Thursday, September 8, 2016

Off color

~~~~and I do not mean me! All of a sudden blogger changed my blog colors and I can not get them to reset. Therefore, you are looking at a blog that is under construction. What to do?  In the meantime....we had a bit of rain, not really much at all from the tropical storm Newton. Out came my Monet Water lilies umbrella when I had to go into the garden to adjust a few things...
I love my special umbrellas. Of course  they were used quite often when we lived in Rhode island, but here in Arizona....The Valley of the hardly rains. It is a cause for celebration when I can actually open one up. So they remain in their stand but the front door...
I have 2 Monet, a Renoir and one with the Sistine Chapel inside and then the fancy edged one that was a gift years ago from my niece Tonya...they sit in a large pottery urn that we found when we moved here. Of course I could use the lighter ones when walking in the hot sun (some people do) but they only know the rain.  I have finally finished the punching on the couple walking but have not decided how to complete it yet. I really need to spend time with the sewing machine to get some of these projects to completion....on my to do list. I am forever making lists: for the kitchen, for the desk, for the market...on and on it goes. The older I get I need reminders so I write it all down with hopes of reading and doing!
The Brother Alan recently received a Leadership Excellence Award at work...and a letter: ..."Your hard work and dedication....your outstanding commitment to customer service." "Thank you for stepping up to the challenge of your demanding position and embracing our culture of responsibility and accountability." He is a director in a department for a large company and is well respected. I am so very proud of him. Well my friends...thank you for your friendship and kind words. It is always nice to chat with you. Have a great day.
NOTE~~~~~I think blogger will keep these changes...let's hope....

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Excuse the mess

Now, I am not sure what is going on with blogger...but when I pull up my blog the colors are all off kilter. I tried to adjust them but not go. So, if you are visiting and it is not it's usual loveliness....please bear with me while I continue to mess around with it and make adjustments.