Friday, September 11, 2015

Quilted Ball

Today just might be a really nice day...well, if the humidity--61% and dew points--66% drop. At the moment the temp is is 77 and expected to reach 100. One of these days I will be sitting of these days but not just yet. Workking on a few ornaments..
a "quilted" ball that so many are making.
simple and not much time to do but it does use lots and lots and lots of pins. Something fun to do. They have been around for some time and are now returning to the craft world. There are lots of design possibilities. I have 2 ornament exchanges this year, down from 5 last year. I was concerned my hand issue would make too many difficult. The hand is not any different since stopping therapy, but really no worse. Taking it slow when I pick up a needle. I do stitch for enjoyment, not for speed. Must say that I am really enjoying my retirement. Everything at my leisure with no time constraints. Does anyone watch Longmire series? The season 4 has started on Netflix.... I really could have watched all 10 new episodes last night, but I will take it slow so as to enjoy them. Still waiting for Call the Midwife to return.
Gee, I am so happy you had some time to visit. LuLu is you are here I send a hug.....thank you all for the kind words and your friendship. Hope you have a wonderful day.
September 11, 2001~September 11, 2015

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The 4 hour trip

Mr H suggested we take a ride Out Wickenburg Way to go apple picking. Now, apple picking in New England is what we were used to, but Arizona! We got the directions. Head to Wickenburg on SR 60, then 22 miles onto SR 93 North. It is about 40 miles to Wickenburg so that put us going around 62 miles. I enjoy the ride in that direction. Mountains and nice scenery and the day was not too hot with some magnificent cloud formations. Well we almost missed the turn onto the property (the sign is faded and off the road side). The first thing you read as you enter is that the road is not maintained, travel at your own risk. Okay..... then you get the idea. Dirt road that is just about a 2 car width with drainage slops on the side and rock strewn along the path. Dirt flying as cars made their way past us and plenty of dirt kicking up behind us.  A sign says we need to drive 3 miles to the parking lot. So now we arrive at a parking lot and find a place to park.

We park next to this old jeep....and some farm equipment. I am still wondering what we are doing here....why are people sitting at tables in all this dust. Then we come across this guy...
Not really very big but nevertheless I was glad he was behind
metal railings. Across the lot were females...they sell grass fed beef here. Off to the tree orchard....
Hardly any apples, most of the trees looked like this and plenty on the ground and many rotted. They were only the size of a large golf ball. Okay. I did mention to Mr H that I did not believe this would be a real apple orchard. Of course he had to continue walking to look for the apples. Finally he does see what I see...not a real orchard at all. This was the first day of the "picking" which started at 7am and we arrived at 1pm. Spoke to a few people who said it always is this way! So back to car we head and I am dreading the 3 mile obstacle course out of here. I hear crowing...

 They have a hen house and a few roosters. We also saw a couple of herding dogs in a penned area.
Somewhere they also have bee hives and sell the honey which I thought was very over priced. A sign said apple pies for sale but there were none to be found. I must say that the barns were wonderful...

 Wonderful old wood

lots of hay......... 
 I would love to have this door in my yard....
 So that is was our day yesterday. No apples but some nice pictures which are already framed and on display. I thought I was going to stitch yesterday, silly me. Plans today are to remain home...I know this was a long post and lots of pictures but I am glad you stopped by to listen to my tale. Thank you for the kind words and I hope you have great day.