Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day off so I'll be stitching!

Yes, I have the day off. Since we had no plans because I was to be working, now I will relax and stitch today. Before I forget, I would like to say hello to the my new friends and followers...if you have a blog be sure to let me know so I can visit  and join you. I just downloaded the current GOS...I really enjoy this magazine. Good interview with Beth.

I tried...and I do mean tried to do some blind stitching on my Hawaiian quilting...
Ignore the wrinkles...and forgive the stitching. I am resigned that this is really my practice/learning piece. I will improve  and then I will make one that will be acceptable. I do love hand sewing so I am sure I will improve with this needle turning. I will bring it in to work next week and  have my coach Dianna Lynn take a look and see. I have started a small project ... just a peek...
I know, it does not look like anything .... but it will be...and maybe even completed this weekend. I think I will take a quick run to find some cigar boxes later. I know, I said I was going to stitch and I will......

Zoe seems to be driving Mr H crazy right now. Don't you wish these fur babies of ours could talk so we would not spend so much time trying to figure out what it is they want?  She has been out, she has a bowl of breakfast..... so what is with the barking. For years she rarely barked now in her old age she is very vocal. Well, I will try to rescue my guy. First I think I will make a cup of glad you visited today. Have a wonderful weekend.....see you tomorrow.

Friday, March 2, 2012

My Japanese Thimble

Well it is finished....I have to admit that I am pleased with it. I thought I would not be but I am. I think it could be better, but for the first attempt it did finish nicely. Will i make another ... for sure...I did check to see how to make the for the wrapping and the thread I will have to think more on that. I have a few thoughts on what I want to work on next.... but I just can't make up my mind. At the moment the work table has a Humbug kitted up, the felt for a penny rug, a UFO from BBD, and a possible pincushion. Decisions decisions. No matter what I decide on, I am off to work today and tomorrow which means some limited time to stitch.
I was sitting earlier with my first cup of coffee and thinking just how lucky I am. There are many who have little to no happiness in their life, no job or home life. Me? I have a loving husband, a senile pooch, and wonderful friends near and far. I have a sis who thinks nothing of calling almost everyday just to chat...did I mention the calls are at least 1 hour long! Did  I mention that somethimes they are about nothing at all!  Time is important so I plan to make the best of each day. Where did this all come from????
Thank you for the kind words....always so nice to hear from you. I amlucky to have you all.
The day here is starting cool and breezy. We do enjoy these early days of the year because before we know it the hot summer days will arrive. Where ever you may be, enjoy the day.
Before I is Dr Suess' birthday and you know who shares this day? Well, Sharon....Happy Birthday to Sharon aka Daffy Cat.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A short note~~~~~

Off to work in a few this will be a quick note.
I started my Japanese Thimble.....having typed that, I will say I wish I was not such a perfectionist. But Patty told me it will be fine and of course I always believe my friends. I also did stitch up a few of those cute little ......
They really take no time at all.

Well, that is really all I have time happy that you took some time to stop by and I love....don't we hearing from you. Have a wonderful day. If I had not dilly-dallied this morning I could have done a proper post!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So many pictures-----

Just a to follow....I have been busy!
First I finished Babouska as a free standing doll...

I think she is cute this way.
This is a freebie from Elisa. i stitched on28 ct Jobelan Blueberry and with Weeks Peoria Purple. The thread was sent to me from CalamityJr.....perfect match up. Now before you ask why the black box......
because for ages I have had a small piece of this Pansy on black print. I finally got to use it. Now for the box...remember the cigar boxes? This is one of them....I added a ribbon to hold the top open as it would open too far.
I decided to leave the name on the sides of the box. I added lavender pearl pins to the ric rack trim.....
a small pocket for scissors.....
I love the latch....quite decorative for a cigar box. I am really please with this project finish. I think I will get back to the wine store to see if they have any new boxes!
Remember the mail from Japan??????

Finally decided to order this kit. Maybe today I will start on it.
Time to have another cup of coffee. It was so nice to have you visit today.  I really hope you have a wonderful day. Be sure to save time for yourself.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

That was yesterday~~~~~

and yesterdays gone......good old Chad & Jeremy.

The day is starting cloudy and cool. We had strong winds overnight... actually kept me awake for a time. Yesterday was sunny and around 80... a beautiful day for sure. My day yesterday started off wrong.....felt so very tired and a little off kilter. Went to get in the car and dropped a travel mug full of hot coffee all over the place. I did clean most of it up but I was on my way to our monthly stitch meeting. So Mr H found the mess when he woke. Always enjoy catching up with the ladies.......I did take some pictures but for now.....
Yes, it is Dear Ziz. She is working on a beautiful lady...I will have to ask more info so I can share. Always with a smile. Through the week I will post a few of the other ladies. I did not stay for lunch... Mr H and I had another stop at Home Depot... I feel like they will soon know us by name. Mr. H has decided to replace the garage door rollers. It is saving us big $$. As long as he is feeling up to it I am all for it.
It is good to see him able to do things again. He is taking his time and doing only 2 at a time... you have to replace the same 2 that are opposite each other together. After we ran our errands and returned home I began to feel awful. Cold sweats and just off balance. Mr H walked me to a chair and applied a cold cloth to my forehead. Then the chills.... I was nervous because this came out of nowhere. As I started to feel better and I tried to think of why...then I remembered something from the morning. When I was heading out the door I stopped to take my pills for blood pressure. What? why was I taking them from the section marked Sat....this was Mon... but off I went deciding I would think about this later. Well, now was later. I obviously missed 2 days of BP meds.... all is right now. Of course I got the lecture from Mr H.... hate when he is so right! Feeling much better today....and yes, I did take my pills.

I have been working on a few I can not share yet and the other soon. One of the great things yesterday was that I got a package from Japan...that I will share tomorrow. For now, I think some breakfast is in order and some stitches before I go to work for a few hours....So glad you had some time to visit with me....enjoy your day.