Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Dragonfly and a different needle in hand

We all like receiveing packages in the mail.... sis Lynowl sent me a birthday gift from a jewelry designer that I really like. They are local to Rhode Island, they are Alex and Ani...
They have many lovely bracelets and I am lucky to have several and now this one. I love love dragonflies.  Check out their web site... click their name in this post.
On the stitching front, I am working on my hardanger piece right now.... a different needle in hand. Sometimes I need a break from cross stitch.  I love all kinds of hand work and stitching.... I plan to unseat Guinevere and use the sewing machine this weekend on another project. Gotta keep my brain moving.
The sun finally is shining. It looked like a cloudy day was in store for us. My family and friends back in Rhode Island are in the midst of the blizzard.... so far all of them still have electricity and with a driving ban on, they should stay safe. When I was a little girl "in the olden days", we would bundle up and walk to all the family house...we all lived in the same neighborhood...literally. There was a family member on just about every street! Pretty much we would all find ourselves down to grandma's house.  This picture of sis Lynowl (the little one) and me was taken February 1952...look at our muffs! and furry hats to match! In those days, mom dressed us alike just different colors with the coat and leggings. What a pair.....
I am off to embroider my roses and then to work. Hve a wonderful day. is the last day to enter my drawing... see this post....

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blog-cation over....

You have heard the word Stay-cation....well this week I took a blog-cation. That's right, just relaxed, 4 days off from work, did some stitching and just did very little of anything!
Thank you for the birthday wishes...and for entering for my Un-Birthday drawing...just a few days left to let me know you want to enter... Sunday is the draw. Remember the loss sunglasses? Well, Mr H and I looked everywhere .... in the house, in the car, in my handbag, in the car, on the desk, in the car.... well, they have been found. Mr H and I got in the car on Tuesday to run an errand and there they were... on the floor. The drivers side specifically. I really believe my fairies had them all along. Just glad to have them back.
I did try more Tatting...

I managed to make a butterfly.... upon closer inspection, I see a mistake, but that is okay... the next one will be perfect.  Some things I can do sitting in the living room, TV on and Mr H there... I see that this is not one of them.  I went into "the closet" to look for one thing and found something else...this seems to be happening lately. Anyway, it was  Hardanger project started ... never mind when, just that it was started.  It is a large piece that will measure about 17" in diameter.
It is a Cindy Valentine Design called China Rose.  There is an option of 2 color ways...I chose the Victorian ... the other was blues.  The complete outside border and inside borders are finished. I am stitching the motifs then I will continue with the specialty stitches. Yes, it is a bit wrinkled, but it is getting pretty scrunched up doing the stitching.
As if I do not have enough projects, I tried... tried to make some soap scrubs. You know the ones with Dove and sugar. Well, it seems that my sugar melts and it is not a scrub anymore.  If anyone has any suggestions... let me know what I am doing wrong.  In the meantime.... I will continue  to stitch as this, I know how!  Time for me to have some breakfast .... so I will say thank you for spending some time with me and thank you for the kind words.... have a great day.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy Un-Birthday to you

Today is my birthday... so I am having my Un-Birthday party with you.
It is a follower, leave a comment telling me that you wish to be included and wait for the draw which will be Sunday Feb 10th.  I will be sure to personalize your un-birthday gift.
We have no plans to celebrate...for us, birthdays are just another day.   I am off work until Thursday so that in itself is my celebration.  I received some lovely cards.... Thank you to Angela, Sweet Lu,  the Sun Stitchers group, Fern, Dear Ziz and of course my mom.

Mr H left a beautiful card on the fireplace mantel... He finds the most lovely cards for me. This is what is printed inside:

For My Wife With All My Heart
I probably don't express my feelings for you as often as I should, but that's not because those feelings don't exist. It's just that they're so strong that I hardly know where to start....
When I think about all the times we've shared and how much has changed in our lives, I realize how blessed I am to love someone so remarkable. Your smile brings warmth to my world. Your touch smooths away my cares. Your love is the reason we get through everything life brings.
I love you with all my heart, and always will.

I am still wiping the tears..... I m so very lucky to have him in life.

I finished my Sashiko Japanese Wallet...For my first attempt at this embroidery, I am pleased. Could it be better...yes, but it really looks nice.  I love the button that I found and the fabric for the lining is of course from Jo Ann's. My co-worker Julie helped choose just the one to accent the thread. I can not wait to start a new Sashiko project. I think a large pillow for my bed.
Speaking of starting a new project....
Many years ago...really... I learned to Needle Tat from a friend. I actually made a bookmark which I gave as a gift.  So now I came across the needles and very old instructions and decided to do some tatting. Well... I guess I really need practice... but this is what I tried. I will have to find a more current book with better directions. I really do not know why I am even doing this... it is just me...
I did pull out all the right stuff to do a cross stitch project... well here again... I have 2 that are ready to go so it is just a matter of making up my scattered mind.
I have lost my sunglasses...second time this week. I found them once, but I do not think I will this time. I have searched everywhere.  The Arizona sun is always very bright and I really so use them daily. So, if you should come across them in your travels....
So glad you had time to sit with me... have a pleasant day.