Saturday, November 5, 2011

What is going on ?

What is with this weather? It is not January yet but the temps feel like it! Can it be! Last evening we had strong winds and pouring rain and very cool temps. When I want need a blanket, it must be chilly. Today the sun is bright but the winds are still here and so is the chilly air. This weekend is suppose to be in the high 60's... now really.

I shave not been stitching, well not very much. It seems I have a melt down. I guess because of late all the stitching has been either sitting in a hospital room, or in a doctor's office that I feel I need a break. I did start this....
It is  LHN Lavender's Blue. I am stitching on 28ct something from the linen draw and using the DMC threads as listed. When I was a young girl.... I loved the song and it I just had to stitch it now. I am still in the finishing of some Christmas stuff.... and so want to start one of the creative dolls. I just need a mental push.
I am off to work today...we were so busy again yesterday...good sales and lots of ladies with sewing projects out there.  Having a 25% off entire purchase coupon also pushed the sales a bit. I hope to be more productive this coming week....thank you for stopping by and have a great day.
Oh.... did you know that Blu Stitcher is having a give away? Be sure to visit and get in the drawing.

Friday, November 4, 2011


When I think of my co-workers, I think of them as friends.... but different than the "outside" of work friends.  Like my friendship with Dear Ziz is different than with the great gals I work with. I do not see them out of the job place. Last week a co-worker overheard a conversation I was having with another  gal about making the creative type dolls. We both want to try to create a masterpiece. A short time later, the other gal came over and told me she heard what we talked about and wanted to offer me a few books she had about doll making... did I want them. I said I would. Yesterday when I went in to work, Mara was in the break room and handed me a bag....
I was taken back! They are brand new and look like she never opened them. I offered to pay something but she refused. The retail price on all 4 books $24.99!!!! I will of course do something special for Mara as she is refusing $$$. My co-workers are great for sharing hugs when needed, and sharing the work load. This is a lovely surprise of someones kindness to me. Maybe I will make a creation for her!
I am off to work today.... it has been very busy, so I expect another constant day. I am so happy you stopped by and could share my time. Have a great day.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Have you heard?

Have you heard about the give away that Patty C is hosting? Visit and read all about!
No stitch post today. Spent yesterday resting and jamming those meds down. Well, I did leave the house for about an hour. Zoe needed her pedicure and diet food so to the Vet we travelled. She was so exhausted that she had to nap too. It was a very quiet house. Just what we all needed.
That's it for now. All those good wishes for me helped.... I am feeling better today. Thank you for sharing some time with me....have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Need some sunshine in the house

Well, things are just not hunky dory around here. No they are not. Oh it is another beautiful Arizona sunshine day alright, but inside is another story. I seem to be trying to have a cold or flu like bug move in. My pistol is loaded with daytime cold stuff, night-time cold stuff, upset stomach things, plenty of fluids and rest. As for Mr H.... he is not out of the  woods desert yet...more tests tomorrow. Another specialist on Monday...the days have gotten very long for him. I asked Zoe to step in and help out. But no, she still wants to go out and be fed and refuses to be ignored. So, as a result of the above... I will just say .... never mind, it isn't fit for printing!
I do hope you are all faring better out there..... glad you took some time to stop by.....
this is where I'll be if you want me .... resting.