Friday, May 8, 2015


~Friends are the best to turn to when having a rough day~
How to say thank you for the wonderful friendship I share with you..... I treasure all of you who take the time to visit and for your kind words. I am off work all of next week so I will be looking to find an Ophthalmologist for my second opinion. First I will tell you that my eyes are feeling better. For now, Mr H picked me up Thera Tears, a lubricant for dry eyes. The gritty feeling is gone and actually today the pain is much less. Still blurry on and off, but I am not expecting miracles...yet. A big test will be going to work today..... scanning prices measuring and so on. Bright lights are still a bother also. Going to keep positive thoughts. I am finding it easier to hand stitch right now so I  have strted a crazy quilt pincushion....

so I grabbed some fabric scraps. I will hopefully get the piecing down this weekend so I can start the fun part, embellishing. My plan is to finish it as a "cd" pincushion. If you have not heard of this method, I will share more on it later when it comes to the finishing. I need to find a button from my collection as well as some trims to add. I think a stump-work bug may be in the mix. I always like the embellishing/finishing part. Our day is starting out cool and breezy. The garden is looking okay...some of our petunias have decided not to stay...but the ones that are growing wild with no care are doing well. The snail vine is needing a trim. The zinnias are bright and cheerful......
they are glowing in the sun light. Mr H has them in pots here and there so the color pops constantly. Speaking of flowers, I just ordered some to be sent to my mom...EvaP. I have a good rapport with a Rhode Island florist that I have been doing business with for well over 15 years. It is so nice to be able to call and have flowers sent and know they will always be wonderful. They keep me on file and those that I send to so it is easy. They are close enough to my family for quick delivery in in the winter months. I guess that about covers it for today my dear friends..... thank you for caring and your kind words. Hope you have a wonderful day.
PS: June card exchange start up..... if you wish to be added for June let me know. If you are new to the group, please email me you mailing info.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

A detour on the way

Red Riding Hood has been on a detour to Grandmother's house~~~~~~
you see I have asked her to wait for me......
These past few weeks have been a little hard for me to see clearly. I have been having some blurred vision on and off and it became difficult to stitch on the linen. I am happy to say my hand stitching otherwise is not too affected, just the linen. So, Red will have to wait for me to visit with Grandma. I have only been able to add a stitch or three on any day. Even this typing is a little difficult. Yesterday I had an eye exam to rule out any serious issues. She put 3 different solution in each eye to dilate them fully. My eyes were still full dilated at 9 PM (from 1PM) last night and today burn terribly. Luckily I did not have to go to work today! In the meantime I will work on my crazy quilt pincushion as I can. I started a book, but that may prove to be a problem. Mr H thinks I should see am Ophthalmologist....right now I want the burning to cease. I put some drops in but they seem ineffective. The doctor said the left eye is becoming a dry eye...even though it tears often. Her suggestion is to take vitamins for the eyes (that she alone sells). My eyeglass prescription must be changed to increase the reading and decrease the distance....I wear trifocals. "As people of your age reach a certain time the eye lens begins to harden. You will find it difficult to drive at night with the new glasses..." so getting old has issues, like I don't know. Don't get me wrong here, I am not feeling sorry for myself, just sadden that my stitching is taking a backseat. It is my daily love as is reading. By the way...what do you think of my grandma doll? I have had her fro about 35 years! Thank you for sitting with me and are dear friends..... have a good day.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Not much happening around here

I guess what they, who ever they are, say is true....the older we get the more difficult it can be to heal or in my case "feel better" quickly. The cold symptoms have really all but disappeared, but a migraine that is lingering this past week is another story. Today seems to be a better day and I will be off work until Tuesday. My work schedule has been light, only a couple of days. I plan to relax and push away any stress that may try to creep in.  Recently I am experiencing some blurred vision. All of this has made cross stitching a little stressful. Guess it is time to have it checked out. It comes and goes but it is worrying me. I managed to put a few x's in on Red but not enough that you would notice. I did make a pin cushion...
I grabbed some wool felt from my bin and cut out a simple pattern and then put it all together in applique. I am pleased with the finished piece. A bit "folksy" I would say. Our Arizona temperatures have reached the triple digit mark so I guess it will be onward and upward from here on out. Temps for today should be around is already 74 and just about 7:30 AM. The air is still, not even a little breeze out there. Laundry is almost finished, need a breakfast and then on to some stitching---- I hope, as I said, when my eyes are blurry it is not the best time to stitch on 28 count linen. Maybe some crazy quilting for today. So very nice to chat with you today....thank you for the kind words.....and of course your friendship. Have a wonderful day.

The language of friendship is not words but meanings.
Henry David Thoreau