Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pretty mail

Sun glow on flowers
Hummingbird sips the nectar
Bees gather pollen
This is my Saturday morning..... a lovely day to end my work week. I am looking forward to a few days off from the hustle and bustle. Mr H is still picking tomatoes from our garden.... a great crop this year. It is still a novelty to us to be having tomatoes in the garden in January/February. He replanted my little herb garden of parsley, chives and basil with some pretty lavender.  Yesterday just before leaving for work the garage bell rang and that can only mean  a package has arrived. I won the drawing at Donna's Grow Your Blog Party....
Look at these lovely earrings..... so Victorian. A perfect little silver container is what she sent them in. Thank you Donna. If you have never visited Donna, please do.
On Wednesday Mr H and I went to Staples where I bought my bookcase...just a simple on to hold books and some of my "stuff". I did mention to Esther that it was okay to find me books again as I have a new place for them! Actually, she never stopped......
EvaP is doing well....thank you for the kind wishes for her. Mom was so pleased that you thought of her. I ma due for routine blood work...I keep putting it off... just so silly of me. Guess Monday will be the day....after my Sun Stitchers meeting in the morning. In the meantime, welcome to new friends and thank you to all for the kindness you share with me. I do treasure our friendships. Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Plans change quickly

A morning phone call....
He:  I'm on the way to moms, she fell
She:  No, what happened
He:  Not sure, will call you when I get there.
This was the call from my brother Alan in RI on Sunday morning. EvaP had fallen and used her I have fallen and can't get up button.   She was transported to a hospital. Alan called with updates, tests performed and blood work too and kept over night. She had not been feeling well, and we thought it was a cold or the flu. his always is a cause for concern when you are 87. As of Tuesday, she is home and feeling tired but cleared for any infection and nothing is broken. So, the plans for a quiet stitch morning went by the wayside. Sometimes it is hard to live so far away. When I spoke to her she was concerned that I sounded tired...mothers are like that.
I had a silent talk with those pesky fairies this morning. I made it clear that I had a few projects sitting idle and they had to find someone else to bother. Must be working because with needle in hand, in between the laundry, I managed to work on the Alphabet Doll a little. This is so not like me to not stitch or tat or bead for so many days. I ordered beads from Red Panda to make another Deb Roberti bracelet. I had a discount from them from my last order so of course I had to use it. I can't wait to get the package. I saved $6.21 from the 20% off coupon, and $4.71 from my Rewards...not bad. Good company to do business with. Did I mention I saw a book ....well, I put it back on the rack. Must get that bookcase today! In the meantime., I will sit and stitch and say thank you for visiting with me and for the kind words....have a great day.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A quite Sunday morning

I love the quite of my early mornings. The first cup of coffee and curling up on the daybed with an old movie and no one to interrupt. Just me....
This morning began with putting the oven on self clean, re-arranging a few containers in the craft closet to make them more accessible and now, catching up on blog visits.... and it is only 6:12 AM. The fairies have done it again.

 They have me under their spell. I have not stitched, tatted or beaded this week. I would think they have better things to do than to take my time...but I am determined to find it today. Esther has done it again...that's right, she found me a book...2 books. I must get a new bookcase and real soon.
One is on beaded bugs and the other on old fashion crocheted motifs. Why do I not have will power? I am not even that keen on crocheting! I must get that bookcase soon....
Our weather has been warm for this time of the season. We even broke a record the other day. It has been in the low 80's and wonderful to sit out on the lanai. Mr H and I had our lunch outside Wednesday. I am waiting for the sun to rise and the newspaper to arrive then I will sit out with my coffee, the second cup, and relax. Before I forget, welcome to a few new glad that you have found me. I am off now to try to corner the fairies......have a wonderful day.