Saturday, November 12, 2016

Friends playing together

Yesterday I spent time with Dianna Lynn, my friend who taught me and is still teaching me to Hawaiian quilt applique.
She is starting a new block and it is lovely. We traced the pattern then cut it from the applique print....well, Dianna cut the shape out....pretty tricky in spots....
This will be a 2 piece process with an inside piece and outside border. Folding and placing is so important! Cutting through almost 8 layers of fabric, in and around.....but Dianna is very good at this. I was only too happy to help so as to learn more.
Centering the inside piece was not too bad....
getting the outside piece perfectly place...took a bit of maneuvering. Next step will be to baste it all down. Dianna decided to remove the outside piece while she works on the inside motif...... good call. Also, she will be using a darker shade for the background. that was decided after I got home and got a message from her. All in all we had a nice morning.
Have any of you read about the Safety pin project?
 I am not looking for any political notations here....I like the idea of wearing a safety pin for the purpose of showing my solidarity for matter who is in office anywhere in the world.
I will not stand by and witness hate and bullying; nor will I join in that behavior. My key words are: "so that without a word, people may see your safety pin and know that you're a friendly face, that they are "safe" with you.
 So today I will start wearing my safety pin and will wear/carry extras so that I may encourage others to stop the hate, bullying and prejudice behavior. As I grew up in the late 50's and through the 60's I knew some who were fearful and feeling helpless. I will not let that dictate who I am.
All I ask of all my friends near and far, is that we care for one another. Treat everyone kindly. Offer friendship not hate. I value your friendship and kind words each time your offer them to me. I wish you love and peace. Have a good day my friends.

Monday, November 7, 2016

A great weekend

The days seem to just be moving on with me in tow; with me trailing behind trying to keep up. I really did accomplish a few things this weekend
The Hairpin Lace scarf is finished. Another gift waiting to be mailed. So far I am getting these Christmas items ready and will be on time with my plans. Well, almost------Mr H and I went to the Litchfield Park Festival on Saturday and although we enjoyed ourselves there were 2 vendors that we usually buy from who were not there. Very disappointing. But we did find
 a new artist, Greg Kyle, and bought this beautiful watercolor print from him. It is called Hopi Roots. It depicts the Hopi women whose legs are the roots of the earth....that they are Mother Earth. I feel in love with it the minute I saw it.
Simply matted and framed it looks very nice on my Southwest Wall. I also found a little something for the special box I am making to send to someone special, so I can not show it yet. We really enjoyed seeing Tony Duncan and his beautiful family perform again. If you would like to see his 5 year old son Naiche perform the Hoop Dance, check this link out. His 3 year old daughter Tanis also performed  and they are just too wonderful.  I love his music. His beautiful wife Violet has a new book....
I now have both of her books. They are well written and illustrated.  The first book was about her growing up and now this is about Naiche learning to Hoop Dance. A beautiful family. We began to get tired and it was warm and we were hungry, so we did not satay for the entire performance this time. This week I will begin to plan and organize the Stitch at Home Challenge from SNAD, which I posted about here. The ideas have been in my head so it is time to sketch them out and begin the project. Deadline is January.  The laundry is spinning and I finished my coffee. Now I need to get to CVS for prescriptions that are ready. It is always nice to chat with you...thank you for stopping by and for your friendship and kind words. Have a great day.