Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Don't want to miss another Tuesday

For today

Outside my window
The sun is shining and no wind!
I am thinking
I have no thoughts rattling around up there
I am thankful for
Feeling a little better...really think I am getting to the end of this
From the kitchen
I really need a cup of tea
I am wearing
pj's...and my favorite shirt over them. You don't want to see this!
I am creating
My Spring Exchange piece,  that's right actually putting stitches to linen
Around the house
Ah, my quiet morning time when they are still in bed asleep
I am remembering
Last week at this time I was feeling  so sick
Plans for the day
Maybe sit outside for awhile today
From my camera's eye

The first Hibiscus of the Spring! Isn't it lovely~~~~~
I am wishing
My days continue to improve. I  miss stitching and staying awake.
I am hoping
You have a wonderful day.
What a difference a week can make. I am finally thinking hoping that this cold is coming to an end. I am not fooling myself to thinking that I can have a normal day yet, but I am getting there. Taking the NyQuil Nighttime during the day has kept me a bit off, but at the same time the rest is just what I needed. I was smart enough not to really stitch. Fred sat by and waited, but I was careful slow with the needle so no thread for him. There of course is no update for my challenge pieces, but I think soon there will be.....
Thank you all for visiting and sending me emails....it really has meant a lot to have such caring friends. I have two  packages ready to mail out...hopefully I will get to the Post Office this Wednesday to get that done.
See you all later when I visit with you.....{{{{hugs}}}} to all of you


Blu Stitcher said...

So glad you are doing better. That Hibiscus is beautiful.

Denise said...

Yeah - you are feeling better! Glad to hear it!

Crystal said...

What a beautiful hibiscus, so glad you are on the mend.