Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dragon Eye and beads

First I must show you the beautiful beads that I won from Melanie at Moonraker Lampwerks. If you have not visited or bought any of her one of a kind beads, you really need to visit with her.
I know it is not the most creative display---but I wanted nothing to distract from the lovely beads. Melanie even include these for me because of my new grand baby---
She also sent the fob cords.How lucky was I to win this!
The Dragon Eye is like a kaleidoscope....when you look through it you get the multiple images. You can rotate it to change the image appearance.....

This one has inlaid wood and is about 2 inches in length. The diameter is about 1 1/2 inches. I have used it when quilting to see the effects of the fabrics together and just to enjoy nature. I was shown how to line it up to my camera to take a picture from a lady in Jerome AZ.
Well I finally put back my play list, but it does not seem to automatically start...Do you hear it when you visit? I would really like to know.Blog bugs!!!!
I stitched early today. Not as much still as I would like. But you can see it at my other place. I am so glad you could visit with me today. Thank you for the comments and emails.....have a wonderful day. I have work today. We are getting ready for inventory.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Shopping for stash and gifts....

Ziz and I had a wonderful morning shopping at The Attic....
Luscious threads for some BBD projects -----
A few pieces of Linen to stitch those projects----
 A couple of patterns for me----look at the lovely butterfly pin for the JN Humbug----

a couple of gifts-----

and just the right butterfly to complete the fob from La D Da. Ziz found it for me while I was shopping. We stopped on the way there but I can tell you about that tomorrow and of course we had lunch before heading home. Oh I id get some stitching done....not much so if you would like to see how little I did, meet me at my other place.
Glad you had the time to stop by, have a wonderful day.....

Oh----those that guessed African Violet for the ?picture were right. I took it looking through a Dragon Eye piece.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Palm Tree trimming

Every year around this date, our palm trees get their trim. In our courtyard there are 9...and the tallest is around 50 feet and is about 30 years old.
These 4 are right in front of my can see the seeded frons--they are the white branches

Can you find Miguel? He is 44 years old and has been doing this sometimes dangerous job since he was aboout 20. According to the man who I talked with, Miguel has been known to trim 100 tress in a day. Unheard of and he is considered the best around. I would say so.

It is not an easy job scaling the tall bending trees. Men have died doing this job. Miguel is very safety conscience and makes it look so easy.
Four done and 5 to go-----
His son says he will not climb the trees......just clean up after dad.
Off today with dear Ziz to Mesa to The Attic for needed desired supplies. I do not have a stitch update...maybe later as we will be back early. But I will leave you with this picture....can you guess what it is and how it was done?
As always I wish you a wonderful day. Thank you for visiting and to those who have entered my give away. Drawing on June 26th.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Such a lovely day....and it's Flag Day

Today I proudly display my flag

The sky is blue---the sun is bright and getting hot---and Mr H is up and off to the dentist. I do have work today, another one of the Tuesdays thrown in to my schedule but I will have Wednesday and Thursday off. Ziz and I are going to The Attic on Thursday.
Yesterday while out on errands, I asked M H to stop at Michael's so I could get....
Now i normally stitch holding my frame/q-Snap balance for 2 hand stitching. But I thought I would use this instead. It was $49.95 but with the 50% coupon---yes, only $24.99. Of course I am presently stitching a biscornu and do not use a frame. Speaking of my biscornu....would you like to see how it is coming? Meet me at my other place and take a look.
Here in Arizona it is going to be another hot day...where ever you are, I hope it is comfortable. So glad to have you visit with.
Don't forget my giveaway----drawing will be June 26th. All the info is posted on Sunday June 12th.

NOTE: my biopsy came back negative. Thank you for your good wishes.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Give away

Don't forget to sign up for my give away.
I had a good hour lesson with Chris  from The Geek Squad....well worth the money. It just might be a hot 101 day here, so early errands so I can stitch this afternoon. I am looking forward to a drive to Mesa to The Attic this Thursday for some needed must have supplies...and yes, some giveaway items too.....
Have a nice day.....

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Are you ready for my giveaway!

What a work day yesterday---I am going to invent an air freshener of "niceness" to spray around the customers. The past few days have been very unpleasant. But moving on......
When I am at my computer desk...I see many things.....some books on a shelf, a few GOS file and sometimes a mess of papers. But if I look up...up to the top of the unit...
These Kachinas are watching me. They are part of a collection my mom started back in the 80's I believe. I have 8 more adding to theses 7. If you look closely ----the front left---there is one that is 2 inches tall...and fully carved. Amazing. I had asked her for one and she sent them all!

Okay on to my give away.
     1--must be a follower
     2--leave a comment on this post
     3--tell me you favorite color/colors
     4--what is your favorite type of cross stitch (samplers, ornies, know)
I will include something stitched by me, a bit of the Southwest and of course the prize is a surprise based on what the winner likes.
Drawing will be on Sunday June 26th in the evening.

Would you like to see my completed La D Da?  Really? Let's meet at my other place and let me know what you think.
Have a wonderful day and I am always happy to have you visit.