Friday, September 14, 2012

A sneak peek and The Lady

What a beautiful morning. The sun is bright but the temp is comfortable at only 85. I have a 3 hour work day today so I have stitched a little...
 The Lady is looking pretty nice. I have left the cream background on her gown to do last. I think from the tip of her head to her toes she will be about 9 1/2 inches. I once again have changed ... well maybe... changed my finishing plans. I think it will come down to the finish before I know what I am doing. Ideas keep floating around my head.
Would you like a slightly blurred peek at one of my exchange pieces...
I am enjoying this project... it will soon be finished but not for viewing! Then I will get started on my other exchange pieces.  Christmas is fun... time to send gifts and anticipate the postman. I found some wonderful Western Christmas fabric at Jo Ann's. Not sure of my plans for it but I think I will be mailing a few cuts out. Trying to decide if to mail it before the holiday or as the Christmas gift package? I am tired of thinking today... so off I am to have a relaxing cuppa tea before going in to work later. I do thank you for the wonderful thoughts and emails.
Welcome to my new friends and I wish you a perfect day!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Having one of those days...

You know the kind of day I am talking about. You try to do something simple and it turns into a major event. I wanted to set up a separate email for Mr H... do you think it was an easy task? took over an hour and a phone call to Cox. In the end I think I have it now. Part of the problem is websites keep making changes for the "better" and we all know what that means. I sent a test email and it arrived so maybe it is correct now. Of course he, Mr H, does not know that he has one, but occasionally it is needed... for example, our pharmacy, Walgreen's needs an individual email when you set up an account with them.
As a result with this morning's kerfuffle, my needle has not been in hand. I am working today, so that limits that. I will have a picture tomorrow of how My Lady is progressing.... can not show the exchange piece, but it is also coming along. It is a beautiful morning.. always nice when I can open the slider and hear the goldfinches talking. Of course this morning they are asking why the feeder is empty so I best get a move on and fill the one in the back as well as the one in the front.Welcome to a new friend . Sorry there is no blog/email so that I can return the visit... thank you for the wonderful comments and email...hugs to all of you. Have a great day.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A rainy day in sunny Arizona

In my family we always remember December dad Joe was a Pearl Harbor Survivor. Now I have added September 11. I remember as most of you do, where I was (work), how I heard (telephone call) and how I felt.... pain. I was working for doctors and we  put on a TV to watch the horror as it was happening. Time stood still in our office. The vision is as fresh today as it was 11 years ago. Ironically, there was an interview the other night for a new book. It is called No Easy Day and it sounded like something I had to read. I went to B & N  and bought it. I just began reading so there is not much I can say. So today as we remember those who were lost, we should also remember those families and friends who lost so much on that day.
What a great morning. I know, how does she say this after what she just wrote?! It is raining and cool cooler. The temp is only 75! and it should reach 95 today instead of the triple digits. A nice day. Of course the rain means that Ms Zoe will debate whether to go out today... she will need lots of encouraging as she detests the rain.. any water on her feet for that matter.  Slept a little late up at 4 AM...watched some Netflix. Mr H was up for a bit and he made me egg and bacon on toast.. then went back to bed. What? okay, I am spoiled. I am off to work today and he has a doctor appointment for a test. I really do not like when I do not go with him as I will get the info second hand.
I thought I would share a little of what I am stitching...remember it is going to someone and I must keep it a secret for now...

There is much more to do... and I think this will be one to stitch again. I know it can be made with a few different variations. I must really get more done on some of my Christmas gifts. Just need more minutes in my day.
Welcome to another new friend... thank you all for the kind words and for spending time with me. I do hope you have a good day.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A lazy Sunday with some stitching

I am enjoying a lazy Sunday. The football games are on... our team NE Patriots won! I know, I live in Arizona but I am still and have been for years a Patriot fan.
I am stitching but there will be no pictures for a while because it is for a Christmas exchange. I am privileged to be part of Secret Santa Christmas Exchange for the 2ND year. So I am getting busy with my gifts. I keep popping overt to my secret partner to try to get to know her. Thank you all for the wonderful comments/emails! My Lady is still getting stitches... but I must confess to having abandoned poor Iris! I must work on it this week. Welcome to some new friends...I have visited your blogs as well. It is so nice to find new places to stop by.
Well, tea is waiting... and I have to prepare the artichokes for Mr H to cook and then grill. I love the grilled artichokes at Cheesecake Factory. Thank you for stopping by and saying hello. Hope your day is wonderful.