Saturday, November 5, 2016

Something new

I just want to introduce you to my dear friend JeanneG...
I am so lucky to have her as my friend. She is a delight to chat with, she is active in needlework and we get together at least once a week to stitch, or just chat. Doesn't she have a beautiful smile? I am so lucky to have her in my life.
Here is her latest cross stitch
JeanneG loves cats and this is absolutely sweet. JeanneG also quilts and she is currently working on a Dresden design also. We live a courtyard apart or as we used to say back in RI, a stone's throw away. I think it takes just about a minute to walk door to door.
I did mention something in a project that is. I finished the scarf I started...
I love it. One gift finished and I was getting ready to start another scarf  and was reminded of Hairpin Lace
so I had to do that! I have one strip finished and will have 3 to put together. The bright yarn is my life-lines to keep it all from tangling. It has been years since I did Hairpin Lace and forgot how relaxing it is to do. I like this Clover tool because it has the built in lifeline needle incorporated into the bars.  I need to focus on not added any more projects to my basket! Maybe a set of blinders (like the horses wear to keep them focused) would help but I seriously doubt it. Today Mr H and I are hoping he is feeling well enough to go to a Craft/Art Festival...a favorite of mine each year. The weather seems to finally be breaking and Fall may be just a day or two away. Oh and yes, this is the weekend you all turn back the clocks... Arizona does not, well only the Navajo Nation still does. So don't forget to adjust your clocks. I think it is time for me to have some toast and coffee....glad you stopped by today. Thank you for your friendship and kind words. Hope your day is great.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

When you are awake at 3:30 AM and look for something to do....this is what happens. I can not show more because first, it is not finished and second it will be a gift for someone. I can show you another part of him...
I do not know if you can see it well, but this is the stitchable cork form DMC and I stitched with metallic variegated thread on it. Really easier to use than I expected.  I need to do a few more things then it can be assembled and mailed. Mum is the word on where and who for now. Of course I may just fall asleep later today because although I was doing this at 3:30 AM I had been awake since 1:30 AM...going to be a very-- l o n g -- day . The weather has been cooler yesterday and so far today. I spent sometime yesterday morning rearranging some of my Katina collection from one place to another
and of course if you move one thing you then have to move this and that to complete it all and before you know it, 2 hours passes.  I have several more in my curio cabinet and that has to be emptied and cleaned....but not today! I can count on a couple of hours with that. These were my mothers and she gave them to me some years ago. Each is named and has a purpose/meaning. They were all bought back in the mid to late 80s. I must get to Jo Ann's for batting and a few other things...linen so I can wait to start Alice...get it? (inside joke) It is about that time that I need another cup of coffee....wish you were here to join me. Thank you for your friendship and kind words....hope you have a great day.