Saturday, July 9, 2016

Coffee~Tea~ Hot Chocolate and K D Lang

A bit of experimenting this morning....dying fabric swatches~~~
this is with a strong cup of  Eight O'clock coffee and left for about an hour. I like the color and the scorch marks.....hated to waste my coffee but it had to be done. You can see the original bees fabric and the lovely difference.
Then we made a strong cup of Tetley tea...
Not bad color....but not quite right. This is why I always experiment before using all the fabric and time. Of course, there is no guarantee that it will turn out the same later when I do it for real. After this I decided to try Swiss Miss hot chocolate  which I had not tried before
not a bad shade but again, not what I would want with this project. It is always fun to try different foods. Do you ever use food for dying fabric? For each of these I left in the liquid for about hour swishing them periodically. Then a rinse in cold water briefly and into the microwave for a minute. Sometimes as with large pieces I use the clothes dryer and even the oven occasionally. Most important with the oven....check every few seconds or else! So, I guess the coffee dye will be the way to go.

The bee fabric is by Moda---design is Bee Creative by Deb Strain
So next will be to decide how to bag it! K D Lang ( Drag CD) in the back round is just so relaxing. Earlier I went out to water the garden and of course received 2 mosquito bites for my 5 minutes in the hot sun. Filled the birdbath and watched as the woodpecker made his daily visit to the hummingbird feeder. He looks so silly but I look forward to his visits. Meanwhile the hummer flits in and out to drink. Now I am off to sit and read my smocking book for a bit and then a little practice. You always make my day with your visits. Thank you for your friendship and kind words. Have a great day.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

~~~Bee Happy~~~

Stitching complete and I am happy. This was a pleasure to stitch and I am so glad I chose the linen that I a reminder: the pattern is from The Primitive Hare as found in Just Cross Stitch June 2016 issue on 25 count Vintage Butter Pecan. Can you see the bee fabric in the back round? Just found that at my local quilt shop. I will tone it down a bit with some dying. How will it be finished you ask....I think a bag. I have so many "to completes" on my sewing desk...when will I get to them? Why am I being so pokey? The answer my friend is blowing in the wind...and right now it is a hot breeze out there. Just lack of ambition to sit at the sewing other words I am feeling quite lazy. At this very moment I can smell shrimp cooking.....Old Bay Seasoning....fills the kitchen. Oh that Mr H, he knows just what I like. So with that I must leave you to finish "helping" in the kitchen and figure what to have with was nice of you to stop by. Thank you for your friendship and kind words. Have a nice is a late post for me.