Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Where have the days gone----

Once again I am looking for the past days...what happened since Friday? Almost a week and I am lost---- again. I know I went to work on Saturday and Tuesday. I know that Sunday and Monday were beautiful weather days and Mr H and I sat outside for a few hours even had lunch by the little pond. I know that I did stitch and even prepared a new project and yesterday bought wool for another one....
To the left is the pattern for The Beetle Bag... have no idea why it is called that...but it is a cute bag with plastic envelopes that close in the center. Of course there is Red and now I am getting the right side of the forest stitched and then onto page 2. Pink Lady is getting there....and then there is the wool....Straw Yellow and Gold. So, that is obviously where the days have gone. Today it is so windy that sitting outside to stitch or have lunch for that matter is definitely out of the thought. Maybe I can talk Mr H in going out for lunch...possibility. In the meantime, thank you for visiting and thank you for the kind words.....have a wonderful day my friends.