Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I am I getting too confidant???

I would like to think that I am honest with myself...and of course all of you. The newest tatting pattern has me perplexed. Maybe I am getting ahead of my abilities. Probably to complicated. No! I say no to at least my abilities. I really think know that I can do this motif and I will, no matter how many times I need to start it over, I will get it. Now it is a matter of ----- I am in charge---- attitude. Hazel has assisted in undoing many stitches and the scissor has been handy to cut apart areas of wrong. However, if I at one point could get 3 of 4 points done, and correctly, then why is it I can not get the 4th point? I know what the problem is. he directions for the final point are confusing to me. My plan is to get it to that point and when Debra is here on Saturday have her watch to see what I am doing wrong mis-reading in the pattern.
EvaP, my mom, and I had our weekly conversation:
    Me:       so what is new
    EvaP:    I can't wait for the baby
    Me:       what baby
    EvaP:    you know, The Baby
    Me:       no, who is having a baby
    EvaP:    you know, The Royals
    Me:       oh, I understand
Now, mom can leave me guessing many time during our phone talks. She is 86, hard of hearing (doesn't usually have the hearing aide in when we chat), and is getting a little forgetful, but that is for another time. She is, and always has been so taken with the Royal Family. I think she thinks they are her family! She is so anxious for this baby to arrive. I may have to ask one of you, my British friends help me to get her something right from England when the baby is born. She has always been this way...even with movie celebrities. I probably should explain why I call her EvaP. When I was a toddler, I would call my dad Joe because everybody did--- and never daddy. Then as I was older I did call him dad. Mom on the other hand was always mommy until I aged and she became EvaP. Go figure. It also was something Mr H could call her instead of mom. So that explains that, or not!
Cousin Janice received the black pearl and crystal bracelet and loves it. I do not know if my other packages have arrived at their destinations so mum is the word for now about them. I started a Christmas list of who and what so I can get a start on that.... soon I hope. I yet have to take a picture of my next stash send off. I would like to thank all of you for the prayers for my friend Cassandra. Today is my first day back to work since the tragedy and I am sure some of us will share a hug. The place that John worked at has set up a collection for her and the boys to help with expenses. I will check into it tomorrow so that I can send a check. One less paycheck for a family of 4 boys and a young mom.
We had a monsoon storm warning yesterday and last night. A few rolls of thunder and winds but we escaped the storm which did damage south of us. The sky is mostly sunny today with the winds back in swing. The temps are cooler, only in the low 100's. This humidity is giving me sinus headaches.... lucky for me they do lighten up by mid day. Wish me luck with this stubborn motif or is me being stubborn? Anyway, glad you stopped in today. Have a great day.....


Annette-California said...

Lol I got what your mom said Right Away:) I actually thought no couldn't be but yes she was talking if the Royal baby. God bless EvaP! Monsoon warning? Wow! How do you prepare for that? Good luck with learning 3to4 points, you'll be happy when you can understand what went wrong. Prayers for Cassandra and her family. love Annette

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I know that feeling - with every craft I want to run before I can walk. I see all these amazing designs and think I may be able to cope with them and then don't have the confidence to have a go. Your mum and the royal baby made me smile. My mum is 88 and is typically Scottish in that a royal baby doesn't feature high on her list.

meggie said...

Hello Gracie

Funny story about your Mum! Seems like lots of people are waiting for the new royal baby!
I hope you can sort out your tatting, sometimes it's such a simple thing we do wrong!
I would be frightened if I heard a monsoon warning, I hope you will be ok.

Silverlotus said...

Good luck with the tatting. I'm sure it will eventually click for you. I know I often read something wrong lots of times, and then I suddenly get it. Reading the pattern out loud is very helpful for me.

Julie said...

Bless your mum, how lovely she is excited bout the new Royal baby.
We had a lightning storm on Saturday and a house close by took a direct hit. Heatwave here and I am wishing for cooler temperatures. I'm typically British, I moan about all weathers it's never the right one lol

cucki said...

Aww your mom is so sweet :)
Good luck with your tatting...
Big hugs x

thegreytail said...

oh, here we get reports on the news about The baby about three times a day.. as if we didn't have anything else to worry about :o
EvaP sounds like a lot of fun though! :)
I'm sure that pattern is just testing your perseverance. you'll get your A, I'm sure about it. - or a 10 if you prefer, we use numbers here in Italy.
weather has been seriously dangerous around here as well, funny how we all end up with similar weather issues. hail as big as apricots. all the window shades strafed, cars and trees damaged, .. it happened only a few kilometers from here. and more is expected by the end of this week. fingers crossed! :o

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Gracie, I would be delighted to get your mum something when the baby finally arrives! I'll look around and see what nice souvenirs there are and maybe a special copy of the daily newspaper.
Is there anything in particular she collects?