Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sometimes you just have to look into the box

Well, let me tell you. The latest snowflake has me melted. I was able to tat to the third point on my second attempt, but as of the fourth try I can not get there. So, for now it will remain thread on the shuttles and not in my hand. There! I did however, begin the tree shaped ornament with only green beads. I think I have mentioned some post early on that I learned to crochet first as a young girl around 7 years old.  For many years I did only crochet and enjoyed it. I had then learn to sew and knit and embroider. I made many crocheted items... oh the usual crochet around the hankie and doilies too. I just came across this
I crocheted this doily during my pregnancy with my youngest son in 1972. Sometimes you have to look into the box in the storage cupboard to find a treasure. I still have several that I made but this is the most decorative one. he others are simple in design. I wish I still had the pattern for this one. Actually, I really do not have any of those wonderful old patterns. When we were packing to move out here, I went through all my craft stuff and took very little as I had no place to store it then. Besides, I really had not been doing any crocheting. I had loved to do my knitting especially shawls and, scarves and of course socks for the cold winter New England weather. I seemed to stop the knitting now. Well, I barely wear socks except in my sneakers for work or walks and I still have my shawls if it gets chilly enough here in Arizona. I do know that I have a lace shawl that need the other half finished and a pair of socks on the needles... but, I have not wanted to work on them in **** years now. That's right, it has been a few several  years since I picked up my needles for knitting.
I also made another pearl bracelet----------
this is for me. It has no crystals. Instead I used smaller pearls in a grey tone. The larger pearls are just a bit off white. I think it looks very nice. I am planning to do one in Southwest colors next. I really enjoy beading... of any kind.
Remember when I said in an earlier post that I had too many things going at once? Well---- I managed to get all the squares together for the bag and I have just enough Pellon for the bag... just have to iron the Pellon the to squares.... not exactly what I have in mind when it is 105 outside...I know, I am indoors with the air on, but still. And then the Doll--- finally found the backing fabric and just need to pick up the trim for it. So, it seems that little by little it is all getting done, except for that snowflake!
I am off to work for the next 2 days.. in a row!... something that I do not usually do. But then I am off for a few days so me and the Kenmore will work together and it will give Hazel a break. I hope you enjoyed our time together. I always like having you visit. Thank you for the kind words and emails.... have a wonderful day.


butterfly said...

Love your Cochet it is so beautiful, sounds like you are very busy with every thing, hugs.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Beautiful work on both counts - I miss doing some beadwork of sorts but with two young cats around it would be impossible. It's hard enough to knit and stitch without them running off with bits and pieces.

Mouse said...

gosh that is a pretty pattern ... can't do anything but the basic crochet and not done that in upteen years either ... love the bracelet too ... enjoy your time off :)
love mouse xxxx

Ele said...

What a pretty doily, the design is so unusual!
Enjoy the weekend

Annette-California said...

LOVE your doily you made. I loved hearing the whole story too. Oh Grace your bracelet you beaded came out soo elegant & beautiful. I have a doily too that is the same pattern but different colors were used. My grandmother made it - we don't have her pattern either. Enjoy your time off. love Annette

cucki said...

Wow very sweet doiley ..I love it.
Happy weekend x

Vickie said...

What a lovely treasure you rediscovered!
The new bracelet is beautiful.

Minnie said...

Rediscovering old treasures is always fun and making new ones is too. The bracelet is gorgeous.

Julie said...

Such a pretty crochet doily, very delicate and beautiful.