Saturday, September 28, 2013

I love Marigolds

Yesterday was a really nice day. The temperature was down and Mr H decided we should visit the Wells Fargo Museum. It is small, free and really very nice. Wonderful original artifacts from stagecoach passengers.... well worth the trip into Phoenix. From there we stopped at a nursery...Mr H can not resist stopping when we pass one! I picked out some herbs and of course marigolds...
Mr H put the chives, parsley and mint in a hanging basket and the marigolds are in a pot just outside the lanai. I choose bright yellow marigolds because they glow in the sunshine!
The final stop on our journey was to stop for lunch... of course. There is this small hot dog place in is called, The Great Dane Dog House. Not much of a place to draw your attention, but the Vienna beef dogs are really good.
Once we arrived back home it was time to pick out a couple of
 ornament to stitch.... finally found 2 that I will do once I gather the supplies. This will be my weekend project if and this is a big if, I do not get sidetracked.  I have so many too many projects lined up. At least I have sometime before they need to be sent here or there. My want to do list is very long and I keep adding all the time. You know the saying----eyes too big for your stomach?... mine is eyes too big for stitching time. I am off to work today...too is glorious outside...I could be sitting on the lanai or the front porch stitching....As always, it is so nice to have you visit here with me. I thank you for the kind words and friendship.... have a good day.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Pumpkins for Cathey day

Today is "Pumpkins for Cathey" sponsored by Daffycat so be sure to visit and read all about it.
So, here is my pumpkin! Mr H bought this for me a few years back at a Scottsdale Fair. It is of course purple and made of glass. It is so pretty. I have not seen that fair again or I would probably have another one!
My threads for The Pink Doll have arrived so I can start on it... but I also have a few Christmas ornaments to do, I have a new tatting pattern to try, I have just so many hours and only one of me. I suppose Mr H would tell you one of me is enough! And besides, there is a new pattern being released by The Primitive Hare that I want must order as soon as it is available. I dream of being able to do it all... a dream is a wish your heart makes.....that tune is dancing in my head right now.
I have the day off so you can find me stitching somewhere around here.... maybe even outside on the lanai if it is another fair morning. Thank you for stopping by and don't forget to go to Daffycat's when you leave here. Have a great day.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Is it really Thursday

This week is passing so quickly. I can not believe it is almost over. I spent Wednesday morning with Sweet Jeanne. I so enjoy our stitch and chat time. It is just the two of us....we stitch quietly for a time, then we discuss anything that comes to mind and sometimes the needles are parked and we just visit. She is just about finished with the lovely piece she has been doing and already is planning her next one. Our stitch group is going to do an ornament exchange that I am organizing also she is planning that also...and this from someone is is just starting to cross stitch. I am trying to decide which ornament to to stitch also...actually I need to make a few of them. I started a tatted one this morning but then laundry got in the way and now I am going of to work. I hate when things get in the way of my stitching. Oh is time for me to finish getting my stuf together and get to work! So I maus rush away...but glad we had a few minutes together....have a good day.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Some friends to brag about

What a lovely morning.... outside. Inside it is a little off...another one of those days when I am coming and going in the same step! I have one wash drying one in the washer and some hung to dry, so I guess part of me is functioning. Mr H has a doctor appointment this morning... I am going in for 1 PM today. Yesterday was our stitch group...
A class was held over the last few months...needlepoint... and these are some of the finished works framed. The top left is the teacher/member Anne assisting Helen the top center is Mary who is just beginning her piece. and the center is (back row, l-r) Helen, Nancy, Linda, Ziz. The gals seated are (l-r) Jane Anne and Jeanne. I do not do needlepoint and I know the time spent and the patience they all have.  While we are on the subject of groups, the tatting group The Debra and I are hoping to organize seems to have some interest. Yes! One of my co-workers, a customer and Mary from the group above all are interested. So now we are 5.
Well, my friends, my stomach is telling me just coffee is not going to do it so I best find a breakfast to settle it down. Remember the drawing ....leave me a note saying that you want to be in the draw which will be this Sunday. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your time with me...have a great day.
(just an update: the recipient of my BBD piece finally acknowledge receiving arrived a few weeks ago.)

Monday, September 23, 2013

3 years ago today

Can it be? is it true? Well it is. Three years ago I posted my first blog note. It took me a week to get it all sorted out....find my way....pick and choose, but I did it. I had been visiting many different blogs and enjoyed the comradeship I saw and wanted to be a part of a caring group of people who were really not strangers because of their blogs. The first comment was made by my sister Lynowl of course. And Anne left me a comment. It took some time, then others noticed me and would visit and some left comments and also emails. Like so many, I started the blog for me; a place to have an open diary of sorts. I have showed my work, my travels around here and there, and rattled on about this or that.  Then a crazy thing happened! The follower numbers began to here I am 3 years to the day with 697 posts and 275 followers and 4259 comments!. Thank you all for joining me on my journey. My drawing will be on Sunday...just let me know if you are interested in having you name in the draw.
Off to visit in person today with my friends at Sun City Stitchers. Have a great day.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I am so lucky

Look at these 2 sweet Autumn Faeries.... the green gal just joined my household.... faces are just too sweet. Although it does not really seem like Autumn here in the Arizona desert...yet... I thought I would start to put some around. I must say that today is starting out lovely. The kitchen slider is open and there is a small breeze. Oh wait.... the air just came on so I guess the slider gets closed. Just when you think it is an open door day. Soon... that's what I keep telling me myself and I.
Mr H is getting ready for football and I will settle down to stitch. I am at a standstill with the the Pink Doll because the thread for the dress has not arrived yet. Here I try to support my local shop...oh well. as you know I have other things in the basket to work on. Tomorrow is our monthly stitch group and I look forward to seeing the gals.Guess what?, I think The Debra and I have 2 gals wanting to join our Tat and Chat. I really did not expect to find gals so soon. Yesterday I picked up ...
my Southwest  Pots.  I am always pleased with my framer Don. He is so good at choosing just the right mats and frame. This piece was finished some time ago but just decided to get it framed. Could it be the 65% coupon and also adding my employee discount that made my timing now? I love the museum glass also...hardly can set the glass.
How lucky I am to have found all of....Monday will be 3years that I have been blogging and I still say it is the best decision I made. It seems that you know just what to say when I am having an off day, you certainly can make me smile if there are tears in my eyes and always I can count on encouragement. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate the emails as well as the public comments. To celebrate, of course it means a giveaway. No hoops to jump through...just leave me a comment telling me you want to drop your name in the drawing. I will pick 3 names next Sunday.
Have a great day....