:    I can't wait for the baby
    Me:       what baby
    EvaP:    you know, The Baby
    Me:       no, who is having a baby
    EvaP:    you know, The Royals
    Me:       oh, I understand
Now, mom can leave me guessing many time during our phone talks. She is 86, hard of hearing (doesn't usually have the hearing aide in when we chat), and is getting a little forgetful, but that is for another time. She is, and always has been so taken with the Royal Family. I think she thinks they are her family! She is so anxious for this baby to arrive. I may have to ask one of you, my British friends help me to get her something right from England when the baby is born. She has always been this way...even with movie celebrities. I probably should explain why I call her EvaP. When I was a toddler, I would call my dad Joe because everybody did--- and never daddy. Then as I was older I did call him dad. Mom on the other hand was always mommy until I aged and she became EvaP. Go figure. It also was something Mr H could call her instead of mom. So that explains that, or not!
Cousin Janice received the black pearl and crystal bracelet and loves it. I do not know if my other packages have arrived at their destinations so mum is the word for now about them. I started a Christmas list of who and what so I can get a start on that.... soon I hope. I yet have to take a picture of my next stash send off. I would like to thank all of you for the prayers for my friend Cassandra. Today is my first day back to work since the tragedy and I am sure some of us will share a hug. The place that John worked at has set up a collection for her and the boys to help with expenses. I will check into it tomorrow so that I can send a check. One less paycheck for a family of 4 boys and a young mom.
We had a monsoon storm warning yesterday and last night. A few rolls of thunder and winds but we escaped the storm which did damage south of us. The sky is mostly sunny today with the winds back in swing. The temps are cooler, only in the low 100's. This humidity is giving me sinus headaches.... lucky for me they do lighten up by mid day. Wish me luck with this stubborn motif or is me being stubborn? Anyway, glad you stopped in today. Have a great day.....

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mixed thoughts day

Crazy title for a post? Well first let me tell you that on Friday night my co-worker's husband was killed in a motorcycle accident on his way home from work.  He was 41 years old. She is a young lady who always smiles and is cheerful. Someone I do enjoy working with. They have 5 boys from 18 years old to 7 months. Such a sadness.
Next on my list is that I have several projects in the works and feel like it is forever to get them completed. Don't get me wrong, 2 of them are only in need of finally being constructed into something. Just need a push to do it. Then there is my tatting.... just finished another ornament. This is the beaded tree shape . Now I have a multi colored, a red and a gold. I next will do an all green one. Spoke with my tatting guru Debra yesterday and we are having a Tat and Chat meet next Saturday. It was nice to not hear  her say a lesson! I guess I have progress in her mind enough to just spend friendship time. Next to make plans to sit and stitch with Jeanne next week. I am beginning to need a calendar to keep track of my new social schedule.

The post brought my thread order. These will be used in the Witch Doll. I bought extra just in case.... you never know. It is used in the rest of the Dolls so I want to be prepared.
At some point I want to stitch all of them.... 3 ladies and 3 witches.
 Then there is this project...
The prints are from the Moda Southwest collection for another quilted bag. It took forever for me to layout the 22 squares. I kept changing my mind and then asked Mr H for an opion and he put back one of the squares that I had just moved to where I had it in the first place. WE do think alike.... most of the time. So since this is in the way on the floor of the sewing room, I probably should get it stitched together before I try to rearrange it again.

On to the weather.... it is just feeling too hot to do anything out of the house. Mr H and drove 4 miles to the nursery yesterday...the half hour out of the car and we were wet to the skin. The humidity is what is the problem... the monsoons bring it.
There are lovely grey clouds in the sky.... if only they would bring some rain.
I finally made it to the post office yesterday....mail out to Rhode Island----Cranston, Johnston and West Warwick and to San Fransisco. The clerks always remark on my package destinations.
So you see, my mind is everywhere today. The one thing that I feel is happy to have Mr H and also my friends. Without all of you near and far, it would not be a nice world for me. I am a very lucky lady indeed. I enjoy our visits here and at your place.... I love your kind words and emails and will try to be better at leaving them for you also. Whatever your plans today, have a great day.