Saturday, April 11, 2015

Welcome Saturday

It is an absolutely beautiful morning. Sun is shining, light breeze and comfortable temperature. I must get my stitchy stuff and go outside. I have felt a little stressed this week so I really did not do much stitching. Today, I decided to complete my Teneriffe pincushion...I made to the top March 20 something...
I am really pleased with it. I found just the perfect backing fabric in my stash and instead of having the bottom the same size circle as the top, I made it an inch smaller so the top would fall lower. I had the same variegated thread left over so I made the cording to cover the seam and a foo foo top design. All in all I am happy with it. I need to get to the one and only bead store around here today or by early next week to get a cabochon bead for an upcoming class. I could send to an online bead store, but I would rather see it to select it. It is so annoying that we have to resort to online buying for so many craft items. I am feeling rather scattered...I have several "things" I want to do but can not seem to settle down to chose one and do it. I think you may know what I eyes are too much for my time! I think I will gather up Red and make a cup of coffee and settle outside to relax. I will stitch if I do not get too distracted. I think I should go to the market first...then I can sit outside. Thank you for the kind words and for visiting with me....have a great day.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A late start today

Just a short post today. I got a late start to my day, I did not wake until 4:30 AM so I lost a few hours there. Then made the mistake of tuning in to an old movie that I always watch, Waterloo Bridge.... then on to getting the recycle stuff out as Mr H forgot again! The first laundry is in...and I need another cup of coffee this time with toast. Stitching? well I hope to find the time today. We are having a chilly start today, only 57 and breezy, the chimes are singing....
I have mention my dearest back East friend Lu a few times. I got a slap on the wrist of sorts yesterday from her! She follows my blog and well was not happy that there is where she found out the Mr H has not been feeling well. Promptly I sent her back and email with all the details! We are forever sidekicks.... a term we use to describe ourselves. We sat side-by-side when we worked together for some years....we are sisters in our souls. So Lu, if you are reading this, I promise to email you first!. Well, friends, that is about it for today. Glad you stopped by and thank you for your kind words....have a good day.
The new plant in the garden.. Canna Lily but do not know the excat name of this one, but it sure is a bright spot in the garden.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Love the mail delivery

Our Card exchange is still on going...all through the year plans. If you want to join us, just email me your mailing info, or if you have been sending already, just  let me now to add you to the May list, by April 18th. It is so nice to receive cards just because.
My Mail on Monday brought me...
At Christmas time my sis Lynowl sent me a gift certificate from 123 Stitch. It is a quick mailing site that allows you to keep a wish list that can be accessed by you and friends simply with your email address. Anyway, these are the 2 projects: Just Nan's Feathers and Flowers biscornu and Mani di Donna Petal Pincushion....not ready to start them yet, but I have opened them a few times! I really must update my wish list there.
I managed some stitching, not much, on Red Riding Hood while sitting outside ..
it looks neat in the dappled light. I really should have accomplished more but it is so easy to get distracted sitting outside under the Sweet Memory tree and umbrella...the Hummingbird keeps fluttering about and the flowers look so pretty...Mr H frequently getting up to adjust one plant or another.
The lovely purple flowers are on the Sweet Memory tree. It is difficult to see the tiny blooms from sitting beneath them in the picture, but is is pretty. There will be not sitting outside today as we have a doctor appointment for Mr H. Originally when I called for an appointment they said in mid May...that will not do as there is a problem now that should not wait. So just a short time ago the PA called to say she would see him today. Got to be pushy at times and once I relayed the issue and weekend visit to the ER, she agreed that waiting until May was out of the question. Glad you stopped by today...thank you fro the kind words which always make my day. Have a great day. I would like to leave you with a sweet picture of my great-niece Natalia Rose....first Easter Bunny picture

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Bunny and books

Easter Greetings from our courtyard bunny who stopped by yesterday to lunch on our Lantana bush! He also enjoyed all those red blossoms that fell from the Bottle Brush tree. Today Mr H will be cooking ham and fixings.... I will assist. I bought a bread mix to make. I also bought...
a couple of books....with Esther's help of course. It all started with my asking her about a book a week or so ago. She said it would be coming in. On Friday she called to say it was in so off Mr H and I went to get it.
I had seen this on Facebook somewhere and knew I had to have it. It is the cutest doll making book around. Using pipe cleaners and floss to make the bodies and there are so many pattern designs to choose from. I quickly grabbed a few items and waited for Esther to cash me out. (We need a manager to ring up our sales) While she was doing so, she said "there is a book I wanted you to see... do you want to see it?" I said no, then okay and next thing I knew I was adding it to my purchase...
 this is a lovely book with beautiful patterns and full size patterns at the back of the book. Lots of applique work and great instructions. Now to find those extra hours to play with each one.Lucky for me I am on less hours for now and plan to try to dabble in all of this along with my cross stitching. With the weather being in a cool down (instead of 90's, back to the high 70's low 80's) I hope to sit outside and gather all my want to do things. The yard is a blaze with color....

these lovely petunias are so cheerful. They popped up in the cracks along the walk just in front of the lanai. We do not water them at all and they thrive. I have to remind myself to step over them each day! Well dear friends, it is time for a cup of coffee and something to eat..... so glad you stopped by today. Thank you for your kind words and most of all your friendship. Have a wonderful day....