Saturday, March 26, 2011

What a beautiful morning

I love to be outside early...the birds are talking, the sun is shining and it is last work day until next Thursday! I know...but....I am so spoiled with these part time hours. It should be a very busy day at the store...especially the fabric counter...great sales and coupons too. It is a good thing that I am not a quilter...I love most of what I am cutting at any given time!
Mr H spent time cutting back bushes and plants yesterday which means it will be new plant time soon...the Cannas are ready to bloom and the Honeysuckle has a few flowers to show. Still haven's seen Lady Quail come back to her nest....there are no new eggs ...
I really did more stitching on Garden Party....why not follow me over to my other place to see how it is coming along.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hard to believe it is Friday

Just where did this week go? I remember now...I have not been totally with it the past 2 weeks....that's right. Happy to say that I finally feel it is past me. Oh the tissue boxes are still following me about, but I am staying awake more and that it a good sign. Taking less NyQuil is good. I ran a few errands with Mr H yesterday so going out today would not be a shock to the body. Yes, I am off to work for a few hours today and tomorrow.
I did stitch yesterday. I am still working on my Spring Exchange so you will not see that yet....and a few more stitches on Garden Party. Let's go over to my other place and see...
So glad to have you stop by...and enjoy your comments...have a great day.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good day sunshine~~~~

Ah, the Beatles....that is one of my favorite songs they recorded. Anyway, the sun is shining and I do feel good let's say better today. I plan to venture out of the house for the first time in a headache, sinus problems and very seldom coughing! Major improvement.
Although I do not have a new picture....Lady Quail has dropped off a few more we have 13 and that is the usual number in a nest for them. It means that they will begin to set on the nest. Did you know they mate for life? They also take turns taking care of the babies. I am always amazed that they lay their eggs over a period of days and leave them unprotected until they finish laying them. Nature~~~~~~
I actually did get some stitching done on my Spring Exchange and believe it or not on one of the challenge pieces! I would love for you to follow me to my other place and take a look.....
Thank you for all the good wishes...they did work! It always makes me happy to have you visit and leave a commment or email.....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Don't want to miss another Tuesday

For today

Outside my window
The sun is shining and no wind!
I am thinking
I have no thoughts rattling around up there
I am thankful for
Feeling a little better...really think I am getting to the end of this
From the kitchen
I really need a cup of tea
I am wearing
pj's...and my favorite shirt over them. You don't want to see this!
I am creating
My Spring Exchange piece,  that's right actually putting stitches to linen
Around the house
Ah, my quiet morning time when they are still in bed asleep
I am remembering
Last week at this time I was feeling  so sick
Plans for the day
Maybe sit outside for awhile today
From my camera's eye

The first Hibiscus of the Spring! Isn't it lovely~~~~~
I am wishing
My days continue to improve. I  miss stitching and staying awake.
I am hoping
You have a wonderful day.
What a difference a week can make. I am finally thinking hoping that this cold is coming to an end. I am not fooling myself to thinking that I can have a normal day yet, but I am getting there. Taking the NyQuil Nighttime during the day has kept me a bit off, but at the same time the rest is just what I needed. I was smart enough not to really stitch. Fred sat by and waited, but I was careful slow with the needle so no thread for him. There of course is no update for my challenge pieces, but I think soon there will be.....
Thank you all for visiting and sending me really has meant a lot to have such caring friends. I have two  packages ready to mail out...hopefully I will get to the Post Office this Wednesday to get that done.
See you all later when I visit with you.....{{{{hugs}}}} to all of you

Monday, March 21, 2011

??? It's Monday you say ???

I must say, this cold has really hit me hard. As I finally was able to open my eyes this morning, I thought I had fallen off the face of the was my head rolling of the pillow! I have my moments of feeling like I have this beat but then reality hits and I am down for the count. Thanks for all the lovely thoughts you have been sending to me. I look at the clock and it is 2:15 pm! and I am just getting to the computer to post!
Early this morning the wind really picked up..the weather channel said gusts of 30 mph...seemed more like 100! Anyway, I got Mr H up to take down the chimes which were nearly blowing off their hooks....the hummer feeder was dripping out sticky stuff all over the place and I thought I would look into the planter...
count them...11...that's right. While I have been out of commission, Lady Quail has definetly been very busy. She probably will lay a few more then begin to stay put.
It has been raining...much needed rain...and the wind has slowed. What was that? stitching? not really....but I have managed to get some  in but they are special exchnages/gifts so you can not see them....really, I have managed between head on the pillow and sitting up to stitch a little. I probably have been able to stitch a bit due to the fact that Mr H bought me NyQuil LiquiCaps...and taking one every 4 hours seems to be helping.Which reminds me...I need to send him out for I will be off for now...thank you so much for visiting with me....I haven't cough or sneezed once while you were here!