Saturday, May 23, 2015

June Card Exchange

So, the list is about ready for emailing out. There is still time to join! If you have been with us before, just let me know. If you will be new to the list, email me your mailing address today. Off to work for me enjoy your day whatever you may have planned.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday already!

I have had another "week off" so to speak; going in today and tomorrow. It has been wonderful with so much free time for Mr H and me to enjoy. A few days we take a ride and enjoy lunch out and then others we have stayed in watching movies and just relaxing. Yesterday I started out for lunch with a friends only to get in the car and it would not start! Just last week I commented to Mr H that our car battery is getting beyond the 2 year mark. You see, here in the hot desert air of Arizona, a car battery usually lasts about 2 years and we are into year 3. So my friend came to pick me up instead. When I arrived back home I opened the garage door  and instead of a car there was a lawn chair sitting there! Where did the car go and also where is Mr H? Finally I found a simple (very small) note in the kitchen that said gone to Larry Miller---that is the dealership. After calling Road Service to start the car off he went to get a new battery. That was his adventure of the day, while mine was a wonderful lunch and great conversation with my friend. I have not really stitched much this week as my eyes have been so blurry and on and off and my hand is still swollen. We have no plans for this holiday weekend---- I am sure the traffic will be horrendous around here. Hopefully all who are celebrating will do so safely. he other day as I looked out my window....
a large woodpecker was treating himself to the sweet hummer food! Excuse the picture quality, as it is taken through the window and I did not want to interrupt his lunch. By the time he finished, the feeder was pretty empty. As he hung off the edge, the liquid pooled to the top and he sipped. It is not seen in this picture, but he had a beautiful large red spot on the top of his head....then as quickly as he appeared he left. I so enjoy the wildlife we have. Well, that is about it for today. Glad you had some time to spend with me....have a great day.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Really? Almost a week~~~~~

We all say it, where is time going. This week has seemed to float right out of my home and into oblivion. I know it has been relaxing, and Mr H and I have been here and there. Today I think will be a stay at home day. The stitching continues to be slow until I get my new eye-wear. The eye drops are helping. If it is not one thing it is right hand is swelling again. and The pain is returning. But, on a brighter side of things, yes I say brighter..... yesterday morning I decided to sit out in the yard with my stitching. It is a simple piece, an angel, when all of a sudden, a hummingbird whizzed my my face and returned to check out my sewing box. I think the lovely red fabric caught his eye. Of course my camera was not outside with me! Later, Mr H and I enjoyed a drive and lunch out in Scottsdale. I love being able to bring flowers from the garden inside...
Mr H trimmed the Sweet Memory bush and  i thought I would try to put a few sprigs in water. Never have taken any in before. The look like they will last a few days anyway.
They remind me of the Lilacs I used to have back East. For as long as they last, I certainly am enjoying seeing them. I received a lovely card from Lynda Ruth in Canada. She kindly include 2 seed packets; one for Poppies and the other for Forget-Me-Nots. Mr H  took charge of them and has planted them. Hope they sprout and grow. Speaking of is the last call for anyone who wants to join the June Card Exchange. I will email participant names on Monday. If you have joined us before, just let me know to add your name, if not, please email me your mailing info. have only a few days left. Guess it is about time for that second cup of coffee and maybe some toast. As always it is so nice to visit here with you. Thank you for your kind words and most of all your friendship. Have a wonderful day.